Friday, April 30, 2004

The fall of Baghdad 

I hate this statement, I always read this word 'fall' in many channels, journals, internet..etc, why they are calling the word ‘fall’ to Baghdad? The people of Iraq were waiting for the coalition to liberate them not to knock their city down as this word means, the Iraqi army was exhausted and all the soldiers were forced to fight in that war, the big officers had orders to execute any soldier tried to desert, the soldier entered the war with no hope, he had the feeling of ‘I don’t want to fight’, and fight for what? What he had to fight for? Respect? Home? family? Money? .. Nothing, the only thing he was fighting for was Saddam, so all the soldiers were fighting and wanted to lose the war, they wanted to get rid of that monster... I wish I could take a photo for some soldiers before the war, they were so weak, tired, bankrupt, some of them were begging, others had relatives been executed or fled abroad because of Saddam... what do you expect from these men to do when someone tells them: You’re going to get rid of all this misery..?
I feel so astonished when those Iraqi ex-generals, brigadier generals and other officers (who were the only beneficiary in the army) showed in programs on Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia talking about their plans and decisions, the causes of the ‘fall’ of Baghdad ..etc and never explain the psychological and economical status of the Iraqi soldier and feelings of the ordinary people, they only argued about the military superiority of the American army and the wrong administration of Qusay, of course they never give an ear to what the Iraqi people demand..those officers were killing the Iraqi soldiers everyday : ‘give me 50000D and I’ll let you go back home for a week’ ‘ I want you to buy ... for me and I’ll let you see your family for 3 days’, that was how were those officers dealing with the soldiers, bribes and insults.., the poor soldier had to work hard, serve the officers, feed his family,..all of that with the 3000D (1.5$) salary .... what a disgusting life!
We needed someone to liberate us.. Iraqis were waiting for years and saying ‘God is greatest, the most gracious the most merciful, he will save us from Saddam’ but he couldn’t !!! believe me some Iraqis were saying that also! So we were waiting for Mr.Bush to put his words into effect..
After the LIBERATION the American troops were patrolling in Baghdad neighborhoods and districts and the Iraqi men, women and children standing in front of their houses waving at them with their thumbs up, they were so happy, the Americans and Iraqis were helping each other in removing the rubbles, cleaning the areas that witnessed battles.. Then at evenings American soldiers were heading with their tanks and Humvees which were like new cars entered the city and not that scary military vehicles into soccer playgrounds to play with the Iraqi youth, they were really friends.. until the terrorists and insurgents began their devastating acts, they wanted to spoil this relation and turn the sentiment against the coalition.. However, I don’t want to go through this subject, all of us know what those terrorists want...

Back to the ‘fall’, this word is denoted for describing the success in the war against an Enemy, Is Baghdad an enemy..? Absolutely not.
Why don’t they say ‘Liberation of Baghdad’.. ‘Iraqi freedom’ .... ‘Fall of Saddam’.. ‘Fall of the dictator’ ?

Thursday, April 29, 2004


My father reached home now, he was so tired, all the roads to Al-Aadamiah neighborhood north of Baghdad were blocked, hundreds of cars are stuck there and American troops are seen, my mother said that her colleague’s son came to the school and took her home, he said ‘bad news.. A battle may begin’.. The people said that Al-Mahdi militia are distributing there.. Actually.. that neighborhood is always facing problems, I hope nothing happens and just rumors..I don’t believe in what the people say, but surely there is something there, may be American troops caught some insurgents, or checkpoints... I don’t know..
Let’s wait for the news..

UPDATE : I asked one of the residents in Al-Aadamiah neighborhood about what happened today, he said that the Fedayeen distributed on the streets and blocked the roads for some time and then went away, they were in their black dress..

Check Baghdadi I found him at Fayrouz's blog..

## I went to a neighborhood north of Baghdad, I was looking left and right before I decided to enter that sector, it was a dark street, God, I had to enter that narrow dark street, it took me a minute of silence and thinking ‘should I get in?’, ‘what if those idiots bombed the place?’, then I said ‘whatever happens..I don’t care’.. So I entered, I walked about 20 meters and turned left and stood in front of the metallic door, this door has a small opening in the corner, I called carefully ‘hey..anybody here?’, the fat man came by ‘yes, what do you need?’ I replied ‘ nine’ he said ‘ nine of what?’ I replied ‘beer’ !!
So, all the above dangerous steps are for beer !!! I hated myself for that, the neighborhood I used to buy from has been bombed by the crazy Islamists and the poor owners are no longer opened, God damn it, when will we get rid of those too?
The worst thing was when I got the beer and went back home, we drank and drank, then my friend lifted the can and read the expire date.. It was March 22 !!!

## Students in Mosul have been protesting because of the new flag, so Iraqis will learn this : “whatever you say, whatever you do.. I disagree” !

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tomorrow !! 

Tomorrow is a great day, yes.. A great day, we have to celebrate, we MUST celebrate, I MUST be happy, all the schools and colleges MUST prepare for this day otherwise......., come on, all Ministries, all the institutes MUST make parties, all the streets MUST be adorned with ornaments and flowers, all the B.....ts MUST hold meetings discussing what they are going to do tomorrow, come on B....ts you MUST get ready to buy tons of cake for the party.
BUT... wait a minute, I don’t see any preparations!! where are the flatters? where are the presents? What’s going on? The people aren’t afraid ?!! impossible! We used to be ready for this anniversary many weeks ago, Hmmm.. I’m sure there’s something abnormal...

Hahaha.. Tomorrow is Saddam’s blessed birthday April 28 !!!!!!!! but he’s not here, so come on Iraqis, don’t be rude, let’s get there at his new house and throw a piece of cake in his jail !!

Thank God, we don’t have to pretend anymore, we are not afraid, tomorrow is an ordinary day, we have many channels to watch, we won’t be watching at Saddam’s channel anymore, we are not afraid from that decree that Saddam used to state on his birthday after he finishes many bottles of Whisky : ‘Let all the prisoners get out, this is a noble deed from the president, but don’t steal and kill.. OK.. ? come on ..feel free to roam in your country’ ! That’s why the criminals love him.!

Thank God, Saddam has gone forever, I hope someday we Iraqis, Americans, British and all the brave people who liberated us make parties and celebrate, cooperate and live in peace and build a prosperous world for our children and for us...

The new Iraq flag.. 

As you know, the white color represents the peace, the two blue stripes represent Tigris and Euphrates, the yellow strip for the Kurds ( according to the color of the star on the Kurds’ flag), and the blue crescent represents Islam, I like the idea of the crescent, not because of what it represents, but you know there’ll be some people crying for the ‘God is greatest’ statement which was on the old flag, so this crescent will do the work!
The flag is fine, at least this is the first step to get rid of Arabic thoughts of battles, revenge and other useless things, as in a poem that describes the old Iraq flag, the poet enthusiastically wrote about the red color on the flag that represents the BLOOD and sacrifices, the black color for the enemies’ lands that would be turned to DARK and gloomy lands ( power and ability to fight any enemy), the green is the color of the beautiful Arabic lands and the white as they’d make peace with those who want peace.
Actually, all the above four descriptions don’t represent the real picture now, ( especially the black and green!! We can see them in Europe and America, green lands and powerful armies that can level all the enemies’ cites! ).. So let’s be realistic and start to cooperate with the real powerful and serious countries to make peace be upon all the world.
It’s normal that some Iraqis disagree with the new design, they used to see the old colors for years, so it’s a matter of time.

Monday, April 26, 2004

The People and Media 

Regarding the attack that took place in Al-Sadr city a few days ago, a labor said that he saw one of the residents entered his house once the American troops came near their neighborhood, then he got out carrying RPG! And fired at them, then the American troops replied at the same place the rocket fired from..I told him “so they are firing only when they are facing an attack, right?” he replied “yes”..
(I wish someone meet this guy on TV..).
The labor ( was working in the maintenance works at our house) said: “ I bet those who are in Falluja are always the attackers and they are always breaking the truce”..
Another one said: “ I hate those who are fighting in Falluja and those who call them ‘resistance’..they are fighting to serve their aims and never care of their country, most of them were the officers in the republican guards or special forces who had destroyed the Iraqi people in the uprising of 1991, I hated the Iraqi army since that time, Saddam was picking the officers from Al-Anbar and Mosul provinces, in addition to Tikrit of course, I want them seen humiliated and destroyed, I want to see the B52 bombing all the city” !! I told him : “ and the innocent people? What about the children?” he replied “ I don’t care” !! However, I finished the conversation with him cause he began to get upset and angry..
A friend of mine says “ those fighters in Falluja are the heros, they never accept those Americans inside their city” ( my friend is one of Saddam’s relatives!!!)..

Our neighbor says: “ the people in Falluja, Ramadi and other cities in Al-Anbar, had never seen a war, a real war, in Iraq-Iran war they were far away from all the battles, in 1991 and 2003 also, so they dared to fight and behave foolishly like a coddled and spoiled boy, they were the best for Saddam and now they’ve been defeated”..

I wish all the ATTACKERS will be killed, and never hear about accidents and victims, actually they are so mean to hide inside the city, fire from the houses and hide their ammo and weapons in Mosques ( then when the American forces bomb the Mosque, the disgusting cleric is shown on Al-Jazeera crying ‘LOOK AT THE MOSQUE, THEY DESTROYED IT, THEY ARE ATTACKING MUSLIMS, THEY HATE ISLAM, THEY....’)

and when Mark Kimmitt appears on the TV, he speaks very briefly about it, I wish there are reporters and cameramen in the battle zone who can take video clips showing the insurgents hiding in houses and Mosques, and help Kimmitt to use them as an evidence to convince the audience.

In fact, there should be a spokesman of the coalition who has the ability to talk well and convince the audience, those who are seen in interviews (talking Arabic so badly) are inefficient and should be replaced, I remember that interview on Al-Jazeera ( or Al-Arabia, I forgot which one, however they are the same!) They met an American superior who can hardly talk in Arabic, he was repeating useless words over and over, and answering things that never been asked because he wasn’t even understand what the questions were, this channel exploited this weak point to meet an American from Washington and an anti-American Arabic politician, the American man was obviously trying to say something important, but he couldn’t because of the language ( I prefer that he talked in English and let someone interpret, it’d be better), the fraud channel succeeded in showing the weak and unconvincing American opinions, of course when the Arabs watch that, they feel that the united states doesn’t have valid causes for her policy..
God, I’ve got sick from those channels...

UPDATE: I watched Mark Kimmitt showing a video clip about how the American troops and Iraqi police are helping the people in Falluja.. Good news..

Sunday, April 25, 2004

# # # 

## Hi friends,
I went to ‘Dar Al-Hanan’ ( compassion house) in Baghdad, this building provides housing for the severely handicapped children, and take care of them..
I met the boss, I told her that I want to donate to those poor children, she asked me about what type of donation I meant, I told her ‘food and toys’, she said “ OK, we are very thankful to you, but you need to have a permission from the social institute’s manager in order to accept the donations, you know.. The security problems’..
I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet him this week, so I’ll do that after I come back from Basra ( I’ll set out on Friday)..

## I took the first photos using the FugiFilm camera ( thank you again Kerry)..

look at my canaries.. finches..and otherbirds.
( the canary female has strange and amazing habits, such as : she breaks her eggs if anyone dares to look at her house trying to see the eggs!
And another thing, she isolates herself when her ‘husband’ dies! and never have fun with others or stay among them, she’s always hiding behind a house and only appears when she wants to eat, this’s her life until she dies, when you look at her in this situation you can feel like she’s crying!)

## My mother sends her regards, and apologizes for not writing nowadays, cause she’s busy in doing up our house..

Saturday, April 24, 2004

## Omar is fine.. he came back from Basra today.. I gave him his packages, he might be posting today..
I'm sorry.. I'm too busy those days in some maintenance works of our house..
wait for me..

Friday, April 23, 2004

### Today, we received the packages that Kerry Dupont has shipped for us, they contain laptops, printers, cameras and other stuff.. I’d like to thank Mrs.Dupont very much, they’ll be so helpful and make our work easier and better, thank you very much again..

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Oh my God.. I told Omar to go to the internet café there in Basra on Wednesday.. I’m very very very worried about him.. I’ll never forgive myself if anything happened.. I hope everything is OK..
I know Omar.. if no one accompany him to get there, he never goes, and our friend ( another dentist there) is so lazy and I don’t think that he would agree to go with him … I hope that…

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Iraq & Palestine 

I want to talk about the difference between the situation in Iraq and Palestine for those who are trying to join the two cases intentionally or foolishly!
So to all Arabs who are saying : “ poor Iraqis they are under the American occupation suffering and dying. We must help them.. we must…we must…”..
Please thank you so much and keep your ‘must’ for you and leave us alone with our ‘occupiers’.. yes.. just forget Iraq as a part of the Arab nation and don’t mix up the two ( Iraq and Palestine ) together, because there is no even one similar point between them..
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is due to the land.. territories.. and I think everyone will live in peace there once the stupid leaders give up their arrogance and pride.. and stop washing the youth’ brains with thoughts that always lead them to death instead of trying to use them to share in discussions and try to find a solution for their issue peacefully..
Stop weeping and stop telling stories about how you’ve been persecuted for years, you have persecuted yourselves are so stubborn and you don’t want to solve it since your leaders have the absurd and silly concept of ‘ I don’t shake hands with Israelis’ .. if you will go on thinking like that; then you’ll stay carrying your genuine pebbles and bluffed by your leaders..
( Huh.. they appointed a new leader for Hamas 'secretly'!! I bet his name will be known tomorrow in Israel!)

Regarding the situation in Iraq.. you have to be a little clever and forget the ideas of occupation, persecution and exploitation that you’ve been taught since your birth.. and try to understand the American aims first:
Defeating terrorists, make sure that WMD are in safe hands and letting democracy rules the countries that are suffering from the dictators since those are so dangerous and of course they’re supporting and paying for the terrorists…
So if one of the above exists in a country, it’ll be so dangerous if it’s left, cause as it becomes strong enough, it’ll be a threat for the whole world..

So this is for all: If you are talking naively, please shut up, and for those who are doing that intentionally and trying to mix the two issues and urging Iraqis to ‘resist’ and ‘revolt against the occupation’.. you have to be stopped by force, the regimes who are paying for you will no longer stay in power…

Iraq on the way of prosperous future in spite of you, so forget us..

Saturday, April 17, 2004

## Yesterday.. my brother-in-law and I were hiking in Baghdad streets, we noticed something unusual ( or was unusual !) we saw nearly all the workshops and some markets were closed, we asked “Why?!”.. after a while we remembered that yesterday was Friday.. And Friday is a holiday.. it means that the people started to have rest on Friday cause the economical status is getting better and better since the liberation so they can earn enough in 6 days and decided to have rest.. GREAT.. Iraqis were working day and night under Saddam.. they were about to die from working ! And poor people get a little money to keep their families alive..
Now they’re comfortable, I hope the security situation will be better in the coming days in order to make those families get out to picnics and travel…
I’m sure everything will be OK..

## Beyond the fact if what happened in Falluja was right or wrong.. I think battalion 36 must be punished .... what did they mean by ‘refusing to fight’ ? what will happen if the coalition forces decide to fight Al-Mahdi militia( the thieves! ) ? Will another battalion say “ No..we don’t fight Iraqis” ..Huh.. they don’t fight insurgents.. they don’t fight Muqtada’s scum.. they don’t fight anyone!! Then why they are soldiers.. what’s their duty? Receiving salaries monthly and go back home? Damn it.. those lazy stupid men, how will they get the job of defending their country in the future?.. How can they keep Iraq safe and secure?

## I received some e mails asking about the donations and money transfer. I think they are new friends.. you welcome..
you can find everything here..( the link is on the left ‘Info on donations’)..

Friday, April 16, 2004


Alhurra is a very good channel and presents neutral news, in addition to the interesting programs and reports.. but, I think it needs more correspondents, I enjoy watching the news on Alhurra channel, but during the last events in Iraq it wasn’t so active especially in the first days of these events, I was in Basra and I have nothing but the TV! So I followed nearly all the channels I have, when the news starts you’d see the despicable channels cover about Iraq news for more than 15 minutes then interviews and news from their mean reporters, they were very busy and preoccupied in how to distribute their poisons and take advantage of that ‘great’ chance for them to kindle the situation and play with Iraqis’ emotions…
While Alhurra was showing news so briefly.. you know.. when Iraqis heard such events were taking place they were certainly searching all the channels to find news about what was happening and then they were always forced to fall in those channels’ dragnets….
It’s so important for Alhurra to work harder and try to attract more and more people, their analysis is very good, but they must increase from their news and interviews.. this time is important for this channel, the beginning is so important.
Also their site should be improved to compete with others..

People need neutral news, analysis and interviews, Alhurra is doing all that well but needs more..
It’s enough to have two or three channels that make the people hear the news comfortably without tension and worry.. at that time the people will delete the ignoble channels forever…
People hear the news from the TV and from rumors! So if we can control the first one, the second will vanish..

I sent an e mail to Alhurra channel discussing all the above…

I’m sure this channel will be the best..

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thank you.. 

HEY.. HEY.. HEY .. hold your horses… Did I say ‘ Marines are shooting women and children’ ??!!!

I said ‘I feel so sad and sorry for those children and women who died’ Did I mention anything related to the Marines or something like that ???

I meant those who have been killed accidentally, and I didn’t mention any number regarding them.. I just felt sorry !

If the American troops wanted to do that intentionally, they could destroy the whole city in 5 minutes !!

I wanted those things to be solved by negotiations and discussions..

Am I wrong???!

And thanks for those who wrote words that were like knives stabbed me ..

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Calm down... 

I came back to Baghdad yesterday, a bridge called ‘Diala bridge’ was bombed, I don’t know why, so we used another road..
We should travel from Basra through Amara.. Kut.. and then Baghdad, so each time I wanted to come back; I hear on the news that there are some encounters in kut or Amara and I give up!!
As I reached to Baghdad.. my sister shouted “ hey.. come and hear what Muqtada’s supporters did last week..they are monsters.. they were yelling and running on the streets like rabid dogs and when they reached at our college’s door the IP’s closed it immediately, those dogs were shaking the door and throwing stones at the college, they wanted to break and destroy everything .. Oh God.. my colleague and I were very very terrified.. you hear nothing but screams ..
It was a terrible day.. I hate those dogs .. I hate them… all the students hate them”
See how peaceful demonstrations they have !!

Regarding Falluja, I disagree with what was happening, I felt so sad as I heard about the children and women who have been killed, the coalition should have planned well before this operation..
If it’s because of the brutal act in Falluja; you can investigate and search for them, they were shown on the TV so it’s easy to know them.

If it’s due to the continued attacks on the coalition and the idea is to fight and kill them inside their city; the result will contain many innocent people as victims.

If this operation is to terrify them and make them give up the attacks.. you’re wrong, because in addition to the ex-regime groups that this city contains, Falluja’s men are so stubborn and tough.. I know them.. ( I lived in that province for a couple of years), if someone hurt them they’d never leave him go away or be permissive with him.. I don’t care for those who were killed carrying RPG’s and Ak47’s ..etc, but I feel so sad and sorry for those children and women who died, they have nothing to do with what those insurgents commit.. right?
Actually, such operations turn over the sentiment against the coalition.
I hope the truce will last for a long time.. it’s better to solve problems using discussions and joining opinions instead of military solutions, the peace is very important now..

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Thieves and idiots ! 

Surely you’re watching what’s happening now in some neighborhoods in Iraq.. let me explain something about this militia.. ( you’ll never hear a similar explanation in any TV channel or radio stations… but this is the truth and the real picture of Muqtada’s group)..
First of all:
That angry dumb and silly boy is not respected by many religious leaders here in Iraq and consider him as a child , he don’t have the right to be a religious leader and he don’t have any ‘logical and legislative Islamic studies’ regarding Islam and ‘Sharia’..
Second.. that foolish boy has many thieves following him.. why? Do you know that neighborhood ‘ Althawra’ or ‘ Al-Sadr city’ in Baghdad? This is the worst place in Iraq.. yes .. all Iraqis hate that place and never ever reach there.. More than 75% of this neighborhood are thieves and murders .. they are responsible for the looting and robbery acts last year.. and of course due to their rapid and uncontrolled reproduction ( just like the rabbits) ,they have many relatives in some neighborhoods in Iraq, so when they felt that Muqtada is so permissive and may encourage such robberies; they followed him.. they love him.. they feel that he’s one of them and his laws are very compatible with their disgusting thoughts and mean goals..
Now we have a silly angry boy and thieves..

The third point .. many idiots still remember his father and they feel that he continues his father’s message in Islam.. the crowds are always around that boy listening to his words that incite and urge them to disobey whatever the GC and CPA say..
Now we have a silly angry boy, thieves and idiots..!
Wow.. what a group!!
I’m afraid the world will say that Iraqis don’t deserve the liberation because of those people..
Here in Basra, few Muqtada’s men are preparing themselves, hiking among the people and in front of banks and shops waiting for another looting and robbery acts and spreading rumors about the situation in other provinces.. they say that the governmental institutes are robbed and everything lost..etc..trying to breach the peace.. some of them are carrying sacks to rob the bank if their ‘leader’ will succeed and control Iraq!!
Got the picture of this militia?!
Of course there’s no one channel can interview an educated Iraqi who dares to say all of that about this militia ..
BTW I’m sure that Al-Jazeera is dancing now!

The good things are:
It’s told that the British troops came to the banks and took all the money to be kept in safe places until the chaos comes to an end..
And some districts here in Basra came to a great idea, the Sheiks of many tribes held a meeting and decided to sign on papers promising that any person dares to breach the peace in their areas will be arrested or killed immediately and no one will protect him even if he was one of their tribes.. this meeting relieved the people so much…

Nearly a similar situation happened in 1999 in ‘Al-Sadr city’ when Saddam killed Muqtada’s father.. the angry people in that disgusting neighborhood made a simple chaos in the beginning , do you know what happened ? do you know how Saddam dealt with them?... a few cars went there immediately and a few men got out of the cars carrying different types of guns and rifles and started to fire continuously at them until all those people entered their houses and many of them were killed and left on the streets… then Saddam’s men completed their mission and went back..

I don’t want to say that the same thing should be done.. but I just want to say that the GC and CPA must control this freedom because it’s used improperly..

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Summer is coming... 

Tomorrow, I have to set out to Basra.. I’ll be staying for a couple of weeks, so I think I’ll be posting every you know, I should travel from the district to Basra’s center to find an internet café, it takes at least 70 min to reach there..
By the way.. you’ve encouraged me to practice and continue drawing, so I’m going to take my drawing books and draw there..( thank you Lisa.. I’ve printed all the book and I’ll take it with me..)
The temperature is increasing day by day.. the officials in Basra said that in July and August the air conditioning systems can’t go with the heat overthere!!
I’m afraid my brain will be damaged under the sun! you know.. when I have to travel to Basra’s center in August to get an access to the internet; don’t blame on me when I write ! I’m sure I’ll be complaining from hallucination !!!
There’s another thing in Basra.. the moisture.. it’s intolerable, the residents said that you can’t breathe properly.. God.. what shall I do?!!
However.. I’m an Iraqi.. and Iraqis used to endure everything..!!

Here in Baghdad.. the Summer is also intolerable, I remember that poor American soldier who was organizing and controlling the queue of cars at the petrol station last Summer.. an Iraqi asked him “ How do you do?” the soldier replied “ it’s HOT” ! .. then he continued walking looking over the queue.. SUDDENLY.. he stopped and bent his head toward the ground.. then twirled around himself and fell down !! at once the soldiers rushed him to a shade and took care of him..
I hope that he returned back home and won’t try Iraqi Summer anymore !!
BTW friends how is it going in USA, U.K and other countries.. is it hot ? of course not !! the temperatures higher than 51 °C ( 123 °F) have been recorded in Iraq !!

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