Sunday, November 30, 2003

Hi friends
*Today we went to our center, we were surprised, the center is clean, cute and will be ready to treat the patients. The center was neglected before, now it's better ...and better!

* Many comments were about the six hours daily work, I want you to know that we work from 8:00 AM until 2:00PM for 6 days, because we have only ' Friday ' as a holiday.
other officials stay working until 4:00PM, all of that depends on the kind of work.

* Concerning the public holidays in a year, they are changed now, because we had many holidays related to Ba'ath and Saddam with his 'victorious days' !!, I can mention the following days:
April 7 : The Arab Baa'th foundation
Oct 15 : The Great crawling day!
April 28 : Saddam's f***ing birthday.
and others..

thank you very much Mr.Jeff Javris ""The Iraqis I know today are intelligent, insightful, freedom-loving, reasonable, grateful to be rid of their opressor, and grateful for whatever will help them get their lives and their nation on the right track. The Iraqis I know are webloggers with names: Zeyad, Omar, Ays, Alaa, and Nabil."

You and your people are very kind, we appreciate that and we will continue blogging and our voice will be heard and reach to everyone telling him that we are liberated now..we are not afraid from anything... we will rebuild our country...Iraq will arise.
Thank you again.

* The electric power went off at 2:40 PM in our sector and many others in Baghdad and was restored at 11:00 PM,
I do not know the reason, it seems that there is a defect in the station.
Some news :
 A delegation from the governing counsel will be sent to Paris in order to study the plans about participating in rebuilding Iraq, that was at Al-Iraqia news bulletin.
 Al-Iraqia channel = Iraqi media network ( previously).
 I heard also from the news that Al-Ka’im city, at the border between Iraq and Seria is extremely inspected by the American forces looking for members from the ex-regime supposed to be hiding there.
 Al-Iraqia sounded out the Iraqi people about the President Bush’s visit to Iraq, most of them said ( Ahlan wa Sahlan ) which means: Welcome.
Others said that the GC should know about the visit previously.
One of the common said “ yes, welcome.. I love Bush , he is better than Saddam”!
An educated man said “ Unfortunately, we have no president to meet such an important personality… Welcome Mr.Bush”
As a result, we say ( Ahlan wa Sahlan).

Our news:
* We will be back to our ordinary employment in the dental center tomorrow, the center was under maintenance, now it is better, cleaner and it is improved and supplied with modern equipments, I will write about it later.
Zeyad and Omar told me that we shall go to work at 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM, it is OK, now our salary is much better than before, Saddam was donating with 1.5$ monthly as our salaries (3000D) …huh… we were giving our salaries immediately to the poor flunkey in our center!
Zeyad, Omar and I were always be punished by the center’s manager , because we were working hard for nothing, so we decided to work for one hour or two then getting out from the center back to our homes!
But now we decided to work hard for the six hours as we will be rewarded by a good salary and new polite staff.

Friday, November 28, 2003

A problem with some soldiers.. 

Hi everybody,
Something happened in Baghdad, which bothered me, I don’t know why they behaved like that but I will write the story, and you judge,
On Friday Nov. /14, my friend Khaldon ( a student in the college of Dentistry) was standing infront of his house in Al-Ghazalia sector, south of Baghdad, when a couple of hummers ran on across the street, Khaldon shouted on them with the words( F*** you)! ( Khaldon do not like the Americans, he says that they don’t like us and they came here in order to settle in our country and think in future plans to control the area). This is his opinion and no one can change it because he is bull-headed and self-willed.
Anyhow, when khaldon did that, the two hummers stopped suddenly and retreated back into his house, all the soldiers got down the hammers and drew near him, one of the soldiers said “why you said that? Huh?” with a push on khaldon’s chest, khaldon (as I described him as bull-headed) pushed the soldier too, and the trouble began! Other soldiers came and hit Khaldon on the face! Khaldon replied with a kick to one of them! After that Khaldon said “ I didn’t see anything when they hit me again!!”( because all the soldiers shared in the fight and you get the picture! 10 soldiers fought one man ) besides that one of the soldiers was a boxer!!
They took Khaldon to their residency( near Um Alma’arik Mosque) that was at 10:30 AM.
They investigated with him the reasons about why he did that?
Why you hate the Americans? Why you got a beard?!!! Do you have any relation with the terrorists?
All of that lasted to 5:00 o’clock PM, when Khaldon’s father reached there and explained the event, then he took his son directly to the hospital.
Khaldon got a dislocation in his mandibular jaw with a swelling around his eye and many scratches in his body!!
When my friend saw him he thought that Khaldon would die, his face was badly harmed and the swelling was gruesome!!
I heard the news today from Hassan, my friend.
Khaldon now is better.
BUT, off course his hatred is increased.
Khaldon said that some soldiers were Mexicans
I see that the soldiers should not behave like that and should compromise with him, they don’t have to use the force.
Iraqi people need to see and hear good news and behavior from the coalition forces, I know that not all of the soldiers would behave the same.
What are your viewpoints?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

SHE is different now 

Today I will write about the feelings for most of Iraqi women after we got rid of Saddam… after the sunrise… after the Liberation.
The Iraqi women constitute over 60% from the population in Iraq, most of them are educated or HIGHLY educated, there are doctors, dentists, lawyers, officials with a large number in the Iraqi institutes and teachers which constitute a high percentage in the Ministry of Education.
A vast majority of Iraqi women were complaining from the oppressive behavior of the ex-regime, for example: The salaries, the teachers were receiving three thousands of Iraqi Dinars + Hawafiz( which means an extra money given to them to urge them for continuing the good work!! Do you know the main salary with the derisory Hawafiz was 5000 to 15000 D only !!!
Which means 2.5$ to 7.5$ MONTHLY !!!
All the salary was spent in one day for a simple meal!!
All the educated people were complaining from the despicable monster who was the responsible for all Iraqi problems.
You know, hundreds of thousands of women were widowed because of Saddam, most of them had children, so how could they feed all their children with 2.5$ for 30 days?
I will tell you a story of a respectable teacher in our neighborhood, her husband was executed in 1993 as he had insulted one of the Ba’thists publicly for his bad and arrogant behavior with him!
She had 4 children the older one was 12 years old, the only income for the family was from her husband as he was a worker in a bakery.
As a result of losing her husband, she was forced to work as a servant in one of a rich family’s house to keep her children alive.
From completing the college to being a teacher to a servant! How iniquity?
Just imagine what would that honest woman do if she found Saddam infront of her now !?
After the liberation, the poor woman demanded to get her back to her job.
She is now a teacher in a secondary school in Baghdad receiving a salary of 120$ = 240000D monthly and she is very very happy with her new life, and her son is a worker in a company receiving 60000D monthly.
I saw her when she bought a TV in one of the markets in Alahdamia sector, when I saw her smile, I was very joyous, because I did not see her smile absolutely.

Another important thing after the liberation is:
All Iraqi women now are reassured on their sons and husbands as there are no wars, no executions, no conscription …etc.
Women were depressed day and night, they got ill.
Many of the cancers here in Iraq were due to the depression and the continuous anxiety and fear.
Iraqi woman now can sleep with relax and her son is at home neither with the army nor in a prison!
Actually, if we follow up the opinions of Iraqi women from April till now we can divide them into 3 stages:
First stage: they were very happy as they got rid from Saddam
Second stage: they were happy with the improvement for their economic status, but worried, as there were many robberies and hearing bad news about the crimes daily.
And that made to compare between the current life and the ex-regime, here there was a doubt about the future.
NOW: about all of them emphasize on the prosperous life waiting for them as the crimes decreased obviously and people can stay for late hours at night.
So, there isn’t even one point to be compared with life under Saddam.
We are very thankful to the countries who have liberated us BY THE WILL OF USA.
I can assert that Iraq will be a great exemplar in the area.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Watch out ! 

“ I saw him in our neighborhood ,but…”
“ Oh, God.. if there is somebody near, I will tell him at once”
“ We suspect that that house has something strange and uncommon”
All of the above statements are heard daily here in Baghdad.
I am talking about the terrorists that are causing a continuous anxiety to the liberation forces and the Iraqi people.
Several people swear that they have seen one or more of them were carrying mortars and running across the farms between the trees, others assert that they saw a man has thrown a box in the street and ran away.
All these people are complaining from the following points:
1- They can not go to the American soldiers and inform about those vandals either because they fear from getting close to the US army ( I mean the fear from being targeted by the vandals when they are seen near the American soldiers)
OR they can not communicate with them because of the language.
2- People can’t go to the police stations, as the IP are working day and night in controlling the crimes (which are decreased obviously in the last two months), In addition to that there is no special group which is responsible for taking the informations from the people.
Actually, Iraqi people can participate with a great role in preventing the common and the US-army from the coward attacks.
So, I suggest establishing specialized offices in every neighborhood, these offices should be in coordination with the coalition forces to inform about many dangerous attempts or houses that are suspected in having uncommon behaviour and unordinary meetings..
In addition to that, these offices should be announced daily in the Iraqi media network, with their locations in every city to inform the people where to go if they notice anything suspicious.
There is another suggestion:
I propose an increase in the checkpoints inside and between the cities, the vandals can not continue their attacks unless they are supplied with the arms from another places, so if the Iraqi police increase and confirm the inspections and investigations through these checkpoints, the attacks will be decreased within weeks.
Last week I went to Ba’quba the center of Diaala governerate to the north of Baghdad, when I just reached the borders of Baghdad-Diaala I’ve seen large numbers of cars moving very slowly because there was a checkpoint there, I was very happy, and ready to wait for days inside the car to be scrutinized.
Anyhow, the inspection lasted for one hour.
In the evening, when I came back to Baghdad, there was the same thing ..BUT.. I was astonished by the driver , the driver said “ Wow…… there is a traffic jam over there because of the checkpoint, so I will take the right, it is a long road; but there are no cars nor a checkpoint” !!!
And actually , there were no cars at all nor a checkpoint! The road lasted for 20 minutes then we entered Baghdad without any inspection !
So, please ..CPA an GC ..just study the map carefully and set up more checkpoints to prevent the Iraqi people and their Friends from being attacked by the vandals and terrorists.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Victims of Saddam's Regime 

Oh, God
I am distressed, I found hundreds of photos about the mass graves in one of an Iraqi sites
I will post one of them here.

But if you want to see all the pictures;
I am so sorry when I publish such sad and grisly things, but the world should see what was the type of Iraqi people life, and how monstrous Saddam was.

The cause was a joke 

In Islamic traditions, when a person die, his parents should write an obituary on a piece of a black cloth so as to inform the people about his death, so every Muslim would read it and pray upon his soul, in addition to the 3 to 7 days of consolation in a Mosque or at his house.
Under Saddam, when someone was executed it was forbidden to make all that.
Below is a consolation done a few months ago, I’ve translated the Arabic language, I hope it will be understandable in English.

Alfatiha/The remembrance to the death of the deceased, the Pediatrician
Dr.Hisham Mahir Al-Salman
Was executed in Nov -21- 1988 in an accusation of laughing at a joke about Saddam Hussien.
He is a father of Dr.Mahir and the father of Dr.Zaed Tariq’s and the engineer Ammar Al-Dujaily’s wives.
We are to Allah and to him we belong

That was one of millions of Iraqis who were the victims of the beast.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

HERE I will answer the questions
#"I didn't see much Arabic on this ID paper... is it written in Arabic on the back? The border guards haven't heard of this document before?" Wes
- No, it is not written in Arabic on the back.

#"It is actually rather surprising that in more than 6 months, iraqis are unable to obtain passports from their interim governing council. Perhaps they don't want iraqis to leave their country?" Oldie
- Yes, it is not possible to obtain a passport within 6 months, because the whole government was changed, and it is not easy to issue the passports, so the interim travel document was a good substitution, BUT....
And sorry, you are wrong about ' they do not want Iraqis....', because many many families CAME back to Iraq, bought houses, and they are very happy here, so there is a balance between the travellers and the returnee.

#"I wonder who would want to leave Iraq for Yemen?" Christina, Montana, USA
- Dear friend, Many Iraqi doctors want to leave Iraq, because they are:
1. hasty, and can not wait anymore (we were suffering under Saddam, our salaries were 1.5 dollar monthly!!!).
2. They feel that they deserve more than 120$, because:
The minimum salary for a doctor in Iraq is 120$ monthly, while in Yemen it's 300$.

# "What if you have family in a neighboring country and want to visit every month? Passports have many blank pages. This document seems to be a single piece of paper." b
- The interim travel document will be updated every month.

Friday, November 21, 2003


A couple of months ago, the coalition provisional authority (CPA) solved the problem of the passports in Iraq by giving the citizens who don’t have passports, an interim travel document, because Iraq does not have the capacity to issue traditional passport.
Below is a picture of the interim travel document:

Click here to see it

When you read the document, you can conclude easily that all the countries should accept it as a lawful document.
BUT when Iraqis have started to travel with that document, they were shocked by the border control officials telling them that they can not enter because the document is unacceptable by their government!
The miserable Iraqis returned to Iraq after the long exhausting trip from Baghdad to Amman (Jordan) by the car, then from there to other countries by the airplane.
They lost their money in a useless trip and came back with the depression that will kill them, because all Iraqis were dreaming in travelling freely, but many countries do not want them to enjoy the freedom.
It is told that the countries that accept the document are Jordan, Syria and Iran only!!
Many Iraqis traveled to Yemen, but they returned to Iraq, others want to travel to another countries, but they are afraid and hesitated.
A doctor in our neighborhood traveled to Yemen bearing his travel document, when he has reached there, they told him “ go back, you are not allowed to enter by this paper”!
Imagine that, AN IRAQI DOCTOR with his genius brain that is equivalent to tons of gold is not allowed to enter a simple f***ing country like Yemen…. Huh… Is that possible?
So, a coalition provisional authority deputy must be sent to all the embassies and order them to accept the travel document to let the bearer enter their countries.
Come on, CPA, just tell them “ ACCEPT IT” .. and you will see how they will obey like a child.
Now, we are in Iraq, a friend of USA, and when USA say to something “BE” …it WILL be.
After the liberation, Iraqis need facilities and a cooperation from other countries to appease their 30 years of pain and make them forget their sufferance, in order to regain the self-confidence and begin a new prosperous life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Saving Grace 

I read this article in one of the newspapers published in Baghdad named (Baghdad Now), and I found it worthy to be republished in the blog.
Here it goes:
“The st. Catherine de Siena orphanage is a Catholic orphanage in eastern part of Baghdad, the orphanage is home to 30 children ranging in age from 7 to 17, the children were homeless, and taken in by the sisters of The st.Catherine de Siena orphanage.
The children rescued by the sisters of The st.Catherine de Siena were saved from a life of abject poverty and pain, the children are well cared for an educated under the watchful eyes of the Catholic nuns.
When the soldiers of the second battalion, 6th infantry regiment first discovered the orphanage, it was in a desperate of repairs.
The classrooms were in poor condition and the water delivery system was exposed to the elements creating a deadly health hazard.
The inhabitants of The st.Catherine also did not have consistent power due to faulty wiring and lacked fuel for their back up generator.
Together working with the staff at the orphanage, CPT Redmond, commander of headquarters and headquarters company 2-6 infantry quickly established a plan to improve living conditions.
The first priority was to get a power supply up and running several hundred gallons of diesel fuel were supplied to the orphanage for the generator, which put the orphanage on the path to refurbishment.
With power established repairs to the orphanage could begin their much-needed repairs.
Iraqi contractors were hired to assess the damage and the required repairs.

Armed with the contractor’s estimates, CPT Redmond, submitted a request to the US army and was granted
50 000 $. These funds would be used to replace broken windows, repair electrical wiring, replace doors, provide 10 much needed air-conditioning units and build an enclosure for the water delivery system in order to prevent disease.
With repairs to the orphanage ongoing the soldiers implemented a security plan. A facilities protection service (FPS) guard was permanently posted at the gate and an observation post established by the soldiers from the Gator Battalion, so the children would be able to go to sleep under the watchful eyes of law-abiding citizens.
After almost 2 months of hard work the repairs to The st.Catherine de Siena orphanage were completed on October 2nd 2003 .
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the orphanage staff and the soldiers from 2-6 infantry, the future leaders of Iraq are on a path to prosperity.”
Great work,
what do you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Wait for me 

Hello friends, I am very sorry, the electric power went off 2 days ago, so just wait for me. O.K ?

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hi Friends, Check this: 

Omar, my friend, has started a new blog, he's fond of reading and very interested in political and military fields, click the link below, read his first article then leave him an encuoraging comment.
Iraq the model

Friday, November 14, 2003

Without Mercy.... 

Today, when I was going to the clinic, I’ve seen a guy, he is tall, with a black hair, cute face, but he has sad facial expressions. There was something that has attracted me……,
It was his ear, his ear was cut from the upper portion.
At once I remembered Ali the man who was in our neighborhood, Ali had the same ear cut.
Also I remembered a mentally deranged man, he was hiking in Baghdad streets, he had the two ears cut and a burned forehead.
There are many others with those defects.
So, I’ve decided to write one of the heartrending stories in Iraq:
If my memory serves me right, that was in 1994, Saddam Hussien had given a command that said (( Any soldier who escapes from the conscription must be caught and his ear must be cut ))!!!
Then he had changed the command to be ((Any soldier who escapes from the conscription must be caught and his ear must be cut, and if he has escaped for the second time; the other ear must be cut. For the third time burn his forehead.))
The burn should be a straight horizontal line in the middle of the forehead!!
I want to know if there is another monster in the world like the one that we had before 8 months !
Is there anyone who can give such an order? How can a man be punished by cutting parts from his body? Even if he was a murder, there is a jail.
What was the crime if they did not accept to serve Saddam Hussien?
Where are the human rights?
There are hundreds victims of that bestial command, some of them got insane, others died.
Do you know that there was another order said that anyone who would be heard says anything about Saddam or laugh on a joke about him or the government or complaining from anything related to Saddam , they would cut his tongue !!!
That order is applied to many people, some of them had died due to the brutish amputation WITHOUT anesthesia !Imagine the pain !
Many groups had their tongues cut because they laughed on a joke about Saddam when someone from his agents or Ba’athists had heard them and written a report that was reaching to the ministry of interior with a light speed !
Also any doctor who refused to apply the instruction would be imprisoned and banished from his job.
What was that bestiality? What was that tyranny?
How can we recompense those poor men ?
How can we make them forget those years?
If the medicine and surgery have succeeded to replace their lost parts , and treated them psychologically (for years), then how can we get them back their dignity and respect ??
Answer me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

That’s Great! 

Well, what can I say? I am overwhelmed by all the help and cooperation you’ve shown me.
However, can I say thank you very very much to Mr. Tom Villars who has generously upgraded my weblog, so I can post images now, and I got rid of the ad.
And many thanks for the wonderful man Mr. Jeff Reed as he has registered my blog to

  • Thank you very much.
    Also I am thankful for all the people who e-mailed me or wrote comments, and I am very interested in reading them all.
    On my honour, I will do all I can to improve this blog and write what was happening and what’s happening in Iraq.
    In fact, the world is rich in kind people like you.
    So, all hands on deck! Iraq needs everyone help to be rebuilt and to reach the goals of peace and prosperity.

    Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    A BOMB 

    I’ve been in Al-Ahdamia sector to the north of Baghdad's center, there was a tremendous traffic jam there, Iraqi police and US army blocked the main street, I did not know the reason until I’ve reached the home.
    My sister told me that there was a huge explosion there near her college (she is a student there in the college of Ibn-Alhaitham), she said that they were crying and very terrified; because the blow was very strong and scary.
    I do not know yet if there are harmed people or not.
    There was many ambulances in the area.
    When will we get rid of fear and terror?

    Monday, November 10, 2003

    Your rights are kept 

    I wrote this article about the rights of Jewish people here in Iraq , Jews who suffered from persecution in 1950s , before I begin my comment here is a simple historical view about what happened to them :
    In 1941 there was a riot against them in Baghdad,300 were killed and 6500 homes were damaged,some of them fled to Iran, others to India,then following the declaration of the Israeli statehood ,headlines in Iraqi newspapers read “The fate of all Jews will either be the Grave or the Sea”.
    Jews were falsely arrested ,imprisoned ,and many tortured and killed. Their homes were confiscated,and Jewish owned businesses were boycotted. The Jews suffered from the mass exodus in 1950-51 .

    I wrote that because I heard many Muslims got crazy when they heard that Jews are coming to get back their rights ,houses and possessions .
    I’ve been in multiple arguments with many people and I told them :” consider that you were in a Jewish country and they drove you out of your estates and homes and out of the whole country ..then you got the opportunity to get back whatever was robbed from you , then what would you do? Wouldn’t you run and take your properties ? Why don’t you think in others ? What is this selfishness ?”
    Another group said that we shall fight them !! I said “why?”
    They told me that we are Muslims and they are Jewish and we must forbid them from entering our country !!
    I said “ because of such poisonous and destructive thoughts that you believe in ; they are describing Muslims as terrorists,and they are correct ;because there is no religion in the world that encourage fighting and killing !!
    You and many narrow-minded people are brains washed with such anti-social activities”.
    There was another man who was a taxi driver ..said “How can we let Jewish and Christian people enter our mosques and holy places ?they are not clean ,not pure.”!!!, at once I stopped from talking to him because his face ,hair and clothes said that he did not see the bathroom 4 months ago !!!
    So , as a result of these silly principles , the Muslims became faraway from the world and have a worrying delay in the development and the progress.
    I am tired from the repetition of those debates with those people , and I lost a friend in a dispute regarding this subject.
    On the other hand, there are many respectable and educated Muslims who are convinced by my ideas and thoughts.
    So I will continue in the persuasion ,trying to explain the meaning of the peace and the cooperation with the other religions .
    What are your opinions? Am I right ?

    Sunday, November 09, 2003

    Wow ..Iraqi Police ..go on 

    Today I heard that there are hundreds of the brave Iraqis joined the IP to protect us .. and the Ministry of Interior gave them 400 cars (Maxima) to enforce the police and control the crimes.
    And many dangerous thieves were caught and imprisoned .
    Yes ..go on courageous men.

    A Disaster in Aa’nah  

    Aa’nah is a city located 450 km to the west of Baghdad in Al-Anbar governorate .. it is a quiet city, characterized by its rugged nature with large empty areas .
    My brother’s friend is one of the city’s citizens ,he was in our house yesterday , he told us that 5 days ago there was a burglary on a bank and the governmental institutes ,they robbed the money and the cars, they were approximately 80 to 90 armed monsters with RPGs and AK47 .. their raid lasted for minutes ! then they fled like ghosts !!
    Many people identified two of the thieves ,they said that they were working in the city as taxi drivers ! and they were not Iraqis ;they were from Afghanistan living in Iraq!
    Others said that all of them were from Afghanistan ,it was obvious from their clothes and faces !
    I think that this type of robbery would be repeated in such cities unless there is a strong force that protect Iraq borders and preventing the crimes .
    Many neighboring countries do not want Iraq to live in a peace .. and there are other Arab countries looking at Iraq unwillingly ,because they are afraid that their people would be liberated TOO (Losing their chairs!! ).
    Anyhow , the CPA and the governing council must pay attention to this sad and dangerous story and work hard to solve the problem of the borders to prevent any other attacks. I wish that someone will hear me .

    Saturday, November 08, 2003

    The certificates 

    On September 2, both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started giving their endorsed certifications and documents to the students who have graduated.
    During ex-regime , the process was impossible!! We should pay millions of Dinars to get it !!especially doctors,dentists,engineers and others ,Saddam was keeping them (imprisoned them )inside the country ,of course if Saddam gave them their certificates; all Iraqis would go abroad leaving him alone in Iraq.
    So that was a good proof for the situation of the victims of injustice during the ex-regime.
    I know a friend who was trying to FLEE from Iraq, he was a doctor ,from a poor family (four brothers and a mother),his father died in Iraq-Iran war “martyr”, so he decided to travel to find a job in order to help his family to stay alive! Because our salaries were 1.5 dollar monthly !!
    When he finished his passport (of course a faked one ,because doctors were forbidden from going even one meter outside Iraq !).
    At the borders the Iraqi security forces discovered the matter and caught him , he tried to explain his problem to them BUT certainly he’s been taken as booty ! because they would be rewarded if they catch educated people trying to get rid of Saddam and his arrogance .
    The miserable doctor has been imprisoned in “AlRadwanya jail” which was an infamous place ,everyone who was taken there would never come back to his family or come with a physiological or psychological defect !
    The poor doctor was supposed to be imprisoned for SIX years ! yes six years … or paying nine million Iraqi Dinars as a bail !! Imagine that.
    Anyhow, he spent 8 months in the prison with a continuos torture! Then he was released when his family collected enough money (( they sold their small house ))to let him out .
    After 4 months the doctor repeated his trial ! What a bravery !
    Yeah.. he was thinking that he has nothing to lose ..
    He prepared his passport and he ran away from Iraq .
    I wish I could here good news about him .
    All that happened because the ex-regime (( all of them )) graduated from the bullshit !! yeah.. they were complaining of ignorance and feeling that they were sub-humans and that is right .
    Now after the liberation we can receive our certificates paying 10 thousands Iraqi Dinars only ! it is wonderful.


    My name is A.Y.S , male. I live in Baghdad ,iraq . I work as a dentist .
    Frequently , I was dreaming of having a simple page to post my own ideas , thoughts and opinions , but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for .
    But now , I am so exited to find this great site ( which will guide and help hundreds of thousands of people to blog and say whatever they see and debate with others ,( ESPECIALLY the Iraqis , we were living in the dark ages , you know ) .
    So we are very very thankful to the staff .
    Finally , I want to say that I will be posting everyday or every two days depending on the available time ,and please be accustomed to the manner of my texts as I am not a native speaker.

    Obviously it has not been possible to find such a site without a help , so I gratefully acknowledge my debt to Dr.Zeyad as he provided a useful starting-point for my first blog ,and again I want to record my thanks to him for his help.

    Freedom is a Responsibility  

    Unfortunately, many people explain the freedom that has been given to us as they like, some of them are looting from the governmental buildings..Stealing whatever they want and saying” this is a freedom “,”these are our rights from the government “, others are building new houses wherever they want to build without licenses and they are saying ” this is a freedom “, others are not obeying policemen and drive however they want, some people are not organizing themselves in queues and preferring the mess and fuss wherever they go saying that ” this is a freedom “ , driving in wrong directions in order to save time ! ” this is a freedom “.
    I want to tell those idiots that this is not a freedom this is an anarchy and chaos .
    The freedom is given to people who do not know what is the meaning of it .
    Two days ago, a patient came to my dental clinic , he was dirty with offensive odour , looked like a beggar .. after he’s sat down on the dental chair he’s started talking about an accident he had with his CAR !! I said “ do you have a car?!” he said “yes, doctor”, at once I concluded that he was a thief (( in slang known as Hawasim , a name derived from Saddam’s description to the coming war at that time as Al-hawasim which means The Decisive War , after the end of the war ,everyone whom seen in the loot and robbery is called ‘Hawasim’ !!
    Back to the patient .. I told him “ what accident” he said “ yesterday I was driving in ‘alkasra’ ‘ a neighborhood in the north-east of Baghdad’ with my PATROL and there was a traffic jam , so I went up the sidewalk and I drove along it passing all the cars then suddenly ANOTHER car went up the sidewalk when I couldn’t keep away from it then I hit that car so that the two cars were badly damaged” “I blame the policeman for that accident” he said.
    I said “ the policemen are doing their best to control such cases, it was your fault” .
    He said “no.. this is a freedom .. I do whatever I want to do”!!
    I was so angry that I wished to plant the probe in his eyes.
    Then I referred him to another dental clinic , because he did not deserve any type of help .
    That was one of thousands of stories which make me feel that those people will never learn to behave like human beings .
    I look forward to letting the FREE people to think even for a minute daily about freedom and use it correctly and wisely.

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