Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Ministry of Electricity applied a new plan to supply 24 hours of power for three neighborhoods in Baghdad, but the people had to turn off 50% of their electrical equipments in order to make this plan succeed..
This was few days ago.
Today, the Ministry announced that the plan has failed because the people did not carry out what they’ve been told!
I want to ask what did the Minister expect about this great idea? Of course it would fail..
How could those people use the fan only in more than 47C ? drink hot water.. sleep in such intolerable weather…etc.
The Minister said that there ARE many generators in the north of Iraq but they can’t bring them to Baghdad due to security causes as the way to Baghdad is dangerous!
Well, I am not an officer or an expert in military or police works, but I think they can ask the MNF to protect and watch over the road using a big force to bring those generators to Baghdad..this big force will thwart any attack on the road.. Am I wrong ? is it that difficult even for an army to protect some vehicles? If so, then we are facing a very strong enemy and we should surrender..and that’s it.

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