Wednesday, June 30, 2004

.. On Monday I watched the news about Iraq handover and was changing the channels one after one watching how Iraqis were glad on this day and that they hope the new president and prime minister will achieve many things to them, they talked about the security situation and expressed their trust in the interim government to control it, and raising the economical status of the people.. Even AlArabiya began to change their way in dealing with the news regarding Iraq, which makes Moaffaq AlRubaie’e, our national security advisor, to express that openly in a live program on AlArabiya when he said ‘ I want to say something to AlArabiya, which recently became a friend to the Iraqi people,.....’ and continued his speech.. The broadcaster was so embarrassed and replied ‘ but we are always freinds..’..!
WHILE.. AlJazeera showed some people who were cursing everyone, angrily shouting and expressing their refusal to the interim government and the United States, with some usual terms of :CIA agents, stealing the oil, Jewish plans, occupation, OBL is an American plan.....blah..blah..blah.., then the reporter turned to the camera and said: ‘ as you see all Iraqis here are pessimistic’ ! ‘THANK YOU SOOO MUCH’ the announcer replied... I’m sure they have raised her salary for that ‘great’ news...
When I changed the channel to AlJazeera I thought that they would be ashamed and hopefully change their morals and behavior on this day.. But.. No use..
I wonder when will they get off our back..?

.. Today is an ordinary day, I don’t see any celebrations in Baghdad, but you can read the congratulations in the newspapers, and if you want to ask anyone about this day he’ll reply : ‘ Well, I’m glad for that.. it’s good, but the important thing is the security, electricity, economical things..etc’ which means that Iraqis welcomes anyone who leads the country to achieve these things, then if all those problems will be solved, they’ll talk about democracy, elections..etc..
I think it’s a normal answer, they’ll wait to see what will happen in the coming months and then decide..
On the other hand, there will be big challenges waiting for the Int. Govt. And they have to succeed..... it’s a difficult task, but I trust Mr.Allawi will do his best.


I read some confusing news in AlSabah newspaper, I’m translating it, and will be posting tomorrow..


Congratulations to Iraq and Iraqis on this great day.. A day which is considered a big blow on the heads of those who call the United States and the coalition: ‘occupiers’.. Well.. thank you very much for the ‘occupiers’.. Those who helped us in liberating our country from the tyranny, the ‘occupiers’ who liberated Iraq on the 9th of April, the ‘occupiers’ who sent Mr.Paul Bremer as we did not have a governor at that time..the ‘occupiers’ who helped us in forming a governing council.. The ‘occupiers’ who helped us in the interim constitution.. The ‘occupiers’ who stood against the terrorists.. The ‘occupiers’ who helped us in forming and training our army......etc.. then those ‘occupiers’ handed over the sovereignty to the Iraqis.... they are the best ‘occupiers’ I’ve ever seen.. I hope they’ll ‘occupy’ the countries who are in need to be improved !
Thank you very much...


I came back from Basra today, reached home just 5 hours ago..the officials there are so happy with this day and waiting for the new interim government’s works and achievements..
I couldn’t stay there as I wanted someone to talk with !! I am alone from 12:30PM till the next morning! .. I was about to talk with myself!! I wanted to discuss these important events with someone.. ! so I asked the boss to set out to Baghdad and she agreed...
On my way back, there were at least 12 checkpoints.. The best of those was a scary battalion! called ‘The emergency battalion of Basra’.. “ Fawj Taware’ AlBasra”..well armed.. Tough guys.. They cover their heads with black masks.. I could see their eyes only.. One of them asked me for my ID card.. For the first time I feel so glad to show the ID card.. Cause I feel that this man is working to protect me...not Saddam’s thugs who were waiting for someone to humiliate..


I reached to Baghdad and saw the heavy existence of IP... I loved that scene as it shows that Mr.Allawi is working hard to control the security situation.. I hope that soon..


I’m soooo tired, I’m going to sleep on the keyboard!.... wait for me tomorrow, I’ll write what AlJazeera showed regarding Iraq handover and how mean they were when they talked about it ....well..again.. Say this with me: Let’s bomb AlJazeera..!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

June 30 ... 

‘ All the governmental institutes, Ministries and everything related to the state will get off for many days starting from June 26.. All the markets and supermarkets must shut down also.. And everyone must get prepared for June30.. Cause they will witness scary days.. Thieves and killers will be here and there and the government won’t do anything and we’ll be in chaos and mess..’
These rumors spread in a couple of days .. People started to say ‘ the government informed the Ministries to stop their work in the coming days’..!!
The deputy of the Prime Minister’s spokesman said that all of those things are rumors and nothing like that happened or will happen.. He said that there is a perfect plan to control the situation in Iraq...
Mr.Ayad Allawi said that the government is ready for that day..

Those enemies knew that rumors will be spread so easily in Iraq, they make use of the current situation and try to delay the great democratic way we are walking on now..
The enemies want us to be afraid of the coming days and they are trying to destroy the trust in our government..

It’s obvious that they failed in everything they did and trying to do, nothing will stop Iraqis and our friends.. They used their terrorists, bombs, assassinations, kidnaping the foreign workers and cutting their heads off...etc.. and now they are using the rumors ! What a coward weak enemy!
We are defeating them.. It’s clear from their new attempts that they are helpless now.. They are unable to break our will, Iraq and the coalition now are ready to thwart any attack..

As I said in previous posts that the IP are getting stronger and the Iraqi army finished the training courses and it’s ready to any attack..

But, actually.. I’m afraid of one thing only.... Yes.. That fat idiot man.. Muqtada, he’ll have a good chance to do whatever he wants cause he does not care for the people’s lives and does not care for the casualties, and there is a bad chance to make an agreement with such a crazy one, you know his statements and his schizoid behavior.. That’s why I see June 30 is an early date to turn over sovereignty, we should deal with that man first before any step.. The bad thing is everyone wanted him to take a part in the National Assembly! What a great idea! We can’t arrest an idiot cause he puts a black wheel on his head and has followers..!
Well, I hope that he’ll take his medication on this day and stay calm..

However.. Back to the rumors, it’s the same of what happened in the past few weeks when the people were talking about another looting and robbery and that the security situation would deteriorate... and other rumors telling Iraqis not to send their kids to the schools cause they would be targeted and bombed...
And now the enemies found that it’s a better time to spread a new one..

The Ministers and officials in the government confuted that and said that the enemies of Iraq are trying to plant the sedition and chaos in our country...

Tomorrow I’m going to set out to Basra, so on June 30 I’ll be there, I’ll try to post in this special day..

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


** My father has just arrived from ‘AlShoarjah’, a neighborhood in the center of Baghdad, well-known in it’s traffic jams, chaos, vendors here and there taking as much place as they could from the streets.... Thieves... BUT.. Today.. “ I’ve never seen AlShoarjah like this before.. The IP are everywhere.. The traffic police are controlling the streets .. It’s so refreshing” my father said..
He said that the driver was so happy when he passed through this neighborhood “ it’s impossible ! No traffic jams ! Am I dreaming?!” the driver said.. He was astonished at the scene of that place..

** My brother also was out, he has seen the IP with an intensified existence, well-trained individuals and many checkpoints inside Baghdad...
Mr.Ayad Allawi promised the Iraqis to control the security situation in the coming days, and he’s doing that... Good work.

** In ‘AlSabah AlJadeed’ newspaper: 843Iraqi officers accomplished the training in Jordan, which is a part of the coalition’s plan to recruit and organize the Iraqi army..

** The Ministry of Electricity said that the power in the coming days will be 16 hours a day for 8 hours of outages... we are waiting for this great news.. Hopefully they’ll improve it together with the help of the IP to protect the institutes and power stations from the sabotage..

** the power workers are working hard in many neighborhoods in Baghdad.. I took this photo for them when they were repairing one of the towers....

** Here is another photo for the balloon.. It’s better than the previous one..right?

** Have you ever seen like this car before ?! carrying millions of tanks in such a car!! I hope the traffic police will see him..!

** Finally: My sisters got their results in the final exams with very good we have a nice party today.. I wish you could be here, friends... ..may be in the near future...OK?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

They are monsters.. 

We are in a great danger.. We live in a scary world, monsters and thugs are everywhere, they want to occupy our planet, they want to slaughter us.. In order to raise their banner which is blotted with blood.. What a brutal enemy we’re facing now.. Human-beings are dying in cruel barbaric ways, those monsters are killing our brothers without mercy, you might watch some movies showing unreal characters behaving so aggressively and brutally, but believe me those creatures are real and exist in our world.. They are acting worst than anything you could imagine..
The worst thing is that they are talking our language and convincing others in their thoughts.. God.. Then they have thoughts?........So they are the most dangerous creatures in the universe .. Yes I’m not exaggerating.. This is the truth..
They have destructive thoughts and they are teaching them to everyone they meet using different kinds of concepts and spiritual beliefs giving them the evil power, and together with the money, they are washing the victim’s brain and converting him to another monster and so on..
I think it’s obvious now for all the idiots who believe in the silly opinion of ‘ it’s a lie...they made them and they planned for all those events to reach to our lands and to annihilate our religion’ or ‘to achieve certain plans’ that there is a real enemy who is fighting against all of us ... against humanity...
September 11 men, women and children... bombs and attacks in Iraq..etc.. reaching to Nicholas Berg.. And now Paul M.Johnson.. What a crime.. What a brutal act..
They behead human-beings....what can we name them?.. I can’t find a word that fits them.. Terrorists? I think this word must be changed.. They are much more violent than what this word means...
We have to stand side by side against them, we must.
They committed all of that and will continue to do so.. In addition to the fact that we are losing our parents, friends and relatives, they are fighting us psychologically with their ‘new’ ways of killing, they are trying hard to make us surrender..they want us to cease the fight and declare that we’ve failed.. But... it’s impossible, they will be defeated sooner or later..

My condolences to Johnson’s wife..parents and friends..he will stay the brave and honest man forever.. And by the will of the good and courageous leaders we’ll defeat the enemies.

... It’s a good idea to keep an eye on certain neighborhoods in Baghdad as you see in this photo, I took it in a neighborhood center of Baghdad.. Look at the balloon like object.. It contains a camera to observe the area ( as I heard from some friends )..
The photo isn’t clear enough cause it was so far..

Friday, June 18, 2004

Dear Dan..Jeff here are the answers for your questions:
** Why do Iraqis continue to watch it? What is the reason that they still have an audience, Ays?
Dan R.
Aljazeera’s audience began to decrease because:
- New channels concentrate on Iraq news and programs ( AlHurra and AlSharqiya), those two channels are the main cause of ignoring Aljazeera in Iraq..
- The Iraqi people realized that this channel never cares to Iraqis and does not want Iraq to be a calm and secure country..
- Their reporters are now well-known in regard to their lies and biased news ..

And some Iraqis continue to watch it cause they have a few good programs related to history, politics.. etc.

** I have not heard of Al-Sharqyia. Who runs it?

AlSharqiya is a new channel run by the Iraqis, it’s on the NileSat, ArabSat... you can find it on NileSat with the following information:
V 11785MHz
27500 Ks/s

and the ArabSat 2AK:

You’ll find this logo..
Iraqis like this channel cause they missed the Iraqi slang on the satellite channels! Also they have local news.. So they are watching AlSharqiya entertainingly..

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Read what Tom Villars wrote about the first fake blogger..!
good work Tom..

Update: Jeffrey also wrote about this guy in his blog..

Great days in Iraq 

By Mrs.S
The historic period that Iraq has been passing nowadays is very important and critical in governing the country and it is considered the main steps in putting the basic bricks in the political building of the new democratic Iraq, the coming period forms serious challenges both on the interior and exterior yard..
In the midst of these atmospheres and the wild attacks from different directions, mostly from outside Iraq, a very heavy inheritance of debts for foreign countries, the losses of the wars that the tyrant involved Iraq in, the robbed rights by the tyrant and his followers...... Iraqi people, after all that period came out exhausted and poverty is the main feature for Iraqis when the total income for an Iraqi reached to 50$ a year, even less than any citizen in poor countries...
Iraq one of the richest countries of the world in regard to his natural resources of oil, agriculture, animal resources..etc.. but the tyrannic policies of the previous regimes did not allow Iraq to develop, and did not allow the people to think freely and share in building their country..
We have enormous number of bright-minded young men and women who can build Iraq and be side by side with the most advanced countries in the world...
Those educated people were in need to one important thing....Freedom...which was something impossible.. Now we are learning new concepts in life; freedom and democracy, we did not have such words previously..

We hope that the interim government will cover all the sections of Iraqi people and make wide consultations and local conferences, and avoid ethics and sectarianism and consider all Iraqis are the same in their rights and duties..

We are in continuous discussion of the next government and what will this government is going to achieve for the poor Iraqi who is thirsty for fair and respectable life.
This government will be a distinguished sign in our history which was colored by blood left by the alternating savage tyrannic regimes that ruled Iraq since the foundation of the Iraqi state.
For the first time the president is chosen and not by a bloody coup and body eliminations..
This is a very important step for establishing the next democratic elections...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

... Awhile ago I watched on Al-Sharqyia a good news regarding the security situation in Baghdad, they met some IP officers in the city who explained the new plans of the Ministry of Interior, he said that there are different forces of the IP are patrolling now in Baghdad even at night..
Then they met many people who were so pleased with the new look of Baghdad’s streets, one of them said: ‘thank God, now we feel much more better regarding the security in Baghdad’ ‘I came here with my kids to this park, we spent a very nice time here.. As you see we are here at night!.. we hope the IP continues their great work’...he added.
Another one said: ‘it’s something wonderful.. The security is better than before.. We hope the new government go on and on in such great achievements..’..
Those people were so happy..
This channel showed many IP cars making checkpoints in many streets and stopped some of suspicious cars..
Al-Sharqyia always shows the good and bad news...

I turned it on Al-Jazeera when they were asking Iraqis about the coming trial of Saddam, I’m sure that they met many many of them saying that they are waiting for this great day..BUT they showed someone who angrily said : ‘ Saddam is a hero and he shouldn’t be treated like that’!!

Let’s Bomb Al-Jazeera !!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Just think.... 

It seems that when you don’t know who’s the responsible for something, you should accuse someone you hate in order to feel that you ‘got it’ and that you are so smart to discover the doer!
Some people gave up accusing the Americans and turned to someone they forgot to make him share their favorite game; conspiracies..
‘Israel is behind all the ongoing assassinations in Iraq’!!
These words are heard directly among people and indirectly on the Arab channels..
‘Israel does not want Iraq to progress and live in peace ( I don’t know why!) In addition to that they are targeting our scientists and doctors to destroy the society and destroy Iraq’... and much more silly opinions..
Sharon is too preoccupied with his party, Palestinians, his plan, terrorists’ problems...etc. and those idiots come and say ‘ Jews are the responsible for bad things in Iraq’!!.. Huh.. I’m sure Jewish people will laugh on that...
In the same time, I feel so sad when I hear such things..yes.. Accusing someone who helped you in the past is a crime..but, what can we do for the brain wash of those channels and their ‘great’ personalities who analyze certain cases? they are feeding the hatred against Israel..
You might ask what was the help?....Well, come and ask the old aged people here about the Jewish in Iraq, they’ll tell you this: they were so cooperative, well-mannered and polite people, they helped Iraqis because of their good management of the commerce in Iraq, their prices were always lower than the others, Jews were known in better goods and cheap prices... and other stories talking about them and that they never harmed a person or even cause a simple trouble.. Then they were dislodged and faced the exodus, for nothing been committed...
I don’t know why they are accused of everything in Arab countries, is it because of ‘Palestine’? I think it’s needless to say that there wasn’t a state called like that and that region was called ‘the south of Syria’....
however I don’t want to go through this subject, but I want to know when will the Arabs think?! And deal with other nations as friends...
And if their main cause is the governments, is there any chance that they’ll get rid of them and be free to talk and express their thoughts ?
I’m afraid it’s also because of the religion.. If so, forget any change!
The good thing in Iraq is that most Iraqis do not care for the ‘Arab nation’ and other ‘nationalistic’ concepts, they realized that they had nothing but pains from them, and Iraqis were suffering under Saddam while the Arabs were clapping for him, and now, they are exporting their terrorists to help us in building our country! .. So Iraqis started to think as Iraqis not as Arabs, and together with the democratic changes, Iraq will witness a great future.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Facts.. 

It seems like Iraqis are about to kill Muqtada for his arrogance and the increasing bad reputation.. he’s making troubles with everyone.. Muqtada

There are many people talking about what Muhammed Sadiq Al-Sadr ( Muqtada’s father) was saying about him.. He had never respected his son ..
It’s told that oneday Muh.S.AlSadr was talking with his followers about common religious subjects, Muqtada was there.. And interrupted foolishly by saying something wrong regarding the ‘Sharia’ making his father angry and shouted at him:‘La iqtada beka ahad’ which was a prayer, means: May no one guided by you..!Mohammed Alsadr
His father was so disappointed in his son and looked at him as a ‘stupid pampered boy’ as the people say..
So, Muqtada always had the feeling of being a useless and unwanted person which surely affected his personality, many ‘Najafis’ know that he had many problems regarding the relation with his father AND that he’s not only responsible for the assassination of Abd-Almajeed AlKhou’i, but he also cooperated with Saddam against his father who was killed in 1999.
Um.N, our neighbor was one of the residents in AlNajaf city, she said that Muqtada was receiving gifts and money from the ex-regime after his father’s death, and everything was really suspicious regarding him.
Also Khais AlKhaza’li one of Muqtada’s ‘generals’ is the responsible for most of the lootings and robberies together with his thugs in many cities.
Also, Muqtada’s group attacked the police station and AlHakeem followers there in AlNajaf last week.. You know, the IP are from the city’s residents and also AlHakeem group.. So the people there got very angry and wish that Muqtada being killed or arrested and prosecuted..

That’s why he began to use his thugs as ‘cops’ starting in Jameela neighborhood and arrested the thieves while the people were looking at them happily.. He’s trying to make the people think that he’s a good guy..also he's using his father's name, photos, sayings to convince the people..
BUT, I think people won’t forget that he’s a thieve and a murderer.. Needless to say that he’s also responsible for the embezzlement of the ‘Amwal AlMoslimeen’..the ‘Moslems’ funds’ that should be used to help the poor people..

We need the American troops, we need the coalition even after June 30, it’s something dangerous to leave Muqtada free, I think he’s more dangerous than the other terrorists..
The new government must not get cold feet and refuse to arrest him..
What do we do with sovereignty when the interior affairs aren’t fine? Those thugs are equipped with different types of weapons, all of them must be confiscated first, ( surely after warning the Iranian regime to stop propping up Muqtada), then stand against the other terrorists..
So we still need the help of the United States.. Some Americans might disagree with that as they lost many of their brave sons and daughters here in Iraq because of those thugs and terrorists, I’m so sorry for that, but, you know, this is the war on terror.. we still need the support, we still need you, we are on our way to get the self-dependence, we are on our way to be a great country.. And be proud of this democratic state..which will be the model for all the countries in the region.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Wow.. the Iraqi Police is getting stronger..
Today my brother was in Al-Mansour neighborhood south of Baghdad.. This neighborhood is so beautiful and clean, but those peddlers are everywhere and the people are so upset, cause those guys are occupying large spaces in the streets making the chaos in this neighborhood, the IP told them that it’s illegal to sell in such places and that Baghdad is suffering from many blocked streets because of such acts...
Those peddlers have the idea of ‘ doing anything they want cause they are free and there’s no tough government’!
So they refused to get away from the streets and continued their illegal acts indifferently...
The police warned them again..
And the same thing continued....


The IP called other IP force with their 4WD Patrol cars, and others, and others... blocked all the streets to this neighborhood, got their guns and rifles... “ I didn’t see the IP in such an organized and smart moves, they have distributed here and there, taking positions of clashing making all the people astonished and surprised because of the excellent training of the IP members ... they looked like the Americans...everyone said that” my brother said....

The peddlers were sooooo frightened and surrendered at once..!!!
They are training in a very good way, the coalition’s experience is so important and very useful when they learned our IP the basic techniques that must be used in such cases..
In addition to the courses in Jordan teaching the IP the skills necessary to do their job.
All the people were pleased and happy when the IP members controlled the situation in such a clever and fast way.. Surely, they returned back home and felt that they’ve got a strong IP.

Well done..

Friday, June 11, 2004

The new government 

It’s so elegant to look at the new Iraqi government with all its respectable men, all of the Cabinet members are highly educated, the president is an engineer, the vice-president had graduated from the College of Medicine, the prime minister also graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Baghdad then he got the Master and the Ph.D. in the United Kingdom, the other Ministers are engineers, lawyers, specialists in Geology, Biochemistry, Politics..etc.
Needless to say that it’s so important for any country to have such a government with all those qualifications to run that state in a correct way..
Previously, we had a president who was a killer, specialized in assassination, got his certificate by force, and so he was an ignorant man, of course he had many relatives ( especially brothers cause his mother got married four times and you get the picture) and few friends, all those people were also ignorant like him, he fetched them to his government and cleaned them ( after cleaning himself) gave them suits and told them to be Ministers !
I remember those engineers in one of the Military Industrialization Institutes.. One day, Hussein Kamel ( Saddam’s son in law and his cousin) ( and he was the Minister of this department) entered this Institute and met those engineers, after he had prated for a long time, he asked them about what problems they were facing and what were their needs to improve the work.. They mentioned the nature of their work and explained many things to him, and told him that they were complaining from ‘ a shortage of steam’( they said ‘steam’ in English) ... he replied at once : “ Buy all the ‘steam’ from the supermarkets” !!! .. The engineers were so astonished and wanted to laugh, but.. You know.. They would be executed... one of them interrupted and explained that they meant by ‘steam’ the vaporized water and continued his speech trying to make his colleagues forget what their ‘Minister’ said.....
After few days, Hussein Kamel forbade the use of English words in such institutes!!!
How dumb he was!

However, the new Iraq won’t witness such people again..

Regarding Mr.Ayad Allwai, I admire him very much ... he stood in opposition to Saddam since 1971 when he left Iraq to Lebanon then UK, worked as an advisor in UN programs and WHO and many other activities..
Saddam attempted to assassinate Mr.Allawi...But this brave man continued his work against that killer...
Now, Mr.Allawi is our Prime Minister, and all those I heard are pleased with him.
We hope that the Interim government works for Iraqis, trying to start the rebuilding processes, control the security and the most important thing for Iraqis.. The electricity.. Then the other needs.. Iraqis are waiting for the new government’s works, I see them optimistic and have positive views of future outcomes..
Many friends, neighbors and relatives welcome the new resolution and believe that Iraq will witness a gradual development...

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Check kurdo...Medya...and Karda..
They are so angry and 'disappointed in the united states'..they mentioned the situation in their lands and their opinions regarding the new resolution ..

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A New Life.. 

Today, my friend and I went to a dental center, he wanted to have his decayed tooth fixed and filled with a temporary filling.. However.. We got there cause we heard that there are new changes happened to this place after the liberation..
This center was so bad and dirty, the dental chairs were old and useless..
‘The Minister of Health ( during the ex-regime) was turning a blind eye to the medical and dental centers and the hospitals, he was preoccupied in how to steal as much as he could, never paid attention to our complaints and needs, Saddam and his thugs destroyed Iraq....’ Said Dr. U..
I asked him about those great changes, the rebuilding, the new equipments and the new smiling dentists in the center!
He said : ‘Bechtel Company made all these improvements, now the center is perfect, we are so pleased.. new clean institutes, new salaries and so NEW LIFE.. Of course you see the dentists and doctors are happy and smile, have you ever seen them happy under Saddam?!! they were bewildered all the time, thinking in how to make their living...’.
Dr.U said: ‘ believe me, I would commit suicide and get rid of this life if G.W.Bush cancelled his plan to liberate Iraq.. Thank God.. He did it’..
Dr.U looked very happy and comfortable, he’s married and has two kids..
‘ I can work hard, get the good salary and buy everything that my wife and kids need, we were forbidden from anything...’ he added..

All the medical staffs in Iraq are grateful to Mr.Bush.. WE were dying under Saddam..
Dr.U talked about the rebuilding of Iraq, he’s so upset because of the security situation and the terrorists who are trying to thwart the American plan in the region.. ‘Those terrorists are delaying the progress of Iraq...spoiling the relations with the US and the American people..’
‘I wish that this intellectual delay of Arabs comes to an end and start to cooperate with the West, trying to learn from them to make our countries better..’..
I liked his speech, it was so refreshing..

Those are the opinions of Dr.U and many others like him in Iraq, just meet the educated people here and listen to their ideas and thoughts, we don’t see those people on the TV channels, except Al-Hurra.. (Which is getting better)...

I took those photos for the center:
---there are 10 rooms like this one in the center.
those are other new dental equipments which will be set in other rooms.
this small box written on it ‘ complaints and proposals’ is something wonderful in the new governmental institutes, now the Iraqi has the right to say what he wants and suggests whatever he thinks good, write it on a paper and just put it in this box! At last.. We can make a suggestion and no one arrest us!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

You won’t believe this ! 

Today, our neighbors came back from their shop in a neighborhood called ( Jameela) north of Baghdad, this place is well-known in Baghdad as a big commercial center for different types of goods, it’s full of wholesale shops and many people from all around Iraq go there to purchase at discounted prices..
Jameela is also famous in it’s thieves ! Yes ..especially in the last few months.. All the merchants, storekeepers and the ordinary people are afraid when they reach there..they were always complaining from this situation and the weakness of the IP at that place, the thieves are well-known, but the people can’t do anything against them cause anything happens to a thieve, his ‘friends’ might kill the man who harmed it was really a problem and that place is so scary..
Our neighbor, L, said that Al-Mahdi militia rushed suddenly into the main street of Jameela, got out of their ‘Pick-Up’ cars, carrying their guns and rifles.. And running here and there following the thieves there and arresting them one after another!! and beat them ruthlessly ..threw them in their cars and went to the ‘Husseinia’ ( Shia Mosque’s name) and imprisoned them there.
The people in Jameela were astonished... they got very happy.. ‘ we spent a very nice and calm day’ L says!
‘ the people were very happy and felt that Muqtada’s group helped Iraqis for the first time’ he added!
It’s obviously that Muqtada heard what are the people opinions about him and his thieves ! So he decided to prove that he’s a good guy and his men are so brave and work to help the Iraqi people..he realized that no one loves him.. So he is trying to get the Iraqis’ trust..
L said: ‘ Many people there said that if Muqtada’s men continued to protect us and work for the people, keeping the place safe and secure, stop their silly attacks against the Americans and against the people, they will love them and help them in their great task’..

Isn’t it so weird?

## The car that has been exploded in Al-Ahdamia neighborhood last week is left in the street, more than 4 innocents have been killed that father, brother and sister were there.. They would be in a great danger if they delayed for few seconds..
My brother took this picture and this one the next day...
See the black cloths at the wall (obituaries), they mention the names of the people who were killed because of this bombed car..

Monday, June 07, 2004

Adnan AlPachachi 

I watched a program on Al-Arabiya, the guest was Mr.Adnan Al-Pachachi the member of the ex-governing council, he’s talked about what was going on in the GC and why he’s apologized from being a candidate..he looked sad and angry at the same time.
Mr.Pachachi said that there were some conspiracies in the GC against me, and that some of them should be ashamed from what they have done..
And ‘some of them were irresponsible and do not care for Iraqis’ needs, they were preoccupied in how to make use of their positions’
He said: ‘ Ghazi Alyawr was always telling me that he considers me as his uncle and that he follows me in everything I see it right... he’s a good and educated man, BUT, how can they make a comparison between us, all my long experience, my history and age were put aside.. I don’t know why they did that because of the tribes? Do we want a tribal law?’ he laughed and said: ‘ I think we should progress and forget such things, we need a state of law not tribes’..
Mr.Pachachi discussed the things that made some members ‘hate him’ as he said... : Liberalism, Secularism and that he was calling for women rights and freedom...
Actually, I respect this man so much, he’s the best for the new Iraq..
Who’s the responsible for the 'conspiracy’( and I beleive in Mr.Pachachi and that there was a plot? What do you think?

According to Mr.Pachachi’s ideas and attitudes such as:
1- He was the first who called for the Kurds’ rights in autonomy before more than 35 years.
2- Calling for Turkmens’ rights as a group which also constitute a percent of the population..
3- Mr.Pachachi is from the Sunni Muslims and when they wanted from every member in the GC to nominate Ministers, he has put up Mr.Mahdi AlHafud ( now the Minister of Planning) and he’s a Shi’ite, and many other names for Shia men and women, so he doesn’t believe in such things as many other members.. Sunni member chose Sunni men and Shia members also did the same in choosing from their branch..
And the most important point:
4- Secularism, Liberalism and Women rights..

And the Christians love him so much for his ideas and demands in Secularism and Liberalism, and they have all the right to feel safe and secure in this society were Muslims want to make everything as they like...

So, Christians, Kurds and Turkmens have nothing to do with the conspiracy..
And some other Muslim members are also away from being accused..

I THINK ( according to the above 4 points) that those who voted for the cancelled resolution (137 ) are the responsible for that and they hate Mr.Pachachi for his opinions and demands, those members who are against Liberalism and Secularism and Women rights.. And they are well they spread the rumor: ‘ Americans prefer AlPachachi and they will work to make him win’..
These rumors made Mr.Pachachi so sad .. He was so upset because of what those members did, then he refused the position at all.
The good point is that he’ll stand as a candidate in the coming elections..

Regarding the new interim government, I think Ayad Allawi is in the right place, and by time we’ll notice the difference, I hope everything will be fine in the coming days...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hi friends,
*I'm in Basra now, I set out last Friday.
*I heard that the governor of Basra promised to arrest and punish anyone trying to breach the peace in the city (pointing to Muqtada's thugs).. Basra is now safe and secure . The ICDC and IP are everywhere.

*We had a party on Sunday. All the officials gathered in one room and cheered the wedding of a doctor in our center; she got married to a doctor in another center last month.
We prepared a simple party for them, they were very happy.
The husband said "I've graduated in 2001 and after 3 years I got marred, it's wonderful..How would I do that with 3000 id? Thank God, now we are relaxed, we can do everything with the salary.

*When Ayad Allawy has been elected by the GC members to be a prime minister, the assistant in our center told me his 'great' opinion regarding that, he said "I don't think he's a good man, I don't agree with that.."
I said why? What's wrong with him? He said "he doesn't wear a beard or a moustache"!!!!!!!1
He was speaking seriously, he looked like a kid! I didn't know what to say. I smiled at him and changed the subject.

By the way, congratulations to all Iraqis on the formation of the interim government. I hope the new guys will serve this country in the best way they can.

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