Tuesday, August 31, 2004

.. I am in Basra now, nothing new…
The news is soooooooo miserable regarding the truce with Muqtada and his thugs..the same crap will happen again..I'm sure of that..Huh..a truce..I thought that the government will put an end to that fat kid..
Just wait for a month and see what will happen…
New arms, new 'fighters' will join this militia again..
I'm so upset, what about the massacre in his 'courts'? what about the stolen treasures? What about their weapons?
Gloomy days are waiting for us…….

Friday, August 27, 2004

...Today, Omar and I will set out to Basra..
I spent more than four weeks here in Baghdad and I don’t know what my boss will say! I might be fired now!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The first thief..
Sheikh Ali Smeasim, one of Muqtada’s aides has been arrested today with many followers;Sheikh Ali Smeasim they were hiding stolen money and treasuries!
Yes…let the truth appears, enough for respecting those thieves…
What will their great leader say now? One of his aides is a thief.
AlSistani’s aides were so smart to refuse taking the keys of the shrine; they know who those thugs are.
(Just take off the wheel from his head and everything will be clear!)

Monday, August 23, 2004

What do you want Muqtada? 

I want to ask: what does that man want now? Have the Iranians left him? Is he bewildered now after he’s done all of that and nothing achieved? He doesn’t know what to do now especially after the ‘keys crisis’! AlSisitani’s aides refused to take the keys unless all of them are out and then inspecting and investigating the shrine’s treasury and be sure that nothing’s been stolen…(enough proof to know what kind of people Muqtada and his followers are!)..No one trusts them.
AlShaibani ( Muqtada’s aide) said that they’d give the keys soon..(Of course after trying to get back all the stolen things since this trick did not work)..
Muqtada wanted the ‘occupation’ to get out of Iraq and the government to quit, this was in his ten great demands he issued, and also he said that AlMahdi’s fighters must not be arrested!
But who would arrest them if he wants the ‘occupation’ to get out and the government to quit?!
That was one of his confusing and funny things, he doesn’t know what to say, cause he doesn’t even know how to speak..
The people hate him, the MNF hate him, the Grand Ayatollahs in Iraq hate him, his followers will run out of arms soon and the government offers a single open door for him to get out of this difficult situation, but he’s trying foolishly to find another possible solution and making use of the place he is in….the shrine, by the way, using the shrine is a good idea, if the IP or any armed force do not have the right to enter it, so all the thieves and murders can hide inside the shrine and no one dares to arrest them since they are in a holy place!
Muqtada is in a big trouble, his attempts failed, his followers are being killed and the city is completely closed..
I hope the government continues on this plan, destroying him psychologically (of course I prefer breaking into the shrine and kill or arrest him, but this might be Allawi’s last plan)..
AlSistani does not have a clear opinion till now, I don’t know why.. he must say something, however a delegation from the government visited AlSistani in London, and of course they’d tell him about AlNajaf and Muqtada..
He might say something soon…..
One of Muqtada’s aides (I don’t remember his name, someone dirty like AlShaibani) said: ‘If AlMarjiya requested to disarm and disband AlMahdi army, we’d carry out at once’ (AlMarjiya represented by the grand Ayatollahs), then the reporter asked him: ‘who is AlMarjiya for you?’..he replied: ‘AlSistani’..
So, this is the time for AlSistani to put an end to those thugs..if he wants to.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

… According to AlIraqiya channel: ‘Unknown armed men in AlNajaf kidnapped
Grand Ayatollah Mahdi AlKhurasani
Grand Ayatollah Ridah AlMar’ashi
Grand Ayatollah Mahdi AlHakeem
After they’ve been assaulted and beaten…’
If this is true, then the situation in AlNajaf is getting so dangerous day by day, who dares to do that to those so respectable men in AlNajaf?

Eyewitnesses from AlNajaf 

As you know many families fled AlNajaf city because of the heavy clashes there (as most of the media shows), but yesterday, our neighbors’ relatives who are Najafis ran away and decided to live here in Baghdad not only because of the clashes, but mostly because of AlSadr’s followers, he said: ‘they aren’t from AlNajaf, they came from other governorates and especially from those low and mean suburbs well-known in their crimes, this militia is full of crap, we are so afraid of them, some of the residents were forced to join the militia otherwise they would be killed..we got out of our homes because of those thugs why don’t those reporters show the poor residents and let them say all of what’s going on there?’..
His wife said: ‘My God..I couldn’t tolerate the scenes, those dirty mean criminals are everywhere, I am afraid of them, they kidnapped the IP, tortured and killed them..I hope to God the government will finish them all..I hope that..I hope that..’ she was so frightened…
Another witness is our relatives, we called their parent here in Baghdad and knew that they also fled AlNajaf, they said: ‘AlSadr’s criminals are writing on the walls of AlSistani’s and the houses near saying “You are an American agent” and “We will kill you”…..what a nerve! How could they do that?’
‘All the residents there are so frightened and upset, they want those criminals to be killed soon, Najafis are so peaceful and kind people, those liars say that all the militia men are from AlNajaf, they are liars, we don’t know them, they are criminals, God burn them all…….’ He added.
The problem is those families can not say all of this openly on the channels, they would be killed at once, you know, those gangs would do anything to get them, so all the residents kept silent and waiting for the government to arrest or kill those criminals.
AlSadr and his thieves are still inside the Shrine and there are debates regarding its keys, I bet that those thugs have stolen many things there, this shrine contains many precious things, gold, money and other items, that’s why AlSistani bureau insists on forming a commission to inspect and examine the contents of the shrine to make sure of everything inside the shrine before taking over the shrine.
When Muqtada’s followers are in the streets shouting and acclaiming for their ‘leader’, nobody dares to do anything against them.
But if the millions who want Muqtada to be arrested or killed did the same thing they would be brutally killed.
This is the answer for those who ask naively: ‘why don’t you arrange a demonstration against Muqtada?’ we aren’t in London or New York! We are waiting for the government to put an end to those thugs.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Congratulations. Congratulations the Iraqi Olympic Team won the game against Australia…….
WELL DONE…We passed the quarterfinal stage.
( Do not listen to the players’ talks…!!!)
BUT..the sky is full with bullets now…Ahh..Stop this silly habit please..

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I received many e mails and read some comments regarding the Iraqi Soccer Olympic Team, some readers are upset because of few words of some players and the coach..
Well..at first you have to remember that the players are a part of the Iraqi people! And you can find the same criticism among ordinary Iraqis, some of them are happy with the liberation others have no comments others are angry, you can’t say that ALL Iraqis are happy..there are Bathists, Saddam’s relatives, ordinary people, oppressed and others…so you don’t have to be upset because of someone said ‘America destroyed my country’! I think you are wiser than that!
I remember many players shown on the TV many months ago talking about what Uday Saddam was doing and the types of torture they endured and that they are free now and not afraid of anyone…and can represent their country.
The reporters did not meet those players…so you did not hear or read what you were looking for…..that’s it!
‘You don’t deserve what we’ve done for you’
‘Why we are there if you hate us’….and many other nonsense…
One or two guys DO NOT represent the whole country…keep this in your mind.

The electric power schedule is now 4 to 2.
4 hours of power means 16 hours of power daily..Well..we can tolerate those eight hours with no power for now, people are so glad with the new power schedule, but the government must find a solution for the next Summer.


I watched on AlIraqiya that AlShaibani one of Muqtada’s aides said that Muqtada has refused the government demands; I’m waiting for a confirmed statement from the idiot himself.
I’m supposed to leave Baghdad for Basra tomorrow..if that idiot has really refused to disarm his thugs, I’ll stay here and wait…

Sunday, August 15, 2004

...YES we did it again; the Iraqi Soccer Olympic Team won the game against Costa Rica 2-0 ..WELL DONE YOU HEROS…
There are playing FREELY..and that’s important..no torture or jails are waiting for them, the monster has gone.
(But Iraqis still expressing their happiness by shooting in the air….Ahhh..what can we do? I hear the ‘music’ of bullets now!)……..

Some ideas…. 

When all these problems come to an end, I think we should start solving the main problem instead of parts of it regarding Muqtada crisis or other problems similar to it that might come to the surface in the future.
The main problem is the clerics in Iraq and the relations with Iran.
Regarding Iran and other countries the diplomatic solutions will be discussed with them soon. So our problem here is the clerics:
Those men have been increasing obviously nowadays; all you have to do when you fail at school and you can’t understand or work in any field in life is wearing a dishdasha and aba, then put a white or black turban according to your descents, a long beard, and learn by heart some verses from the Koran and that’s it..you are a cleric! And you can get a lot of money from this job.
Those men are now shown constantly on the TV, the cleric, of course due to his look and ‘dignified’ speech, many people (most of them are poor) believe and follow him in Mosques and other places where he gives his ‘precious’ lectures.
Within few weeks this young cleric gets many guys around him and by time those will be his men.
So when our ‘lovely’ neighbors especially Iran discovers this new cleric, a lot of negotiations and agreements will be made as we see now with Muqtada. (needless to talk about the Iranian clerics’ effect on ours).
This is a dangerous problem and must be solved internally also.
Of course we can’t ban such acts in an Islamic country, but certain restrictions must be applied to control their freedom, these restrictions are for the sake of the Iraqi people.
I think the concept ‘nobody is above the law’ is disrespected by some of the clerics and there must be a new way to make those men understand what the meaning of this important view is.
Those clerics must not be left, because when this happens they will spoil anything the government achieves, they want someone important to talk with, at least telling them what they want to do regarding the situation in Iraq and what possible decrees will be recognized, so a monthly meeting with them is enough to make them understand what the government is doing for the people and that they should not interfere with them cause this will cause this and that…..and explaining the consequences.
This plan is important now to the step by step secular future in Iraq, because the clerics themselves will be under supervision and on the other hand when the gross domestic product increases for every Iraqi; he will leave the religious style in his life, you might ask: what is the relation between them? …Well..I think that the poverty is the main cause here in Iraq for those people to join the religious groups and listen to the clerics’ lectures as a vent for their anger and discomfort and for others as a way to be closer to God and that Allah will find a solution for their distress! So this will give them some relief and this is true psychologically.
But as the economical status improves (and it is improving, but more jobs must be provided for the unemployed) everything will change including the religion.. People will be thinking in how to feel free and comfortable instead of the ‘do this and don’t do that’, they know that life is wonderful, but poverty and the clerics make it gloomy and depressing… and so the attraction towards the clerics will decrease gradually when the above is done, and this psychological conflict disappers.
Secularism isn’t achieved with ‘a law and that’s it’, especially in Iraq where the clerics’ effect is clear.
By time the clerics will change their manner of speech and concentrate on purely religious things that have nothing to do with politics and do not interfere with the government’s work.
Just a thought..
What are your viewpoints?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Muqtada AlSadr Oh Yeah…! so why you are using the injured hand?
Do you want it to be shown on the channels you
Stop crying please and get out of the shrine…

...Go read ‘From Basrah to Baghdad’ at Zeyad’s blog, he tells about the terrible hours he passed through on his way to Baghdad..he suffered to reach home.
Well..I don’t know if I have to go to Basra or not, I’m supposed to set out on Friday.

A truce.. again. 

At First, people might ask: why all those demonstrations in Iraq supporting AlSadr? Aren’t they upset from Muqtada and his followers as our government says? So what’s up there?
I think I should explain what Muqtada has done to make those clerics and people stand against the government:
1-Muqtada is the son of Mohammed Sadiq AlSadr a much respected Shia cleric, Saddam’s men assassinated him in 1999, so he used his father’s name in dealing with other clerics.
2-Muqtada hides in Imam Ali shrine, a holy place for the Shia, and the idea of fighting near it makes them so angry, Muqtada knows that the Americans would not bomb the shrine as Saddam did, so he used it as it is a safe place for him and he pushes his idiots to die outside.
3-Muqtada alleges that he’s been wounded in the fight, to make the people think that the MNF, IP and ING are bombing the shrine.
4-He knows very well that the media would be with him in such situation, and I think the media is so important.

In addition to other things related to his thugs and why they follow him (I mentioned that previously during one of his troubles)..
All of that have an influence on the people.

And now, after many of his followers have been killed and arrested, and after they ran out of arms and ammo, he wants to negotiate with the government.
As usual he begins with a fierce look of a crazy monster and ends with a soft tone saying that he’s ready for negotiations, and here is the dangerous point, the government MUST arrest him and his followers to put an end to all his crap, it’s enough…
His friends are ready to supply him again, and after few weeks another fight comes out.
Mr.Allawi must finish what he’s begun, those are very dangerous criminals..and we will never live in peace as long as they are free.
AlNajaf police officer said that they arrested one of the fighters of AlMahdi militia and he is a very dangerous man, he is the responsible of kidnapping the IP members and he was cutting off their heads and some of the bodies were cut into pieces and burnt..just imagine such monsters are protected by AlSadr and free to hike in the streets.

It is not democracy to let all those who put the wheels on the heads behave as they like, this is chaos, the government must assert that nobody is above the law, and when law talks all the wheels must be put aside!

Friday, August 13, 2004

51000 terrorists are coming..! 

Manarat newspaper

I scanned this part of a new newspaper called Manarat a weekly independent newspaper, it says that there are 51000 (51 thousand) Iranian ready to enter Iraq to carry out suicide operations to defend Islam!
The reporter got these news from an Iranian daily newspaper called ( Hashri)…

The reporter mentions that day by day the Iranian role in destroying Iraq comes out, and their role in the direct attacks against the American forces appear to make them preoccupied in the situation in Iraq and forget Iran..
What the hell is going on? Somebody stop those crazy people and their mean government..
(Let’s say that only 100 of those Iranians might enter the borders, and they CAN as you hear from the Minister of Defense about all those Iranians in Iraq, what will happen here? They will kill thousands).

James Brandon.. 

What a brutal act.. Have you seen Mr.James Brandon? The British journalist who’s been kidnapped and shot in a hotel in Basra.. they set him free today (surely, the kidnappers are groups of AlSadr militia)..BUT..what have they done? What a crime.. They videotaped him naked after kidnapping him, he was clearly beaten brutally, an injury in his head and a nasty blow on the eye…

Best wishes to the brave man James Brandon, and congratulations for his safety..I’m so happy that he’s fine now..

This act shows the brutality of those criminals and shows what’s the meaning of AlSadr followers: criminals, robbers, kidnappers and vandals..

here is the full story.

Refreshing news: The Iraqi soccer Olympic team beat Portugal 4-2 in Athens 2004 in a very exiting and wonderful game, Congratulations..Congraulations..
This shows how the players feel free while playing, their manner changed, their mood, their goal ..They are playing to represent their country and never afraid of anyone..
If there is hell, I hope to God that he burns Uday the son of Saddam everyday for all the ugly and brutal acts he did to our players..
The idiot who was commenting on the game said ‘well done Iraqis, in spite of the invasion, they won’!
The truth is: Because of the ‘invasion’ we won….
Freedom changed the Iraqi sports also……..
Best wishes to the Iraqi team….

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Defeat the crimials...Today.. 

Be aware of negotiations; never ever go into any type of resolving the current situation with Muqtada by making agreements as usual, the government must destroy all of them now. This problem with Muqtada is eternal unless we put an end by arresting or killing him.
He’s like the cancer, if we don’t uproot it, it’ll destroy all our body.

The big problem is all the clashes are in AlNajaf city, the city where the shrine of Imam Ali exists, and this thing will be used to urge Shia people to stand against the government because they think the clashes are regarded as an insult and disrespect to the Imam, and that’s why there was a demonstration in TheeKar governorate ( AlNasyriya city) against ‘Allawi and his government’.
(So the demo is against the idea of ‘fighting in the holy city’ and not anything else.)

In addition to the media and the analysts role that uses this point every time they begin their news and discussions.
By the way, AlJazeera is worse than before, they are acting like they want to avenge..
They increases the use of ‘resistance in the southern city’ and hired new analysts to say ‘the agents in the illegal government’.. ‘Allawi the CIA agent who is working for the American imperialism’ and ‘ all the cities will witness a very strong resistance cause Iraqis are courageous and never accept what’s going on in their holy city’…..and much more poisons.. I think we have to think in something more than closing their office.

However, Muqtada’s thugs threated to destroy the oil pipelines in the south..What a resistance..!
And I want you to read this:
My brother is a doctor; he and his colleagues were in the medical center waiting for the driver of the ambulance and another doctor, they waited for them because they had an emergency there…
They kept waiting and waiting….. And suddenly they reached the center but without the car… ‘Where is the ambulance?’ they asked.. the driver replied: ‘Thank God we are alive……AlMahdi militia came across the street carrying RPGs and rifles with that green piece fastened around their heads, we were forced to stop, then one of them shouted ‘get out of the car..we have a duty’, immediately we got out and escaped, we were so frightened………..’

This militia is robbing because their ‘leaders’ tell them to do that, they can do everything to support the ‘resistance’ and everyway is permitted to do that .. so robbing cars to be used to carry the ‘Jihadis’ to the battlefield is permitted, breaking into the banks to get the money cause it is used to support the ‘resistance’ is permitted, robbing the governmental institutes is permitted..and so on…..huh… these are called crimes with a religious flavor!

I watched on AlIraqiya channel that the ING and IP blocked the ways to the city and the American army gave an alarm to the residents that they’ll break into the city to be prepared not to get out of their houses. The Iraqi officer said that the coming 24 hours will put an end to everything.. I hope that.
All of that had to be accomplished before June 30; I said that so frequently.
However, let’s wait………..

Update: The Minister of Defense and Interior are explaining everything now on AlIraqiya, Hazim AlShalan said that they have arrested many insurgents in different cities in Iraq, groups of them does not speak the Arabic language .. And explained the nature of the work of IP and ING.
He said that the American forces did not reach Imam Ali shrine and what some of the channels announced are lies.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

...I think there is a fierce fight to the north of Baghdad, I can hear the sounds of bombs, I don’t know if they are mortars or what, but till now I hear the sounds, I rushed to the roof to see what’s going on, I found those usual red spots in the dark sky, then ‘BOMB’…’BOMB’…
I think all of that in AlSadr city or a neighborhood near.. My parents are afraid of this militia cause they think that those thugs might reach our neighborhood rob and kill as they like..
Baghdad streets are not as usual, they are nearly empty at night.
I hope we can destroy them within days.
Let’s wait for the news………

Monday, August 09, 2004

Update on AlBattaween gangs
In one of the posts published previously, I wrote about AlBattaween gangs and what had the IP and American troops done..
The full story is here.
I want you to see this and this.. ( thank you Lisa for the link)

Actually, Iraqis still think that beating the suspects is the better way to discover the truth, you can hear that from the ordinary Iraqi, just tell him: ‘many men were caught in one of the neighborhoods suspected of being the gangs there’ and he’d reply: ‘Yeah..beat them to death’ or ‘ beat them till they confess’.. This is the usual reply, and they have all the right to say that, yes.. We do not know what’s the meaning of human rights and that there must be investigations and enough evidence against the suspects to be sent to trial, in addition to the ongoing situation in Iraq and that the people want to get rid of all those gangs to feel safe.. All of that make them say that.
Human rights and other new concepts are new to Iraqis even the IP, we used to forget those who were being arrested by the security men or the Ba’athists.
We have to learn what’s the meaning of all those important things in life in order to build new and democratic Iraq, you know, all these things are the residues of the ex-regime, we learnt to see the people tortured for silly things, and many other brutal acts are stuck in our minds, so I see ‘beatings’ is an ordinary reaction to such news (arresting gangs).
A few days ago, I heard a woman on the radio expressing her anger about the electric power and about those who use an extra cable to have the power reach his house from another neighborhood by connecting it there to overcome the outages (of course this will affect the transformers and the power distribution), that woman said: ‘there must be a law to execute those people who are doing so and hang them at the same post he’s trying to get the power from and let all the people learn not to do that again’!
Well.. It’s so weird and sadistic act. But the commentator replied fervently: ‘YES…That’s right’!!!

Rebuilding Iraq is not used to the construction and other physical things only, it’s used to rebuild the Iraqi personality also, and new concepts, ideas and thoughts must replace the old ones. And this is not an easy task; it might take more than rebuilding all the cities in Iraq.
We need patience.

Thank you again Lisa.

New facts about…
It’s told that one of the officers in Al-Najaf said that our stupid boy Muqtada has many documents for more than 200 man and woman who have been executed according to a ‘tribunal’ founded by Muqtada and that he gives his decrees of execution or torture and many crimes directly to this court to be carried out.
The IP discovered that after they have broke into one of his houses there..
And there is more:
Many of his thugs confessed that they had orders to rob cars, banks and even kidnapping kids to get monies (in addition to the funds from other countries).

If the government orders to arrest Muqtada right now, all those facts will be shown immediately.
And this is the right time to do so; those thugs will never give up unless their leader is being arrested, especially after he refused the Amnesty law and refused to stop the fight or leaving the city.
I hope that they will arrest him in order to let all the people see what that evil man was doing, it seems that Mr.Allawi is dealing with him seriously this time to put an end to all the insurgents, and prove that nobody is above the law.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Amnesty Law 

Today, Mr.Allawi, AlShalan and Alnaqeeb held a press conference, they talked aboutMr.Allawi the new amnesty and many things related to the ongoing events in Iraq.
In fact, there were some confusing announcements of Mr.Allawi when he said: “those insurgents are not Muqtada’s followers” “brother Muqtada did not announce anything related to those acts” “those insurgents are taking his name”…The Minister of Defense
Others asked about the relation of Iran in all this chaos and about the announcement of the Minister of Defense regarding Iran..etc, but no one of the above answered this question!
Mr.Allawi contented with saying that what the Minister said about Iran was not correctly understood, and hasn’t been translated correctly.
I think Allawi is trying to give Muqtada one last chance to give up his silly behavior, or waiting until he visits Iran and see what their attitude is.
What do you think?The Minister of Interior

And regarding the amnesty, I don’t agree with what the Iraqi government decided, crime is a crime, there is no minor and major one, this is a sensitive period in Iraq, any permissive reactions will affect the overall situation.
Such decisions will encourage the insurgents and others who help them to increase their illegal acts since they felt that this government is ready to forgive them.
And I do not know what did they mean by ‘minor’, hiding the criminals and insurgents in the houses is a minor crime? Collecting the weapons and ammo for the insurgents is a minor crime? Giving the information about the MNF, ING and IP to bomb them is a minor crime? Kidnapping people without killing them and set them free is a minor crime?
If so, we are in a real trouble.

…It’s a great decision to close AlJazeera terrorism channel, but 1-month closure is not enough..I want it to be banned forever..if possible!

( I feel so relaxed and glad when I express my thoughts and ideas, I said that it’s wrong to sign the amnesty law! And no one execute me! Freedom and democracy is cool!)

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Muqtada again.. 

What happened to make that fat stupid man appear again?
Iran and Syria.. obviously those two countries are the responsible for all of that, agitating that kid after supplying him with enough weapons to fight, as soon as his thugs run out of weapons and ammo, he gives an order to stop the fight..then a few weeks for another supplement and another fight begins and so on..
This trouble will continue if we leave Muqtada, he must be killed or arrested, and his thugs will surrender after a simple fight, I’m sure of that.
I liked what the Minister of Interior announced today, he said that they will not start any negotiations with AlMehdi militia and the ING will fight those insurgents.
This is the right thing, this is the right decision, we realized that that criminal deals with other countries and carry out whatever they want, especially Iran, many Iranians were caught last week trying to enter the borders illegally, others were carrying a large amount of weapons..
What’s the government waiting for?
This is the right time to put an end to those criminals.
More care and respect for Muqtada will make the situation worse; he feels that the government can not do anything against him.

The Minister of Defense was so right when he described Iran as the first enemy to Iraq.
Iran does not want Iraq to be safe and secure at all, the Iranian regime is afraid of Iraq, they will do all they can to obstruct and frustrate Iraq and USA.
They are doing that now using Muqtada and his thugs with money and weapons to achieve a part of their mean goal.

AlNajaf and Basra people are so upset and frightened because of those thugs, I heard that many policemen caught by this militia and tortured because they are ‘helping the occupation’.. this is so dangerous and must be stopped right now.

The martial law must be applied now in some neighborhoods in those cities.
And all the offices of AlSadr ( which are the centers of the communications and supplies of this militia) must be shut, in addition to thorough investigations with his representatives.

I’m sure Mr.Allawi will deal with that properly..let’s wait.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Ministry of Electricity applied a new plan to supply 24 hours of power for three neighborhoods in Baghdad, but the people had to turn off 50% of their electrical equipments in order to make this plan succeed..
This was few days ago.
Today, the Ministry announced that the plan has failed because the people did not carry out what they’ve been told!
I want to ask what did the Minister expect about this great idea? Of course it would fail..
How could those people use the fan only in more than 47C ? drink hot water.. sleep in such intolerable weather…etc.
The Minister said that there ARE many generators in the north of Iraq but they can’t bring them to Baghdad due to security causes as the way to Baghdad is dangerous!
Well, I am not an officer or an expert in military or police works, but I think they can ask the MNF to protect and watch over the road using a big force to bring those generators to Baghdad..this big force will thwart any attack on the road.. Am I wrong ? is it that difficult even for an army to protect some vehicles? If so, then we are facing a very strong enemy and we should surrender..and that’s it.

Iraqi girls or women (between 1 and 40 year) must come with their father, husband or uncle to get the new passport!
This is a new decree..
I don’t know why..And the official who said that on ALIraqiya did not mention why..!
Iraqi women are so upset because of that..
I think that there must be no differences between man and woman in the new Iraq..right?
Do you have a similar thing there?

According to AlIraqyia there will be a new procedure of the work of satellite channels in Iraq, many important subjects and decisions will be discussed with Mr.Allawi soon,
Those channels will work according to certain standards, any channel breaks them will be shut.
I hope this will put an end to the poisons of some channels.

Monday, August 02, 2004

....Another crime in Iraq, and now against the Christians, a new way of violence, the terrorists now are attacking churches.. this is an evidence that those terrorists are the enemies of all human beings and not this or that branch or religion.
Christians are so oppressed since the liberation, especially in the governorates, they had to shut the liquor stores, women are forced to wear ‘hijab’ to cover their heads specially in the southern cities.. they live scary days because of those Islamic extremists, they might be killed if they don’t obey..
I don’t know why they don’t arrest thieves in AlSadr city or Alfadl neighborhood or other places that are well-known of housing the criminals if they want to ‘clean’ the society..
All they can do is to terrify the most peaceful people in Iraq, Christians.
And now they are facing the terrorists..what a life.

Suicide car bombers are increasing their crazy operations in Iraq.
In spite of the checkpoints in and outside Baghdad, the suicides are keeping on bombing themselves, what can we do for those brain-washed people?

One of the superiors showed on the TV saying ‘we can’t do anything against those car bombers without the help of the people’! And sounded like he wanted to rely on the people completely!
I frequently hear this statement, and I want to ask :what can we do to help preventing suicide car bombers?
It’s a terrible thing for people to walk or drive and think in bombs or suicides that might kill them within seconds.
The people are so afraid of bombs and waiting for the IP and ING to do something, ordinary people can not do anything but informing the police stations about any suspicious acts, and they ARE doing that..
We started to feel that the IP and the army are getting stronger, but yesterday we realized that they are still not strong enough and the enemy is so organized, mean and depraved.

I think the Ministry of Interior needs an intelligence system to control such situations, working together with the IP and ING to have a powerful force that able to fight the terror.

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