Friday, August 13, 2004

51000 terrorists are coming..! 

Manarat newspaper

I scanned this part of a new newspaper called Manarat a weekly independent newspaper, it says that there are 51000 (51 thousand) Iranian ready to enter Iraq to carry out suicide operations to defend Islam!
The reporter got these news from an Iranian daily newspaper called ( Hashri)…

The reporter mentions that day by day the Iranian role in destroying Iraq comes out, and their role in the direct attacks against the American forces appear to make them preoccupied in the situation in Iraq and forget Iran..
What the hell is going on? Somebody stop those crazy people and their mean government..
(Let’s say that only 100 of those Iranians might enter the borders, and they CAN as you hear from the Minister of Defense about all those Iranians in Iraq, what will happen here? They will kill thousands).

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