Thursday, August 19, 2004

I received many e mails and read some comments regarding the Iraqi Soccer Olympic Team, some readers are upset because of few words of some players and the coach..
Well..at first you have to remember that the players are a part of the Iraqi people! And you can find the same criticism among ordinary Iraqis, some of them are happy with the liberation others have no comments others are angry, you can’t say that ALL Iraqis are happy..there are Bathists, Saddam’s relatives, ordinary people, oppressed and others…so you don’t have to be upset because of someone said ‘America destroyed my country’! I think you are wiser than that!
I remember many players shown on the TV many months ago talking about what Uday Saddam was doing and the types of torture they endured and that they are free now and not afraid of anyone…and can represent their country.
The reporters did not meet those players…so you did not hear or read what you were looking for…..that’s it!
‘You don’t deserve what we’ve done for you’
‘Why we are there if you hate us’….and many other nonsense…
One or two guys DO NOT represent the whole country…keep this in your mind.

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