Thursday, August 05, 2004

Muqtada again.. 

What happened to make that fat stupid man appear again?
Iran and Syria.. obviously those two countries are the responsible for all of that, agitating that kid after supplying him with enough weapons to fight, as soon as his thugs run out of weapons and ammo, he gives an order to stop the fight..then a few weeks for another supplement and another fight begins and so on..
This trouble will continue if we leave Muqtada, he must be killed or arrested, and his thugs will surrender after a simple fight, I’m sure of that.
I liked what the Minister of Interior announced today, he said that they will not start any negotiations with AlMehdi militia and the ING will fight those insurgents.
This is the right thing, this is the right decision, we realized that that criminal deals with other countries and carry out whatever they want, especially Iran, many Iranians were caught last week trying to enter the borders illegally, others were carrying a large amount of weapons..
What’s the government waiting for?
This is the right time to put an end to those criminals.
More care and respect for Muqtada will make the situation worse; he feels that the government can not do anything against him.

The Minister of Defense was so right when he described Iran as the first enemy to Iraq.
Iran does not want Iraq to be safe and secure at all, the Iranian regime is afraid of Iraq, they will do all they can to obstruct and frustrate Iraq and USA.
They are doing that now using Muqtada and his thugs with money and weapons to achieve a part of their mean goal.

AlNajaf and Basra people are so upset and frightened because of those thugs, I heard that many policemen caught by this militia and tortured because they are ‘helping the occupation’.. this is so dangerous and must be stopped right now.

The martial law must be applied now in some neighborhoods in those cities.
And all the offices of AlSadr ( which are the centers of the communications and supplies of this militia) must be shut, in addition to thorough investigations with his representatives.

I’m sure Mr.Allawi will deal with that properly..let’s wait.

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