Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Enough…stop manslayers 

Well, I don't know from where to start and what to write right now because I've just decided to write again after all those weeks of silence, so I am going to publish some of those thoughts that used to be jailed in my mind many years ago, that used to proliferate inside of me but I could not set them free due to the usual cause...fear.
I’m sorry if this post looks confused and not well organized, but I just want to start writing again.

I want to talk about something that is killing people everyday not only in Iraq but the whole world as well, that thing that does not differentiate between men and women, elderly and children....that is Jihad and the nuts that support it.

Let me start with it and see where I'm going to stop! Let’s regard it the beginning.
This is the most devastating concept, harvesting tens and hundreds of innocents every wave of jihadi operations.

I just want to discuss why the suicide attacks always done by Muslims? Have you ever heard a Christian or someone from any other religion bombed him/herself? NO...

So there is a big wrong in this religion itself. Wrong in its ‘holy book’ and in the Hadiths (sayings of Mohammed) which are the base of terror nowadays because some of Islamic sects follow what the hadiths say literally and apply it to ‘raise the banner of Islam’.
We should not blame the happy Mujahid who has ‘a heart full of love and belief in God and the prophet’ who runs towards the ‘infidels’ with a smile of victory and green card to the paradise, this Mujahid is brainwashed and deceived by the ones who control him using the Quran and the hadiths..*you can get many different explanations of the Quran and Hadiths to the same verse because they are not clear enough to be explained directly, this is the problem in dealing with those two*. And if they really exist, so there might be many verses been added during those hundreds of years..yes?

I think if many verses had been cancelled and never been said, the Islamic mind would be much better.
Or if all those clerics from different sects have brains even as small as the beans, meet together and represent the majority of Islamic society and try to put an end to such verses or explain them in another way like regarding them as old ones and they must not be applied nowadays. I think, the world will be much more peaceful and quiet.
I know it is difficult, and saying it is so easy, but this is the only way to stop this illness which will destroy this religion first then 'its enemies'..

One might say that those fundamentalists do not represent Islam and they are only a small group..blah..blah..blah..
So why there are a lot of their silent supporters in many Islamic and Arabic countries and others who feel proud of OBL and Zarqawi..I watched religious men and political analysts on the TV who stand side by side with those terrorists and give them the right to do whatever they do.

Hey..Muslims: Sunnis…Salafis..Wahhabis…etc..from those who keep a beard full of ……… just wake are destroying us and destroying yourselves, stop inspiring morale among your brainwashed guys to kill.. we are human you know what is the meaning of human beings? I doubt it.

Wait for the next post..I will write more… till then..

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