Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy new year 

Happy new year.... I wish you every good..every happiness...
And may all your dreams come true.

The most important event in 2003 was the capture of SH, it was my dream and the dream of millions of Iraqis.
I will post about our party later, wait for me... bye.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Away from tragedies ... 

^^^ Let's have a break from politics, and let's talk about making wine !! thank you very much for all the kind friends who sent different procedures about making wine, beer..etc.
I will be very happy if you send me links concerning that.
About Basrah there were many liquors there, but, nowadays there is some sort of Islamic control about it, so it will be difficult to find even 1cc of alcohol in public!!
Come on friends show me all of your experience in making drinks, we are in a real trouble!
Thank you CavalierX for the procedure.
^^^ many friends sent comments about the people who were killed due to alcohol selling or drinking, don't worry friends we are not going to drink in the streets !! we always have respectable drinking parties! Discussing many subjects concerning politics, dentistry, psychology and subjects concerning the most beautiful creatures on earth....girls!
^^^ About the village that we'll work in, I will try to get the internet access there, but before that I shall sell my computer here and buy a simple laptop, so that it will be easy to carry.
Additionally, there is a new card which is sold here to get an access, and it is cheaper than the cafe ( if I can find a cafe in that village!!), this card have a user name and a password, 5$ for each 10 hours. It will be very helpful too.

### A couple of hours ago, and precisely at 11:45 PM, I heard sounds of gunfire here and there, I don’t know if they were in our neighborhood or the one beside it.
There was an encounter between the American troops and the insurgents, the bullets were alternated for 2 minutes, then I heard a strong and horrible BOMB sound, then the gunfires became much more and increased in rate and tension.
I heard another BOMB and another BOMB, oh… God.. what the hell was going on? Those insurgents and vandals are here again.. I wished every bullet would kill one of them.
At once I heard the sound of an airplane, probably it was A-10, when it reached, everything stopped.
I hope those vandals were caught or killed.

### Omar, Zeyad and I are planning to make a drunken debauchery at Omar’s house on Wednesday.
We shall drink till the surfeit !! we might be unable to drink in Basrah, it is a worrying thing, we don’t know how to manage this BIG problem !!
Another thing is that Omar and I were assigned in a village lies about 65Km north to the centre of Basrah, while Zeyad is in a village south to the centre, so we shall try to find a dentist in our village that accept the swap with Zeyad, I told Zeyad that will be possible and it is just a matter of time then we will try to convince someone about it.

### we are going to travel to Basrah on Friday, then we will go to our new dental center there to get an agreement with the boss about the work and when shall we start.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

A couple of Egyptians.. 

I heard on the radio an Egyptian lawyer who is one of the responsible lawyers on defending Saddam in the trial.
When I heard him I got very angry and bored.. he was yawning and shouting:
“ ….. those Americans are killing children and raping women in Iraq.. they are destroying their country.. they are distorting Islam.. they must be punished.. they must be faced.. come on brave Iraqis.. resist the occupation.. and let us stand with our leader ..Saddam Hussien.. the brave man who stands against the Americans.. the brave man who bombed Israel.. Saddam.. the Arab champion……..”.
what would you feel when you hear that lousy? He is nothing but coward, what killing, raping and destroying he was talking about? He deserves someone rape his woman !
the Americans have nothing to do with all of that.. contrarily.. Americans are trying to build a safe and peaceful country.
Hey.. Hey.. Hey.. I got it, he was thinking that he would enthuse the Iraqis with his ridiculous, absurd, foolish and insipid speech..
I think he must be executed with his champion.
The other Egyptian who is a politician .. he is not pro-Saddam but he is anti-Americans , read his words carefully and conclude his mean demand.. he was also exclaiming on the radio : “.. Iraqis should never fear now.. come on Shiites.. join your Sunni brothers in resisting the occupation.. you used to be brave.. you Shiites.. you are brave.. it is your country.. resist them ..resist them”
Now, it is obvious that he wanted the sedition and riot among the Iraqis, he wanted the disunion among them.
Stop it.. stop it Arabs.. don’t cry for your hero.. he will die.. forget him.. and stop making chaos among the Iraqi people.. we will never pay any attention for you, we don’t care about you.. we will always drop you.. and I am sorry.. GO TO HELL.

Something about Basrah.. 

Hi friends, we came back to Baghdad yesterday, I reached home at 8:00 PM.
I was very exhausted that I slept at once.

## I want to talk about the water in Basrah:
the people in Basrah were complaining for decades from the salty water that couldn’t be drunk, in addition to the diseases that might strike people drinking that water, such as an illness related to the colon, digestion disorders and constipation ..etc.
when the city is liberated by the coalition forces, Basrah witnessed an influx of many tankers carrying pure water, it was told that they came from Kuwait.
That was the first time when a pure water entered the city, poor Saddam, he couldn’t achieve such help for Iraqis; BUT, if he wanted to kill the people in Basrah he would do that immediately with his tankers carrying bombs, in hours.
Now, there are many places in Basrah that have pure water, not directly through the pipelines to the houses, but using many stations supplying the water and everyone can go there and supplied with it.
It is a very important step in improving the water supplement in Basrah.
Omar, Zeyad and I were wandering in Basrah, we saw many places with banners said ‘ R.O water’, we noticed that the most important changes that occurred in Basrah are the water and the electricity, the city is getting better and better.

Also I want to say an important thing concerning the people there, I DID NOT hear anyone complaining from the coalition forces .. I DID NOT hear anyone saying the word ‘ occupation’, the people are comfortable, pleased and waiting for more and more developing steps for their city and country.
Yesterday, we took a taxi in order to reach the garage in our way to Baghdad, the taxi driver looked like he didn’t know reading and writing and uneducated, BUT, I was astonished when I heard him saying “ What do they want from their attacks? Do they want to hurt them? No .. they are killing Iraqi people… so, do they want the Americans to withdraw their troops? No.. Americans will not do that until the area is safe and secure.
How can the companies come and build Iraq when those idiots are destroying and breaching the peace?”.
During that, I was talking to Omar, BUT, immediately I paid attention.. he was talking in reasonable and rational manner and much better than many politicians who are chattering and prating nowadays.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Hi everybody 

I woke up at 8:00 o'clock in the morning, we went to the health center in Basrah, they told us to wait till Saturday! We are in a hotel now waiting for our fate!!! We are worried, we want to still together in the same city center, but, the dentist who is responsible for our distribution in Basrah said that we may be scattered in villages and everyone is responsible for a village, i.e, we will not see each other! we will be depressed for 9 months if that will happen.
I pray to find an internet cafe there.
I am thinking in leaving my job if I shall work in a village without the simple facilities or a village which is isolated from the world!
Anyhow, all that will be decided on Saturday.
We were hiking in Basrah streets seeking for beer !! but, we failed !( I will post about that later).
Ok friend I shall go now,

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

We are in Basrah again! 

I am at an internet cafe in Basra, we reached Basrah 3 hours ago, we are very very tired, there was a traffic jam in the beginning, then the driver took another road, we were in Baghdad at 8:30AM, now it is 9:07 PM !!
Thank you very much for all the generous people who have donated..
The internet line is so weak and slow.. I shall wait for minutes until the page be downloaded.
Sorry..I am complaining from a headache, I will write till then..bye

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

PayPal donations are now being accepted 

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Today..The main problem is.. 

Many governmental institutions informed their officials to get their work even if they were late, and their boss should be permissive with that, the cause of such a case is the petrol problem.
The queue at the gas stations is over a mile-long and the people are spending many hours waiting for the petrol everyday.
It is the same problem even after the Ministry of Oil gave a solution for it which to supply only 30 liters a car, even numbered cars in one day and the odd ones in the next, in addition to that they prohibited selling gasoline by the vendors who were standing along the sideroad using their jerry cans in selling it.
All of that had no effect and didn’t solve the problem.
And here are some of the Iraqi people opinions:
“ Damn.. those terrorists.. they must be caught and executed”
“ those vandals are hurting us not the Americans, they want the populace feel bored and angry then blame the Americans about everything”.
“ what is my life?.. Am I a human?.. I was there from 6:00 AM till now ! our brains stopped thinking, if that will happen again in Summer. I will explode my car”.!

Others were joking, they were the Iraqi youth:
“ Haha.. I will stay here till the end of the year”!
others were sitting inside their cars a high volume of the tape recorder, dancing and singing..!
but others blame all of that on the Americans, they said:
“ it is a punishment, everytime they are facing attacks; they express their anger in petrol shortages or electric power outages”.
“ the petrol shortage is intended by the Americans, they want the streets to be empty in order to move freely”!!
Anyhow… even if there are open-minded people they will turned into ignorant when they have to wait for the petrol, many of them can’t think in peaceful and reasonable analysis for such cases and blame the authority at once, and they think that the authority is represented by the Americans only.
I can’t blame them, the Iraqi people suffered for years and they do not want to suffer anymore, they want a luxurious life, they want everything been available.. they want peace.. they don’t want to be in troubles.
As I heard, the petrol crisis is due to:
1- a sabotage by many vandals to the gas pipelines that are supplying Baghdad.
2- Oil smuggling or selling it in the black-market.
3- An increase in the influx of thousands of new cars from Jordan without any increase in the gas stations.

So, the Ministry of oil with the Ministry of interior decided many firm laws concerning the smuggling and selling of the gasoline in the black-market.
And said that the shortage will be solved soon.
I hope so.

Monday, December 22, 2003


### Hey.. when shall the trial begin, I do not want to hear that Saddam died in his prison ! Do you know if that happens, the Iraqis will never forgive anyone?
Come on let that takes place as soon as possible.

### The leader of Libya ( for the first time) behave like a reasonable man .. he was using his mind when he’s decided that.
I am sure that he’s imagined himself instead of Saddam in that hole !! yes.. let every crazy president feels the same..
They might use their WMD weapons in any time..
But when the leader of Libya heard what happened to the tyrant he said immediately : Oh.. no.. I am sorry ! I found some weapons in my country .. come and take it.!!

### I read on Al-Jazeera that Saddam spitted at the face of an American soldier, the soldier replied by a blow at Saddam’s face, do you believe that ? the coalition forces said that Saddam was cooperative and did not tried to do anything .. when he spitted, it means that he was very angry, then why he didn’t use a gun or something like that? Ahhh .. Al-Jazeera .. stop your absurd news..

### I am sorry friends the electric power is not fine, I wrote a long article BUT I forgot to save it , then…….you know.
I will try to write it again..bye..

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Something about UK troops.. 

## First of all I want to let you know that we came to Baghdad yesterday. I reached home at about 7:00 PM.
We completed our application there, but they told us to get back there on Tuesday, we will try to phone someone in Basrah in order to inform us the news about when shall we start working without getting there.

## second, I want to talk about the UK troops in Basrah.
Basrah is a safe city and the UK troops are in a stable situation, no bombs, no explosions and no attacks as the situation here in Baghdad.
The people are kind, quiet and polite, here the opinions of
The people we’ve met in Basrah:
- “ the British soldiers are very polite and always trying to help us”.
- “ many days ago, the British soldiers passed across the road when they saw a broken pipeline of water, they stopped at once, got down from their cars and repaired it, the British are very tidy people”.
- “ in the ‘Eid’, the British soldiers gave many many gifts to the people here in Basrah, all of us are very happy with them”.
- “Thank God, we are not in Baghdad ! the electric power is very good here, and the petrol is available”.
And the funniest comment was by a taxi driver :
“ Ahh.. the British soldiers… they are very beautiful..”!!
also all the people we’ve met hate Saddam and happy when he’s been arrested, Basrah is the most governerate whom suffered because of Saddam, the people endured three wars and the city is destroyed especially in Iraq-Iran war.
So the people there are very willing to peace and happy with the progress, the progress is going on in fast steps.
As a result the British troops feel the safety, I saw them during the their patrols, their situation is different from the Americans, I noticed the following:
Their patrol vehicles are different from the Americans, British soldiers are standing in their vehicles and their bodies are clearly seen, in spite of that, they are not afraid, because the city is safe.
Whereas the poor Americans are sitting inside their humvees and avoid staying in clear situations to avoid the possible attacks.
In addition, the British soldiers are walking in Basrah during their patrols, I saw some of the soldiers were sitting in front of a hotel talking and laughing, then they stood up and continued their duty. While the Americans were doing that, but now they don’t, they are usually inside the humvees paying attention even for simple things.
Due to the safe environment, Basrah will be a great city and I see those are the first steps on the way of prosperity.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

we are in Basra now 

### Hi everybody
We are in Basra governerate now ( Omar, Zeyad and I )! 450Km south to Baghdad, we spent 7 hours to reach it ( by car).
We should go to the health centre of Basra tomorrow.
It is very nice city, everything is available.. electric power, gasoline, kerosine, in addition to the security situation.. it is better than Baghdad.
We are at the internet cafe now, and we will go back to the hotel in an hour.
I am sorry, I am tired, you know.. it is a long trip!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

news and opinions... 

### Hi everybody,
We are going to travel to Basrah tomorrow, we will meet each other at 7:30 in the morning, we’ll try to complete all the procedures concerning our work there in a couple of days, then we’ll come back here in Baghdad to have a vacation for some days.
I was in AL-Ahdamia, the sector which contains the devils who were protesting and threatening in explosions,
those vandals will never get relief unless they are sent to their tombs, they are the real danger here in Iraq, I wish they will be killed or arrested and humiliated like their Uncle ! because they are the other pictures for Saddam, if I was the commander I would harvest their heads.. all of them were Mukhabrat and people who were his criminals, I am sure that the Iraqi police and the coalition forces will hunt them down.
There are many celebrations in many governerates in the north of Iraq, they are very happy when they heard the news, Saddam killed thousands of poor Kurdish people.
Needless to say that the south are the happiest people in Iraq, you know their sufferance, from the mass graves to the public executions …etc.
All of them are holding Saddam’s pictures with his dirty beard and straggly hair, they were insisting on the execution penalty.
BUT, I say Saddam should not be executed, he should imprisoned for the rest of his life and watch how Iraq, the country that he had destroyed, will progress and become the prosperous and model country , so I think the execution will relieve him, but when he is humiliated in the prison, he will die and die everyday.
Saddam have a psychopathic personality, he will never regret about anything he had done, but when he will be imprisoned alone, he will start to think in everything, and the psychological torture will destroy him.
What do you think?

### I got this picture via an e mail..funny..haha..

Monday, December 15, 2003

Thank you my friends.. 

Wowwwww... E mails!! I got a large number of e mails.. thank you very very much, please wait for me so I can reply to all, I promise that I will reply to all the mails as I have enough time and electric power ( and the new problem is the difficulty in getting online!!), we should travel to a governerate 450Km south of Baghdad to continue our dental practice, I wish I could post from there, wait for me friends..ok?

By the way..I can't forget Saddam's pictures..I saved them all!! I think this one is so dirty!! he looks like a devil..Hehe.....

Sunday, December 14, 2003

A GREAT DAY........... 

I don’t know what to say.. I am confused.. no … I am very happy.. I am very happy.. .. I am very happy.. .. I am very happy.. .. I am very happy.. .. I am very happy.. .. I am very happy..
This is the end of tyranny.. congratulations .. a great day.. for Iraqi and all the good people.. share us our great day.. I can’t express my feelings.. thanks to the coalition forces and all the honest people who helped in that great operation….thank you thank you thousand times..
Huhhhhhuaaa... look at the monkey!!!

Our children 

Huhh..I found this funny picture in a book which was given for the primary schools ‘Pupil’s book for the fifth grade of the primary education stage’.
That was one of the reasons that children couldn’t or many of them can’t forget ‘Baba Saddam’ !
My friend’s brother is ten years old, his parents said that he didn’t let anyone tear Saddam’s pictures from his books! Saying ‘no, no, I love Baba Saddam’ with a fear look at his eyes ( which was certainly acquired from his parents).
Anyhow, when we carefully examine such things, we can say that those pictures with the influence of the press and broadcasting could be dangerous things affecting on Iraqi children.
Yes .. I think that continuous insistence on ‘love Uncle Saddam’ .. ‘love Uncle Saddam’…‘love Uncle Saddam’, would have a mesmerizing effect on children minds, making them convinced with everything that their ‘beloved Uncle’ was saying.
And that was dangerous.. you know.. if every child grew up on Saddam’s raising manner, they would certainly be criminals and suicide attackers.. in addition to the hatred that would be eternal inside children hearts for every person that their ‘Uncle’ hated.
I can assure that a large proportion of children in Iraq hate Kuwait and Iran ..why?? because ‘Uncle Saddam’ said that they were our enemies.
So we must start a new education plan to teach our children how to make friendships with all the good people, all the religion and all the countries, and forget the wars, terror and fear.
I love the children and I am worried about their life, they are our men and women in the future, so when we educate them well, let them live in boon and make them feel safe, I am sure that they will continue building our country , raising up their children on the same morals and make good relations with others, I mean prosperous Iraq will be built.

Friday, December 12, 2003

It is very nice to love and get married.. 

Everyday I hear the sounds of trumpets when groups of cars are going by the streets, and especially every Thursday night as it is thought that Friday is a holy day (Layla Mubaraka).
That is an Islamic tradition when someone gets married.
So the parents of both groom and bride are very happy with their sons and daughters, expressing their happiness by hiring a band playing on trumpets.
It is interesting to see such occasions are increasing everyday, and I am very happy for that.
I am talking about marriage in Iraq after the liberation.
The marriage average is increasing everyday, I can summarize the reasons into:
1- The economical situation of many people has been improved, due to the increase in the income and many poor Iraqi people now are able to buy many things for themselves and for their houses.
2- No anymore need for statements concerning the attitude of the person from the military service with all its complicated procedures which were taking time.
Under Saddam that was a real problem, many men didn’t complete their military service, and even if they had completed it, they should stay live in anxiety and wait for their recall ! yes.. they might return to the military service again.. if the Ministry of Defense needed money..ahh..sorry.. needed more men for the army!
Many many youth were forced to pay (bribe) for their officers to let them stay at home and the price was different according to the person’s appearance! If he was a doctor, officers would behave in harshness with them, because they knew those doctors would not be able to bear such dealing, so they would be forced to pay, and so on with the others.
Many Iraqi youth were losing their money because of such vile things.
3- psychological stability: as there is no risk of possible sudden death in other wars! Or no more threat of being imprisoned or executed because of simple causes. So the Iraqi youth think that their lives are secured now, so they can get married, live in peace and have kids with no fear of being fatherless kids!

4- Many Iraqi youth were planning to travel, but they wished to get married before they travel, now that WILL be possible.

I am very happy seeing those youth getting married everyday, come on Iraqis: love and enjoy your peaceful life.

##Unfortunately I couldn’t participate with the demonstration, I had to stay at home with my grandfather, because my parents went to Al-Najaf governerate south to Baghdad, to visit my grandmother’s tomb ( in Islamic traditions, Muslims should visit their dead relatives in order to make Allah forgive the dead and alive people ).
I don’t believe in such myths.
Anyhow, Zeyad and Omar went to the demos. You can read and see everything happened.

## My parents came home yesterday, so I am free now!!

## my computer was idle for the last couple of days, I think the cause is a virus, now I am at the internet café, but I can’t stay for a long time (you know it is expensive).

## I will go home now and hope that my computer has been repaired, I gave it to my friend, he is an engineer and have a good experience in computers science.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

My comment.. 

I read in one of the blogs the following:
“Bush was in Iraq on the 27th. He made a fleeting visit to Baghdad International Airport. Don't let the name fool you- Baghdad Airport is about 20 minutes outside of Baghdad. It's in this empty, desert-like area that no one is allowed to go near. “.
I want to say: please watch at Baghdad’s map carefully, you can conclude easily that the longest displacement in Baghdad is 25Km, so, how can Baghdad international Airport be 4 Km outside Baghdad and in a DESERT like area??
You can see the sectors: ‘Hay Al-A’amel’, ‘ Hay Al-Firdows’, ‘Hay Al- Jihad’ and ‘ Hay-Al Ta’ameem’, all of these sectors located around Baghdad International Airport and the time which is needed to reach the airport from these sectors is less than 10 minutes!
So, the Airport is IN Baghdad and beside those sectors.

That blogger also said:
“The most amusing thing about his visit was watching Chalabi and Talabani jumping up and down at the airport, cheering and clapping as Bush made the rounds. Muwafaq Al-Rubai'i, also a member of the Governing Council, was just embarrassing- he was standing on tiptoe and clapping like a 5-year-old watching a circus clown".
Wow …. How funny !!
Come on ………., why the exaggeration?! standing on tiptoe and clapping like a 5-year-old watching a circus clown!!
..Huh.. it is obvious that you are one of “ Al-Mtannigain”, ( in Iraqi slang, it means: a haughty person with arrogance-look, as all of Saddamists were!).
What is wrong with a smile and cheerful reaction when an important President visits Iraq??
I think that blogger prefer ( standing up as a giant with a fierce-look of a brave man telling everyone “I am a hero”)!!
All those situations we used to watch when Saddam was receiving his guests!
Enough for arrogance, Enough.
So, please, try to be simple and modest.

And finally:
He/she talked about George W.B.’s visit to Iraq:
“Seeing him on tv was amusing- so why did he have to sneak into and out of Iraq with such secrecy? Why didn't he walk the streets of the country he helped 'liberate'? Why didn't he at least *hover* above the country he 'liberated'?”.
I think it’s a normal reaction when a person like Mr. George W.B visited Iraq, many insurgents, vandals and terrorists from the ex-regime hate him and dreaming in getting rid of him, SO, do you want the President walk in Falluja alone with all those terrorists? Is that rational? Please write something reasonable.
You have tens of thousands reading your blog, and want to hear fair news, so BE FAIR.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Iraqi MiG aircraft buried in the Iraqi desert 

check this:
(The extraction of an Iraqi MiG aircraft buried in the Iraqi desert)
Now, I think it is very easy to hide the (WMD's) in a desert! ...Am I right.. watch at the area that might be used to bury a town!!
So, how can they find the WMD's in few months?? I think it will last for years to search every yard in Iraq!!
It is difficult..isn't it?

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I lost another friend! 

I am frustrated, confused and sad, I can’t bear those minds, I think that I will stay alone! I lost Majid, my colleague from the primary school till yesterday! We entered arguments and debates, at the end there was yelling and shouting on each other!
He WAS my friend, a close friend, but I started to notice that he was trying to stay away from me, avoid opening any debate with me, because he was always defending on subjects like Palestine, Islam and other subjects related to them, and I am always on his opposite, trying to make him think in liberal ideas and leave such silly and idiot myths, our debates used to be calm and friendly.
But yesterday, he was very angry, and I spotted that he wanted to end our friendship, here is the story..
Majid: “ what have you done, Ays?”
A: “ what” I was astonished.
Majid: “ I was talking to your brother and he told me that you are writing bull shits about the occupation forces, trying to praise them for their work, is that true?” he was looking very angry and disappointed.
A: “ yes it is true, what is the problem, Majid?”
Majid: “ you assist the Americans in occupying our country, shame on you.”. he said that with jeer.
I used to be calm, but yesterday, I decided to end behaving accommodatingly..
A: “ what occupation are you talking about? Where is your BRAVE voice when we were under Saddam..ha.. come on Majid.. shut the f*** off.”
Majid: “ do you think that America has come here for your sake? You are wrong, they came here in order to control our oil and exploit us.”
A: “ Huh.. oil ! go and read an article written by my friend, Omar, about YOUR oil.”
Then I explained what Omar wrote trying to convince him that we are not a rich country as many people think.
But he did not listen to me and …
Majid: “ do you know what is the problem with the Benzene, Gasoline …etc?”
A: “ yes, terrorists are targeting the lines everyday causing those problems.”
With a big laugh, Majid said:
“ what terrorists?…. I found the secret.”
A: “ what secret?”
Majid: “ you do know my brother-in-law, don’t you?”.
(his brother-in-law is a doctor in USA.)
A: “ yes, I know him”
“he visited Baghdad and he said that the GDP per capita in the united states is multiplied by two recently. Americans now are receiving more salaries, because the Iraqi oil is stolen everyday, go and write your daftness..huh… so silly.”
It is the first time that I hear Majid talking in such sardonic manner.
I was very angry, I said:
“ your brother-in-law either a liar or fool, because we are receiving salaries too, on the other hand, if the Americans wanted the oil only, they could take as much as they can and let Saddam stay on his chair, Saddam would pay everything for his continuity enjoying his habit, killing and fighting.
Come on Majid, USA is helping many countries donating with billions of dollars to assist poor people, what are you talking about? You are speaking like an ignorant.”
Majid: “ go and ask your American FRIENDS about their salaries and the exact time that their salaries were lifted, of course they will not tell you the reason, AYS, you are a loser, just wait and see when the oil is over, and they will leave your majesty at once !!”.
A: “ Majid, what do you want? You mean Saddam is better? Are you crazy? You do not have even a little of dignity.. you and your fellow idiots deserve Saddam, I suggest that Saddam rules a small governerate to let people like you enjoy with his feet crushing their heads.”
Immediately, Majid got angry and did not know what to say.
Frankly talking, I wanted to end the debate with kind words in order to forget everything and start speaking in ordinary things, you know, I know him 17 years ago.. BUT, he did not want to go on with me, he finally yelled:
“ you are an agent to the Americans.”!!
“ you must be an agent, AYS, forget me, I am not your friend.”. he added.
And then he left !
What’s wrong with him? What was he talking about? What GDP per capita which has been increased? Answer order to print your answers and show them to Majid, if he wants to face me again..

Friday, December 05, 2003

^^^I watched on a TV program called “ a conversation with the press” on Al-Iraqia channel, a couple of reporters met Mr.Paul Bremer. They asked him many questions, I translated a part of the conversation, I wished I could hear Mr.Bremer’s words, but the interpreter’s tone was very loud! you know that it is difficult to translate it precisely, but I think it is clear enough to understand it.
Here it goes..
Q- Mr. Bremer, what will be the function of the governing council in the elections?
Mr.Bremer: the governing council will supervise on the procedure of the elections and have no authority to affect on the elections, and will not going to select the form for it, and it’s role will be the assistance in organizing the elective conferences, but the governing council will never appoint them.

Q- there are different viewpoints among the Iraqis about the coalition forces, some want them to stay, others say that they should depart, how that will be coincided?

Mr.Bremer: If you look at the survey of the Iraqis’ opinions, you will find a clear message, that over 90% from the Iraqi people hail the coalition forces which will assist the people of Iraq in securing a safe and secure environment.
And my view point is that the new transitional government will hail the coalition forces to protect Iraq and reach to a concordance before the end of June.

Q- The staying of the coalition forces in Iraq will encourage the terrorists to attack them, what will you do to strike down the terrorists?

Mr.Bremer: Fighting the terrorists is a very important matter, many terrorists had come to Iraq, they are targeting both the Iraqi people and the coalition forces, and we will continue our mission in fighting them.
The terrorists in the last six weeks have targeted the Iraqi people, and the people of Iraq hate them, so we will work with the Iraqi security forces to strike them down.

Q- Many people are asking about rebuilding Iraq, and the time that all of the reconstruction and rebuilding processes will be accomplished?

Mr.Bremer: Iraq lived for 30 years in the tyranny and the arbitrariness of Saddam, so all the domains or fields were destroyed, and it is not possible to rebuild all of that in months, and we achieved a good work till now, the electric power is reaching all the governerates, also we assured 12 thousands tons of medicaments prerequisites, 95% of the hospitals are active now, and in the incoming 6 months, we have a plan with the all ministries to rebuild and maintain the universities, electricity , schools and many other fields.

Q- As a provisional authority and by the new government, will you give promises to the Iraqi people to continue rebuilding Iraq ?

Mr. Bremer: Yes, we will continue our work in Iraq, and the Iraqi people should be assured about that.
The amount of moneys from the united states are 33 billion dollars, will be spent on the electricity, hospitals, schools, universities and all the essential domains in Iraq.

That was a part from what I could write from the conversation.
there was an interesting thing, when the reporters finished the TV program they thanked and bid fare-well to Mr. Bremer, then Mr.Bremer replied:
“Shokran Jazelan”. “ma’ alsalama”. it means – thank you- - good bye-, With a good Arabic accent!

I also reply: thank you very much Mr. Bremer and all the brave men that are helping Iraq in improving the quality of life of the Iraqi people and the progress of the country.

I am sorry if I publish this clip, I saw it many many times,
I can't forget it, this clip about the executions of a group of poor and miserable
men who participated in 1991 uprising against the ex-regime, they tried with a bravery
to annihilate the evil, but....
I thought hundreds times before uploading this file, it is disgusting
and very hideous.
I want the whole world to watch that we were living in terror and fear, and our honest men are dying everyday.
Please, do not open it if you can't bear such scenes.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Do not believe in everything you see.. 

The coalition forces declared 6 months ago that the people must hand their arms otherwise they would be subjected to penalty, some weapons were excluded ( pistols and AK47’s ) and must be kept at home for protection.
Yesterday, a group from the coalition forces inspected a sector north of Baghdad called ( Bahu Al-Thubbat ), I heard that from my mother’s colleague, who is a teacher.
They inspected the houses in order to catch the insurgents who hide forbidden weapons ( grenades, RPG’s…etc.).
As such weapons were suspected to be hidden in some houses in that sector.
Anyhow, here I want to explain the way that is followed by the soldiers to inspect houses, which is in contrary to the scenes on Al-Jazeera , Al-Arabia news and other news channels, who utter “occupation forces” trying to plant the disturbance in the Arab countries and sedition among the Iraqi people.
Those channels are always looking for troubles, choosing bad news about the coalition and selectively showing scenes that reflect the “arrogant behavior of the occupation forces” for some arrested men in spite of the fact that those arrested men are Fedayeen, Saddamists, terrorists and vandals.
Those channels show only the empty half of the glass, and speak with the selective views that deceive the ordinary people.
Here is the story…read it carefully:
American soldiers with an Iraqi interpreter knocked on the door of the teacher’s house at night, her husband opened it when they saw the soldiers they were frightened, her husband stammered “Yes?!!” ( the husband has a good English language, so there was no need for the interpreter).
The husband said: “ OK, come in….” his hand telling them to enter.
The soldier said: “ THANK YOU”.
The teacher and her husband were still afraid..
“Some soldiers remained in the garden, others entered the house, they asked whether we had forbidden arms or not” she said.
“ we said, NO”.
the soldier: “Any pistols, AK47’s ?”.
the husband: “ Yes…errrr…No”!!.
then the soldier asked again: “DO YOU HAVE A PISTOL?”
the husband: “No”. ( thinking naively that pistols have recently been forbidden).
She was also worried but about her jewelry and savings.
The soldiers searched the whole house, then the commander pointed at the closet and said “open it PLEASE”.
The husband opened it hesitantly.
When the soldier searched in he found a pistol !!
“ why did you lie ?” the soldier asked.
“ we are here to protect the people, so PLEASE help us in our mission”
the husband shamefully said “ I am sorry….I was afraid…it is the first time that my house is being inspected, and I thought that pistols have been forbidden recently”.
The soldier said: “ But we declared many times that it is allowed to be kept in your house for protection”.
The husband remained silent.
The soldier “ OK, SIR DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN”.
At the end of the inspection process the commander said: “ WE ARE SORRY IF WE DISTURBED YOU” “GOOD NIGHT”.
Then they left.
“ After that we were astonished by the morals of the soldiers and the way of the polite inspection, everything was in its place, nothing scattered, nothing damaged…nothing lost.
Abu Sara (her husband) was amazed by the soldiers’ words “PLEASE” “ IF YOU DO NOT MIND” “ HELP US” “THANK YOU” “GOOD NIGHT”, so why do Al-Jazeera and other channels show us different things? Soldiers holding their arms as if they were prepared to attack, and searching houses with arrogance”.
I said: “ All the houses that were inspected in such manner were hiding Fedayeen, mortars, RPG’s ..etc AND THE SOLDIERS WERE SURE ABOUT THAT and many evidences had reached them before doing such inspection processes”.
I remembered a scene on Al-Jazeera and Al-A’lam for a rude inspection showing how did the American soldiers break doors and overturn the furniture ONLY, then on another channel I watched the same scene BUT with its complement, after they broke the door, the soldiers moved the carpet aside, opened the cover of a hidden basement and caught a man who was hiding there, HE WAS ONE OF THE FEDAYEEN.!!!!!
Just imagine that scene without the complement!
It is obvious that they did not want to tell the truth and shows the “abusiveness of the occupation forces”.
In addition to some Ba’athists that exploit it and propagate with faked events among the Iraqi people.
So I always say to my family and friends :

Monday, December 01, 2003

My friends,
Many comments about Khaldon’s story were “ If Khaldon had yelled ‘f*** y**’ at Saddamites, what would happen that time?”

I say
Please do not compare the American soldiers with those sub-humans,
of course they would scrunch his head under the car.
The Iraqi people are taken by the moral and kind behavior of the American soldiers. Iraqi people wave at them happily when they pass, Iraqis realize that those are their friends.
I think we should say:
The both sides were wrong;
Khaldon was stupid and should be punished by Iraqi police and Iraqis ( and we did that, all his friends blamed him for his immoral behavior).
The soldiers were wrong too when they hit him strongly.
I am sure they were too young and forgot the commander’s instructions.
As many comments said that they should be punished also.
I think that is the correct viewpoint.

* Here are the answers for some questions :

Q/ “WHO FIXED UP THE CENTER?….” geniejunkie

# Many Iraqi institutes are under maintenance now.
A contract is done between the ministries and companies which are responsible for the reconstruction.
For example: our center,
The building was old, many dental chairs were not efficient, no enough water, no efficient air conditioning system which should be capable of resisting the ( above 50C) in Summer!
A month ago, a contract has been made between the Ministry of Health and Bectal company ( I do not know if that is the correct spelling, anyhow, it is a great American company).
So all the above defects are repaired and improved, in addition to the new dental equipments and the modern air-conditioning system.

Q/ “What is the "great crawling day"? What did SH find so special about that day that there had to be a holiday then?…” Lola

# You can find the story of the “ great crawling day” at Zeyad’s blog in October 15 under the subject “Al-Zahf Al-Kabir”.

Q/ “Do you have news about Khaldon? What did you think about all the diverse opinions you got about his encounter with US soldiers?…..” Christina, Montana, USA

# I will visit the college of Dentistry next week, and I hope I will find him.
Every person has his own opinions and thoughts reflecting his personality, I think that the educated people should not be hasty in giving their judgment in such cases, and write rational comments which will solve the problem and give the both sides what they deserve.
Thank you very much to all the people for writing their comments.

Q/ “Great news about your clinic. It sure helps to be working in a pleasant environment. As a dentist myself, I would like to…..”Jolie
# Dear Jolie,
If you want me answer all your questions about the dental work, send me your e mail,

# Concerning the dentistry in Iraq:
Studying Dentistry in Iraq takes five years, the graduated dentists stay in training courses in Baghdad, then they should be distributed to the other governerates for 9 months or 2 years according to the governerate farness.
As far as we are concerned, we will spend 9 months in a governerate 450 Km south to Baghdad.
Fortunately, the Ministry of Health did not decide till now when shall we go there, so we will be able to continue blogging without any interrupt.

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