Monday, August 23, 2004

What do you want Muqtada? 

I want to ask: what does that man want now? Have the Iranians left him? Is he bewildered now after he’s done all of that and nothing achieved? He doesn’t know what to do now especially after the ‘keys crisis’! AlSisitani’s aides refused to take the keys unless all of them are out and then inspecting and investigating the shrine’s treasury and be sure that nothing’s been stolen…(enough proof to know what kind of people Muqtada and his followers are!)..No one trusts them.
AlShaibani ( Muqtada’s aide) said that they’d give the keys soon..(Of course after trying to get back all the stolen things since this trick did not work)..
Muqtada wanted the ‘occupation’ to get out of Iraq and the government to quit, this was in his ten great demands he issued, and also he said that AlMahdi’s fighters must not be arrested!
But who would arrest them if he wants the ‘occupation’ to get out and the government to quit?!
That was one of his confusing and funny things, he doesn’t know what to say, cause he doesn’t even know how to speak..
The people hate him, the MNF hate him, the Grand Ayatollahs in Iraq hate him, his followers will run out of arms soon and the government offers a single open door for him to get out of this difficult situation, but he’s trying foolishly to find another possible solution and making use of the place he is in….the shrine, by the way, using the shrine is a good idea, if the IP or any armed force do not have the right to enter it, so all the thieves and murders can hide inside the shrine and no one dares to arrest them since they are in a holy place!
Muqtada is in a big trouble, his attempts failed, his followers are being killed and the city is completely closed..
I hope the government continues on this plan, destroying him psychologically (of course I prefer breaking into the shrine and kill or arrest him, but this might be Allawi’s last plan)..
AlSistani does not have a clear opinion till now, I don’t know why.. he must say something, however a delegation from the government visited AlSistani in London, and of course they’d tell him about AlNajaf and Muqtada..
He might say something soon…..
One of Muqtada’s aides (I don’t remember his name, someone dirty like AlShaibani) said: ‘If AlMarjiya requested to disarm and disband AlMahdi army, we’d carry out at once’ (AlMarjiya represented by the grand Ayatollahs), then the reporter asked him: ‘who is AlMarjiya for you?’..he replied: ‘AlSistani’..
So, this is the time for AlSistani to put an end to those thugs..if he wants to.

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