Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Amnesty Law 

Today, Mr.Allawi, AlShalan and Alnaqeeb held a press conference, they talked aboutMr.Allawi the new amnesty and many things related to the ongoing events in Iraq.
In fact, there were some confusing announcements of Mr.Allawi when he said: “those insurgents are not Muqtada’s followers” “brother Muqtada did not announce anything related to those acts” “those insurgents are taking his name”…The Minister of Defense
Others asked about the relation of Iran in all this chaos and about the announcement of the Minister of Defense regarding Iran..etc, but no one of the above answered this question!
Mr.Allawi contented with saying that what the Minister said about Iran was not correctly understood, and hasn’t been translated correctly.
I think Allawi is trying to give Muqtada one last chance to give up his silly behavior, or waiting until he visits Iran and see what their attitude is.
What do you think?The Minister of Interior

And regarding the amnesty, I don’t agree with what the Iraqi government decided, crime is a crime, there is no minor and major one, this is a sensitive period in Iraq, any permissive reactions will affect the overall situation.
Such decisions will encourage the insurgents and others who help them to increase their illegal acts since they felt that this government is ready to forgive them.
And I do not know what did they mean by ‘minor’, hiding the criminals and insurgents in the houses is a minor crime? Collecting the weapons and ammo for the insurgents is a minor crime? Giving the information about the MNF, ING and IP to bomb them is a minor crime? Kidnapping people without killing them and set them free is a minor crime?
If so, we are in a real trouble.

…It’s a great decision to close AlJazeera terrorism channel, but 1-month closure is not enough..I want it to be banned forever..if possible!

( I feel so relaxed and glad when I express my thoughts and ideas, I said that it’s wrong to sign the amnesty law! And no one execute me! Freedom and democracy is cool!)

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