Thursday, August 12, 2004

Defeat the crimials...Today.. 

Be aware of negotiations; never ever go into any type of resolving the current situation with Muqtada by making agreements as usual, the government must destroy all of them now. This problem with Muqtada is eternal unless we put an end by arresting or killing him.
He’s like the cancer, if we don’t uproot it, it’ll destroy all our body.

The big problem is all the clashes are in AlNajaf city, the city where the shrine of Imam Ali exists, and this thing will be used to urge Shia people to stand against the government because they think the clashes are regarded as an insult and disrespect to the Imam, and that’s why there was a demonstration in TheeKar governorate ( AlNasyriya city) against ‘Allawi and his government’.
(So the demo is against the idea of ‘fighting in the holy city’ and not anything else.)

In addition to the media and the analysts role that uses this point every time they begin their news and discussions.
By the way, AlJazeera is worse than before, they are acting like they want to avenge..
They increases the use of ‘resistance in the southern city’ and hired new analysts to say ‘the agents in the illegal government’.. ‘Allawi the CIA agent who is working for the American imperialism’ and ‘ all the cities will witness a very strong resistance cause Iraqis are courageous and never accept what’s going on in their holy city’…..and much more poisons.. I think we have to think in something more than closing their office.

However, Muqtada’s thugs threated to destroy the oil pipelines in the south..What a resistance..!
And I want you to read this:
My brother is a doctor; he and his colleagues were in the medical center waiting for the driver of the ambulance and another doctor, they waited for them because they had an emergency there…
They kept waiting and waiting….. And suddenly they reached the center but without the car… ‘Where is the ambulance?’ they asked.. the driver replied: ‘Thank God we are alive……AlMahdi militia came across the street carrying RPGs and rifles with that green piece fastened around their heads, we were forced to stop, then one of them shouted ‘get out of the car..we have a duty’, immediately we got out and escaped, we were so frightened………..’

This militia is robbing because their ‘leaders’ tell them to do that, they can do everything to support the ‘resistance’ and everyway is permitted to do that .. so robbing cars to be used to carry the ‘Jihadis’ to the battlefield is permitted, breaking into the banks to get the money cause it is used to support the ‘resistance’ is permitted, robbing the governmental institutes is permitted..and so on…..huh… these are called crimes with a religious flavor!

I watched on AlIraqiya channel that the ING and IP blocked the ways to the city and the American army gave an alarm to the residents that they’ll break into the city to be prepared not to get out of their houses. The Iraqi officer said that the coming 24 hours will put an end to everything.. I hope that.
All of that had to be accomplished before June 30; I said that so frequently.
However, let’s wait………..

Update: The Minister of Defense and Interior are explaining everything now on AlIraqiya, Hazim AlShalan said that they have arrested many insurgents in different cities in Iraq, groups of them does not speak the Arabic language .. And explained the nature of the work of IP and ING.
He said that the American forces did not reach Imam Ali shrine and what some of the channels announced are lies.

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