Monday, August 09, 2004

Update on AlBattaween gangs
In one of the posts published previously, I wrote about AlBattaween gangs and what had the IP and American troops done..
The full story is here.
I want you to see this and this.. ( thank you Lisa for the link)

Actually, Iraqis still think that beating the suspects is the better way to discover the truth, you can hear that from the ordinary Iraqi, just tell him: ‘many men were caught in one of the neighborhoods suspected of being the gangs there’ and he’d reply: ‘Yeah..beat them to death’ or ‘ beat them till they confess’.. This is the usual reply, and they have all the right to say that, yes.. We do not know what’s the meaning of human rights and that there must be investigations and enough evidence against the suspects to be sent to trial, in addition to the ongoing situation in Iraq and that the people want to get rid of all those gangs to feel safe.. All of that make them say that.
Human rights and other new concepts are new to Iraqis even the IP, we used to forget those who were being arrested by the security men or the Ba’athists.
We have to learn what’s the meaning of all those important things in life in order to build new and democratic Iraq, you know, all these things are the residues of the ex-regime, we learnt to see the people tortured for silly things, and many other brutal acts are stuck in our minds, so I see ‘beatings’ is an ordinary reaction to such news (arresting gangs).
A few days ago, I heard a woman on the radio expressing her anger about the electric power and about those who use an extra cable to have the power reach his house from another neighborhood by connecting it there to overcome the outages (of course this will affect the transformers and the power distribution), that woman said: ‘there must be a law to execute those people who are doing so and hang them at the same post he’s trying to get the power from and let all the people learn not to do that again’!
Well.. It’s so weird and sadistic act. But the commentator replied fervently: ‘YES…That’s right’!!!

Rebuilding Iraq is not used to the construction and other physical things only, it’s used to rebuild the Iraqi personality also, and new concepts, ideas and thoughts must replace the old ones. And this is not an easy task; it might take more than rebuilding all the cities in Iraq.
We need patience.

Thank you again Lisa.

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