Saturday, July 31, 2004

Stop them.. 

Isn’t it the time to stop those channels from helping the terrorists in their plans? or even stop them working?
It’s so easy for those insurgents and terrorists to kidnap and show their victims on TV because they have many friends who welcome them to do and say whatever they want to be seen and heard.
Those terrorists have allies, those channels are helping’s clearly that they have the deal: “ all you have to do is to kidnap anyone you can and leave the rest on us”..there is a dangerous cooperation between the terrorists and those channels, if this relationship continues, I can say that Iraq will never be safe and secure…never..
Especially after the coward decisions of few countries, those who obeyed the terrorists and so gave them power..
Kidnapping will increase in the coming weeks, since the terrorists succeeded to frighten those countries, of course by the help of the channels.
How could the world know what those terrorists want when they kidnap someone if there is no single channel deals with them?
Internet? Radio?
Those things are not that effective way to be noticed and the people do not pay that attention as to the television, especially when there are ‘friendly’ channels who take on their responsibility the montage, direction, production and even they might have specialists to make the terrorists appear in ‘better’ poses to be scary and dangerous looking.
The kidnappers look so relaxed and self-confident that their ugly looking will be shown on every channel because they have many friends who feel more than happy to videotape them or take their tape to be shown as breaking news, and so achieve many goals: money, helping the terrorists, destroying Iraq and many others…
The terrorists will increase their demands in their coming bloody operations since they saw that some countries and companies obeyed everything they wanted.. While there are countries that bite the bullet and stand strong against those criminals because they know that terror will reach their people sooner or later.

I think we must:
Stop those channels and then fight the terrorists……..

It’s not enough to warn them, we did that previously, there must be a way to stop them.. I believe that without those channels the terrorists will be powerless and weak.

Omar and I were in Basra last week, on Sunday, we were watching TV when Omar suddenly shouted : ‘WHAT’S THAT?!!!!’…I looked at him immediately..his eyes nearly popped out gazing at certain point near my bedstead..
I cried ‘WHAT???? WHAT????’
He said again: ‘WHAT’S THAT????’……..
I rushed away from my bed and looked at that point and shouted .. ‘WHA……T????’
Omar saw this thing moving toward us… with his segmented tail pointing upward and forward… was a scorpion!
Immediately I crushed it with that heavy slipper…then sit in front of it looking and thinking that one of us might be killed by this mean thingy.
It was so yellow which might mean that he had enough poison to kill….yellow scorpions are the worst..
Needless to say how we could sleep that night!
I told Omar ‘when we found a scorpion then there might be another one..right?’
He replied ‘ No..No..a scorpion used to be alone.. It’s only one….’
I wanted to believe him but I couldn’t..!

Friday, July 23, 2004

-Hi friends,
I’ll set out to Basra within 6 hours..
I think I’ll melt before reaching there! So if I won’t post for more than 10 days..forget me!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

‘Love and War’ .. 

AlSharqiya channel showed an Iraqi serial called ‘Love and War’, this dramatic work supposed to show the everyday life of the Iraqis after the liberation since it’s the first dramatic work after the war, but I was shocked with the subjects and the way of dealing with such important change in Iraq, they concentrate on the bad events only and never mention anything related to many great changes in the life of Iraqis.
I don’t know why the exaggeration in the bad things, and ignoring everything good that took place in our country; liberation, freedom, democracy...and the economical changes like the big increase in the income of the officials, and many other important things..
Why they showed bad things only with deliberate and obvious exaggeration, they showed kidnaping, bombs, chaos, overemphasis on the power and water shortage, mocking democracy and liberation, and above all of that they were obviously longing for the ex-regime, I noticed that (and many friends also) from that clip when the actor and his fiancee stood in front of “Saddam’s tower” a building in AlYarmook neighborhood in Baghdad, with grieving musical background then the actress looked at the tower with sad facial expressions and finally cried!!
Our neighbors, friends and we were so astonished and bewildered from this act! Why they did that? Then my friend came to a conclusion of : they are Ba’athists !
The dramatic works in Iraq must be in a way to educate the people not mocking democracy and freedom, the people need many important programs on the TV to make them understand what’s going on in Iraq, what’s the meaning of democracy, elections, freedom.. What should they do..etc, but unfortunately, the TV staff itself does not understand such things, or they might do that intentionally..I don’t know.
Iraqis now pass through a sensitive situation and need everything to be clarified, wrong things to be corrected and rebuilt ..they don’t need someone tells them sad stories and cry in front of them..
It’s better to show optimistic viewpoints because the psychological state is very important now..

Monday, July 19, 2004

Mr.Tom Villars needs some help with developing posters... go read the post.

Check No Pain No Gain, an Iraqi blogger, she’s a student in New Zealand...

The scientists must review the information about the sun, our planet and it’s it oval or what?!
Because I did many researches in Astronomy and I think this is the right picture of the sun and the earth..!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Let’s work together.... 

‘If your car has been stolen you’ll find it in the north’..
‘Oh..God..your car’s been robbed!?..go ahead to the north and look for it there’..
Such ‘advices’ are popular in Iraq..many stolen cars were found in the north of Iraq, more precisely, in Kurdish governorates, of course after a long and exhausting investigations and follows up by the miserable owners of the cars..
I want to ask why all of that is permitted to happen in the Kurdish areas, why don’t AlTalabani and Barazani be tough in dealing with such cases?
The people now say that those Kurdish leaders are ‘racists’ and they are so permissive with those who steal cars from other governorates..
All of us know that there is a firm and well-trained security system in the Kurdish areas and that they have a tough and powerful police force, so why those thieves are so relaxed and relieved when they rob and buy in th north?
When we were under Saddam, there were hundreds of 4WD cars belong to the superiors in the government, the government gave the direct generals, managers and many other VIP’s those modern cars, so during the looting and robbery acts last year, many cars were stolen, others were sold with few dollars..all of them were smuggled and sold in the north..
The people went too far and said that the leaders of the Kurdish areas ordered their intelligence to rob and bring those cars to the north!

Isn’t it better to have a good coordination between the Minister of Interior and those leaders in the north to put an end to such ugly acts?
When there is a connection between us we can arrest those criminals and bring them to justice, we have to work hard to achieve this goal..

I feel so sad when I write that, I respect and love Kurdistan and the Kurds, I hate to hear any bad news about Kurdish areas.. This is the time to be as one nation, one country, this is the time to rebuild our Iraq, unify Iraq, we have to work together to bring peace and prosperity to this wounded country..

I want to hear what do our brothers in Kurdistan say about this subject, why all of those things happen there, what do the people in charge say?

It’s a serious problem, this is not the Arab or Kurd crisis, this is the safety of Iraq.
We can’t build Iraq alone, we have to cooperate..
We got rid of Saddam, that monster who had destroyed Kurds and Arabs, we suffered for years from that tyrant and no one helped us, until the hour came to be liberated and breathe deeply..
It’s a new and important era in the history of Iraq, let’s work together to succeed..

Thank God, everything went well, the surgical operation has been done and nothing to be afraid of now.
A big sigh......................
Many thanks to all the friends who showed their care, thank you very much..
Hamdellah Assalama... ( we say these words to someone who passed through a hard time, such as accident, operation ..etc... Hamdellah means: Praise be to God , and Assalama : the safety).

Thank you all...

Friday, July 16, 2004


Hi friends,
I’m sorry I can’t post these days, I’m so confused and worried, a very precious part of me is in the hospital now for a surgical operation..I wish that everything will be OK..
I hope that....

Monday, July 12, 2004

Democracy in Arab countries.. 

Which one of those Arabs know the meaning of Democracy, Elections, Human rights and other terms which considered as weird words when heard in the ‘Arab Nation’?
It’s funny to listen to those Arab ‘analysts’ when they talk against the new Iraqi Interim government and that’s not an elected government, and does not have the legal rights to act or legislate the rules and laws and apply them on the Iraqi people!
Isn’t it strange to hear them talking like that, most of those are Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians and many others from the rest of our ‘lovely’ Arab nation, in addition to those Islamists and clerics who have been occupying our channels recently, those who play the biggest rule in the ‘anti-everything’ opinions..

‘How could those Americans act as they like in Iraq?’
‘This Iraqi government is a group of CIA agents they are not elected by Iraqis’
‘Where are the human rights.. Look at abu-Ghraib’
Being a friend of USA means an ‘agent’ in Arabic dictionary?!
Talking about human rights and no one can see what’s going on in your prisons?
‘Americans act as they like’?... Handing over sovereignty and the step by step withdrawal of the forces, fighting the terrorists, future plans to help Iraqis build their call all of those things ‘Americans act as they like?’.. Why don’t you say : helping Iraq to develop and progress after the 35 year of destructions and massacres..?


Let’s stop by some facts regarding the meaning of Democracy and Elections in Arab countries:

Syria: Hafez AlAssad and then his son have been controlling the country since 1971 and no one dares to open his mouth and talk about the government..
Palestine: Yassir Arafat is the ‘leader of Palestinians’ since 1969..
Jordan: Hussein then his son since 1950s..
Saudi Arabia: A well known Monarchy
Yemen: Ali Abdullah Saleh became the president since 1978..
Sudan: AlBashir and AlTurabi fought on power and then AlBashir got it!
Egypt: Mubarak since 1981..
Libya: is under that maniac since the 70s..

And all Arab countries were under their presidents and kings since tens of years, and never learned what’s the meaning of Democracy, elections..etc..
All of those controlled the countries by coups and bloody fights, then using the dictatorship to stay in power leaving their brain-washed, frightened or paid political analysts to analyze, discuss and go through arguments without saying a word against their governments.
And the people are the victims..


I hope those countries will witness this great change in Iraq and walk on the way of real Democracy and elect their government without anymore oppressions and dictatorship..

We can add Iran to those countries..
by the way, it became so clear to everyone who was asking about the bombs and explosions in Iraq and who was the responsible, from the hundreds of Iranian and Syrian intelligence men and other Jihadis who’ve been caught by the IP and the border guards..


Sunday, July 11, 2004

The hero of the Arab nation 

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Arabs , why they don’t understand what was going on here in Iraq under Saddam? even when we found him in the hole they still call him a ‘hero’, and what about us? What about Iraqis? What about all those years of pain, sorrow, wars, mass graves, executions, persecution? What torments me is that the Arab ‘analysts’ say about all of those years: ‘lies’!.. how could they be sure of all of such acts when we were living in a big jail and no one had the right to say a word..?
But, wait.. One of the Iraqis told a Palestinian ‘analyst’ about all the mass graves, chemical weapons against Kurds, and other tragedies in Iraq.. The Pal. Replied : ‘the chemical weapons were used by the Iranians not by Saddam and the other things are not true , the history isn’t written by one person’..! I think many idiots say the same thing..
Arabs are talking about polls, the channels receiving faxes and e mails regarding Saddam and the trial and that he must not be prosecuted... and no one talks about what Iraqis want and what are their opinions in this subject..
I want to know what Arabs want? Do they want Saddam? If yes.. Then they hate Iraqis..right? Simply this is the result, cause they turn a blind eye to anything related to Iraqis’ rights and concentrate on Saddam and that they must help him to get out.

If G.W.Bush did not take the most important decision for Iraqis and topple Saddam, we would be under that tyrant till now..starving and dying and no one cares about us..

Instead of crying for Saddam, they have better help us in securing our borders and rebuilding our country.

However, let’s consider that there is a part of those Arab ‘analysts’ are paid for the few words they say on the TV, and the others are a bunch of mean, selfish and idiots... So.. just ignore all the Arab analysts who’re talking drivel and let’s listen to what the ordinary people in Arab countries say, where are they? What do they think?
If they have the same thoughts of their ‘analysts’ then they really deserve Saddam to be their great leader, for us we don’t want him..take him for free!

Friday, July 09, 2004


I don't know what's the problem in the internet access these days, I can't get online ..
.. some of the people say that it's maintenance works others say it'll be idle for a long time..while others say: 'It's a part of the emergency plan of the government, they'll cut all the communications in Iraq'!
Well.. I live the worst days I've ever seen! It's HOT HOT HOT.. We have no power for more than 16 hours a day..
Thank you the Minister of Electricity.. ( He said that there will be a comfortable Summer and the power will be 16 to 8… ) and nothing till now…
I bought a generator.. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS ? those who can't afford enough money to buy an Ampere.

I prepared a couple of posts but I forgot to fetch them !!
However, If I won't be able to post at home, I'll come back to this café and post..

Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Hospitals..Now.. 

During the ex-regime, the hospitals in Iraq, according to a decision from the ‘wise’ government were self-funded, i.e the poor Iraqi who’s downtrodden and plunged into poverty had to pay very high expenses to get the medicine or to be treated in the hospitals, thousands of families could not afford enough money even to buy a single item of their medicine, others could not get the necessary and important examinations to their sons and daughters cause it was so expensive, so they did not have anything but the patience and pray to God to help their parents or children..
While some hospitals like Ibn-AlBeetar Hospital in Baghdad were highly developed and equipped with many modern medical instruments and equipments, but such hospitals were *very* special for Saddam and his relatives and Ministers receiving the special care in them leaving the populace to endure the pains and diseases and die cause they did not have enough money, and how could they gain money if Saddam was giving them less than 2$ monthly? How could they reach to the hospitals with only few Dinars?
Then the ex-regime’s media and Arab channels show how the Iraqi children were suffering from the embargo and the lack of food and medicine and crying on the situation in Iraq while Saddam and his thugs were able to get enough money, food and medicine for all Iraqis but they kept them for themselves, it was clear that that blockade was mainly by the ex-regime, the regime who prohibited everything, the regime who intentionally impoverished and weakened the Iraqi people..
After the liberation, the new Ministry of Health decided to cancel the self-funded system in the hospitals making all the treatments and medicine for free, thousands of families are now being treated at no cost, they are so glad to get the free treatment..
Now Ibn-AlBeetar hospital is opened for all the Iraqi people to help them in getting the proper medical care and more oppression.. no more pain..
Saddam has gone forever, so Iraqis will live in peace..
The Ministry of Health are now making many contracts with the companies to get large amounts of medicines to cover the needs of the patients here in Iraq..
I feel so pleased when sometimes I sit in the pharmacy room there in Basra with my colleague when someone comes and gets his medicine then says ‘how much?’.. And we reply ‘Ibbalash’! ( free).. Just look at the patient when he happily replies: ‘Thank God... thank you.. We are so grateful’.... It’s so refreshing..
Step by step, Iraqis get their human rights.. Live in prosperous and peaceful country and feel safe to raise their children..

Saturday, July 03, 2004

.. Update on AlSabah: today AlSabah newspaper mentioned that 65 man of the 149 accused of criminal acts are now detained and the rest were set free cause there were no enough evidences..
A source in the I.Agency said that they underwent a thorough investigations to reach to this judgement regarding AlBattaween gangs.
And the newspaper wrote that the officer M.F said that he’s still working in the Ministry and he was shocked when he heard what’s told about him, also he said his father was imprisoned in 1992 by an edict from Sab’awi ( Saddam’s brother)...but he did not mention the causes..
However, I expect more news will be published about AlBattaween soon..

It’s something new to hear that someone is set free cause there were no enough evidences !! We used to forget the man who was being arrested !

.......Yesterday I received the money from Ali, thank you very much to all the friends who help me..
And many thanks to Mr.Tom Villars who's helping us in collecting the money and wire transfers and other works regarding the Iraqi bloggers' sites...

Some of the donors asked me to buy some food and other NFIs (non-food items) to be given to poor families here in Baghdad.. I will be more than happy to do this job..

Thank you all.

Friday, July 02, 2004


In a previous post I said that there’s some confusing news and that I’m translating it.. The news was published in AlSabah newspaper on Wed.30 June.. And here it is:
AlSabah Newspaper on Wed.30 June

On the first day after the handover a big force broke into an Iraqi jail.
An American attempt to free the gangs of AlBattaween has failed.

An American force in AlResafah belongs to the multinational force in Iraq besieged the place specialized to the Intelligence agency of the IP who has arrested the gangs in AlBattaween and been investigating them three days ago, this step considered dangerous and not understood especially it comes after a day of turning over sovereignty to Iraqis.
The American force of 20 armed vehicle and more than 100 American soldier arrested a colonel and other six officers and the members of IP who guard and investigate the detainees under the pretense that they were breaking human rights in addition to that the soldiers assaulted AlJazeera channel staff: Tha’er AlYaseri, A’amer AlKubaisi and Habib AlBaz and arresting the last, those reporters were doing a particular job.
A source in the intelligence agency mentioned that this operation is incompatible with the MNF authorities and considered a violation to the Ministry of Interior’s rights, the source added that the American forces based on a report of a major who’s been fired from the Ministry of Interior’s headquarters and called M.F, his father was a director of Baghdad’s security department during the ex-regime, this major mentioned in his report the names of the officers who have been arrested by the American soldiers.
The source confirmed that the I.Agency has a black page for that fired major, contains bribes and suspicious relations with gangs in AlBattaween neighborhood.
The I.Agency have arrested 149 one accused of murders, looting, robberies, drugs and prostitution, in a large and unique operation has not been witnessed in Iraq since a long time, in order to secure and protect the community from those criminals and their poisons, those who terrorize and frighten the citizens.
A big officer in the I.Agency expressed his sorrow because of the American forces’ advent depending on weak and false reports and never cared for three months of efforts of specialized and professional team from the Ministry of Interior to make this operation succeed and arrest the gangs to spread the security in Iraq.
Many officers expressed their resentment because of this obtrusion and promised to resign unless the American forces apologize to the Ministry of Interior and the officers in the I.Agency.
The Ministry of Interior refused to set the accused free no matter what happens, because they are so dangerous and they have to be brought to justice.
A source from the Ministry of Interior said that the American forces pulled out in the afternoon after a firm attitude of the Ministry and the insistence that those criminals and thieves must be arrested.

AlSabah is one of the good newspapers in Iraq, it was also related to the CPA, it’s news was very precise and clear, and has a big readers.. It was as a shock to me when I read the above on their first page and the way of writing it.. The same time I imagined what would those readers say when they read such uncompleted and unexplained news, I bet the opinions will range from: ‘ impossible, there must be something wrong..’ to ‘ those Americans do not want our country to be stable to justify the occupation’!

It’s told that the Deputy of the Minister of Interior showed on the TV talking the same story..

I’m sure that there’s something wrong with this story, there’s something missing, what happened there and why they did that? I wonder if you know American soldiers here in Iraq who might help us, hopefully one of them knows what happened.. If you do, send them the above story and tell them to e mail me in order to carry their explanation and the misunderstanding that happened on that day, if I’ll get it. I’ll send it immediately to AlSabah newspaper..
I don't know why this respectable newspaper published such unexplained news..
Thank you..

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Just finish the trial, just finish it.. I don’t want to listen to what Saddam says, execute him and that’s it.., he’s talking as an innocent! I hit the ceiling when I heard his excuses regarding the invasion of Kuwait.. The same arrogance again.. The same evil look.. UNFORTUNATELY they broadcasted the sound too.. ‘ Kuwaitis promised to let the Iraqi women tramp in the streets and buy them with 10 Dinars.. Do you accept that? Ha? And you are an Iraqi..’ Saddam angrily said !! And never mentioned how he and his thugs insulted them..
Mass graves, suppression of Kurds and Shia uprisings, chemical weapons attacks, persecution, executions.. And many many other crimes he committed, he must die thousands times...
Execution.. He deserves the execution.... that’s it.

However, a person with antisocial personality.. Never cares for whatever he committed, blames others for his crimes, a strong criminal tendency, hates all the human-beings, hates everything good in this world.. Wants to get everything and steal everything.. What could we expect from such a criminal?

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