Sunday, August 22, 2004

Eyewitnesses from AlNajaf 

As you know many families fled AlNajaf city because of the heavy clashes there (as most of the media shows), but yesterday, our neighbors’ relatives who are Najafis ran away and decided to live here in Baghdad not only because of the clashes, but mostly because of AlSadr’s followers, he said: ‘they aren’t from AlNajaf, they came from other governorates and especially from those low and mean suburbs well-known in their crimes, this militia is full of crap, we are so afraid of them, some of the residents were forced to join the militia otherwise they would be killed..we got out of our homes because of those thugs why don’t those reporters show the poor residents and let them say all of what’s going on there?’..
His wife said: ‘My God..I couldn’t tolerate the scenes, those dirty mean criminals are everywhere, I am afraid of them, they kidnapped the IP, tortured and killed them..I hope to God the government will finish them all..I hope that..I hope that..’ she was so frightened…
Another witness is our relatives, we called their parent here in Baghdad and knew that they also fled AlNajaf, they said: ‘AlSadr’s criminals are writing on the walls of AlSistani’s and the houses near saying “You are an American agent” and “We will kill you”…..what a nerve! How could they do that?’
‘All the residents there are so frightened and upset, they want those criminals to be killed soon, Najafis are so peaceful and kind people, those liars say that all the militia men are from AlNajaf, they are liars, we don’t know them, they are criminals, God burn them all…….’ He added.
The problem is those families can not say all of this openly on the channels, they would be killed at once, you know, those gangs would do anything to get them, so all the residents kept silent and waiting for the government to arrest or kill those criminals.
AlSadr and his thieves are still inside the Shrine and there are debates regarding its keys, I bet that those thugs have stolen many things there, this shrine contains many precious things, gold, money and other items, that’s why AlSistani bureau insists on forming a commission to inspect and examine the contents of the shrine to make sure of everything inside the shrine before taking over the shrine.
When Muqtada’s followers are in the streets shouting and acclaiming for their ‘leader’, nobody dares to do anything against them.
But if the millions who want Muqtada to be arrested or killed did the same thing they would be brutally killed.
This is the answer for those who ask naively: ‘why don’t you arrange a demonstration against Muqtada?’ we aren’t in London or New York! We are waiting for the government to put an end to those thugs.

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