Saturday, August 14, 2004

A truce.. again. 

At First, people might ask: why all those demonstrations in Iraq supporting AlSadr? Aren’t they upset from Muqtada and his followers as our government says? So what’s up there?
I think I should explain what Muqtada has done to make those clerics and people stand against the government:
1-Muqtada is the son of Mohammed Sadiq AlSadr a much respected Shia cleric, Saddam’s men assassinated him in 1999, so he used his father’s name in dealing with other clerics.
2-Muqtada hides in Imam Ali shrine, a holy place for the Shia, and the idea of fighting near it makes them so angry, Muqtada knows that the Americans would not bomb the shrine as Saddam did, so he used it as it is a safe place for him and he pushes his idiots to die outside.
3-Muqtada alleges that he’s been wounded in the fight, to make the people think that the MNF, IP and ING are bombing the shrine.
4-He knows very well that the media would be with him in such situation, and I think the media is so important.

In addition to other things related to his thugs and why they follow him (I mentioned that previously during one of his troubles)..
All of that have an influence on the people.

And now, after many of his followers have been killed and arrested, and after they ran out of arms and ammo, he wants to negotiate with the government.
As usual he begins with a fierce look of a crazy monster and ends with a soft tone saying that he’s ready for negotiations, and here is the dangerous point, the government MUST arrest him and his followers to put an end to all his crap, it’s enough…
His friends are ready to supply him again, and after few weeks another fight comes out.
Mr.Allawi must finish what he’s begun, those are very dangerous criminals..and we will never live in peace as long as they are free.
AlNajaf police officer said that they arrested one of the fighters of AlMahdi militia and he is a very dangerous man, he is the responsible of kidnapping the IP members and he was cutting off their heads and some of the bodies were cut into pieces and burnt..just imagine such monsters are protected by AlSadr and free to hike in the streets.

It is not democracy to let all those who put the wheels on the heads behave as they like, this is chaos, the government must assert that nobody is above the law, and when law talks all the wheels must be put aside!

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