Monday, August 09, 2004

New facts about…
It’s told that one of the officers in Al-Najaf said that our stupid boy Muqtada has many documents for more than 200 man and woman who have been executed according to a ‘tribunal’ founded by Muqtada and that he gives his decrees of execution or torture and many crimes directly to this court to be carried out.
The IP discovered that after they have broke into one of his houses there..
And there is more:
Many of his thugs confessed that they had orders to rob cars, banks and even kidnapping kids to get monies (in addition to the funds from other countries).

If the government orders to arrest Muqtada right now, all those facts will be shown immediately.
And this is the right time to do so; those thugs will never give up unless their leader is being arrested, especially after he refused the Amnesty law and refused to stop the fight or leaving the city.
I hope that they will arrest him in order to let all the people see what that evil man was doing, it seems that Mr.Allawi is dealing with him seriously this time to put an end to all the insurgents, and prove that nobody is above the law.

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