Saturday, April 30, 2005

Is that our fate? 

First of all, I am so sorry for this long absence, I can't explain everything now, but let's say I was trying to reorganize my life, or in a better way, begin a new life after realizing new facts or the same facts that I couldn't or didn't want to realize.
I'm still out of my country living a peaceful and quiet life like any other human being, which is the simplest thing, and this simple thing has not been achieved until now in Iraq.
I lost nearly all the optimism I had regarding the future of Iraq, it's now a battle zone, everybody wants to try his arms or see the 'paradise' comes to Iraq with a welcome on the borders and a push behind the borders.
It's just like you have an orchard and a flood wants to destroy it, the best way to protect it is to dig a big hole and get rid of this flood, so the orchard will be safe forever, no matter how strong that flood is.
I feel so sad when I think that the future is unknown, completely unknown..I can briefly compare the situation in Iraq now with those simple words: it was very bad, and now it is bad and I don't know whether it will continue like this or go back to the 'very bad'.
Whom to stand against now? The neighbors? The Islamic fundamentalists? Or who?
Ah.. I remembered the Islamists, this is one of the things that is incurable especially in Iraq..I feel free now regarding religion, I can speak freely and nobody cut my head! Well this is a dream and it is impossible to be achieved especially when it is mentioned in 'Muslims' holy book' to fight the 'infidels' so this gives a 'great opportunity' to the idiots to 'win the paradise', this is now applied against Americans and the 'collaborators' in Iraq when the happy Mujahid enter among the 'infidels' with a bomb on his butt….after that his 'holy soul' goes up and have lunch with the prophet!

Iraq scene is so complicated to the extent that nobody can put an end to this case, and may be this is the end?
I am writing now what I feel and what I am thinking of, and I'm sorry for this sudden change in my thoughts and enthusiasm but I think it is enough..
I see everybody is dying ..losing friends..losing hope..and I would lose myself if I stayed there..
We want to live…
We want to build our lives..
We want to build a future to our children..
Will they leave us do that?
And will others really help us?

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