Sunday, February 29, 2004

More than a week... 

Yesterday I went to the College of Dentistry to get my graduation certificate, I came across H. my friend .. we talked about common things.. then he said : “ Have you heard what the Americans did?” !
I said “ NO! what happened?”
H.: “ Last week the American and Iraqi soldiers came here to search the area, we couldn’t know why they were searching our college cause we were shocked by the arrest of those students for a silly reason…”.
“ wait a minute” I said. I asked him to have a seat, drink a cup of tea and talk leisurely..
After that he continued : “ As I said, last week they came here and searched the area, nobody was allowed to get out the campus, but a student tried to go out for a while to get some lectures or something like that, the Iraqi soldier got very angry and yelled at her ‘ go away’ preventing her from coming close and getting out the campus, then a couple of students came across them and when they saw her they head enthusiastically toward the Iraqi soldier and shouted at him to behave politely when he talks to a girl. American soldiers noticed those guys, they ran hysterically toward them, tied and arrested them, after they’ve finished their task; all the vehicles went away with the two students and till now we don’t know where they are.”.
After that I knew that those students are from another governorate, they are living in Baghdad away from their families to study Dentistry, I think they are from Karbalaa or Ramadi, frankly I don’t remember the exact name of the city, however, the news shocked their parents, they came to Baghdad at once, they were very frightened, they were about to go mad, weeping and crying ‘ our sons.. our sons’.
They asked the students, but nobody knew more than the above story.. the parents were confused and bewildered, they didn’t know what to do, whom to ask, they entered the dean’s room to give a hope to them.
Their friends and the students there said they are very nice guys and very kind, they didn’t deserve all that…
The problem is they don’t know where they should go ! I hope someone from the CPA is reading this post, I want to say : OK, they are wrong, but it didn’t worth to arrest them, they are merely students and they got upset when they saw their colleague in such stand.
Please if any soldier knows anything about them or heard something just send an e mail to me in order to help them and their miserable families…
I am waiting….

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Resolution no.137 ........ at last !! 

Yes.. this resolution has been repealed, read about this subject at Omar's blog..

I hope they'll give up.... 

I got those couple of links via an email :

I think those Islamic extremists will continue their sadistic acts unless a powerful government is formed. The only deterrent way is the LAW, if there isn’t a law in such Islamic country, the merciless Islamic law will prevail, and it’s getting dangerous day by day, the Ministry of Interior is still weak and disrespected by some people, the IP have to be harder and must be equipped better.
It’s incorrect to say that Saddam had one good thing : controlling those Islamic extremists, Saddam had many flare up periods during his era when he was behaving like an Islamic religious leader ! one day he dictated to cut the heads of prostitutes everywhere !! many were slaughtered in front of their houses and their corpses MUST be left till the next day to let everyone watch at them….. wow.. what a penalty !
I have a solution for the troubles of such Islamic thoughts, it might be difficult to be applied but it’s not impossible and it only takes time:
First, The government must be strong enough to make the extremists afraid of the law that protects the freedom of people.
Second, which is important, continuous meetings by the government with the religious leaders trying to explain the meaning of liberal thoughts, teaching them how to respect the law and respect human rights, these methods will make them without a leg to stand on.
So those leaders will give up such thoughts and be preoccupied in teaching their followers how to leave the ‘disobedient’ and concentrate on Islamic lectures, Husseiniah, Hajj, the importance of prayers and many hundreds of things that have nothing to do with others’ life style.
Step by step reaching to a point that says: God alone will punish the bad people, the ‘bad’ here means those who break Allah words…
And gradually we’ll get rid of their troubles.. when they’ll notice the progress and the secure life they’ll feel the difference and start to change their silly principles and begin to THINK…
So, power and agreement will resolve it.
Silly acts come from the leaders, if we control on their thoughts we’ll live in peace forever !
What do you say ?

Friday, February 27, 2004

What will happen on Tuesday ? 

The 2nd of March will coincide 10th of Muharram of the Hijri year, in this day Imam Al-Hussein was killed, it is very important for Shia especially this year.
You might want to know more about this story, if so read it at Sam’s blog.
Shia used to commemorate this day but not publicly during the ex-regime..during Muharram the Ba’thists keep an eye on Shia, because they would be awarded for their mean reports, usually many houses came to be investigated by the Interior Ministry murderers and many Shia were arrested, they were accused of organizing ‘Husseiniah’ which means the congregation of Shia friends, relatives and neighbors in one house and start to weep and slap at their chests and heads which is called ‘latum’ ( if you want to read more about latum, go read Zeyad’s post.. it’s interesting ! ).
Such congregations were forbidden under Saddam, he was suspecting that such things might be turned into meetings to discuss certain plans to revolt on his regime.
Anyhow, weeping.. slapping.. tearing their clothes….whatever.. is a type of freedom, Shia used to be under oppression and continuous observation for any act.
Now, Shia have the freedom to express their feelings and freely achieve their rituals.
Frankly I am afraid from what’ll happen on Tues., I talked to many Sunni and Shiite people about the probabilities of making explosions by terrorists during the procession of Shia which will take place on Tues., Shia will walk to Alkhadimiah neighborhood starting from every point of Baghadad. Such explosions might set fire between Sunna and Shia to arise sedition and then the civil war.
Many Sunni people said “ No, I don’t think all of that will happen” others said “ Sunni people are friendly and kind, the Shia too”.
A Shiite friend said: “ the Iraqis now realize that the terrorists are the responsible for the explosions and other destructive acts”.
I talked to many others and they said the same opinion.
Some Iraqis say that the Americans are in charge of all that, they want the civil war to be flared up, they want the mess to continue the occupation, make the people hopeless and then agree for any appointed government the united states suggests !
I’ve involved into many arguments about this subject trying to explain the Americans’ efforts and intentions to build a peaceful country in the region. I think by time they’ll change their wrong thoughts.
So, I think nearly all Iraqis now acknowledge the fact that OBL and his thugs are the responsible for all those attacks and explosions.
I’m glad that Shia and Sunni people decided to be one blowing hand against those terrorists.
BUT.. the usual pessimistic anticipations still preoccupy me.. the procession of Shia will be a very good chance for the terrorists to carry out their ignoble thoughts, by the way, last week I heard that there was an RPG attack on a mosque in Al-Khadimiah neighborhood which is a Shia region in Baghdad.
SO, the IP and ICDC must get prepared to this occasion, it’s very important.
I don’t like these occasions, I hope that such processions will be decreased in the future by Shia themselves and start to do something useful.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Mail upgrade... 

Dear Friends,
Due to the slow connection line, and to save the time, I decided to upgrade my email account in order to receive the emails through POP3.
I am grateful to Mr.Tom Villars as he helped me in that, thank you very much.

I am very sorry if I couldn’t reply to some emails, friends.

Now, if you have any questions, important comments, news, thoughts and opinions just send them immediately. Now I can reply to all your emails… OK?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Today, my sister said that there was a bomb in the Chemistry Department in the College of Education, the Iraqi police hurried up to inform all the students to get out the rooms, the students were very afraid of that, in spite that the IP didn’t tell them what’s the matter; but they had enough experience to know that it was a bomb ! they ran away the department immediately.
It’s told that the bomb was in a Pepsi case, one of the IP noticed it with many strange snarled wires, so he rushed to his buddies and informed them.
The Iraqi police with the EODT ( Explosives Ordinance Disposal Team ) successfully dismantled it, and they foiled the vandals’ coward plans.
Well-done IP.

Thank God, everything was OK.
I think it is important to make the people aware of such strange things even in garbage, on the sidewalk ....etc.
Such leaflets are useful. My brother found many of them on the streets.
It says :‘ foreign bodies are dangerous, so keep off them’.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The mobile phone technology.. 

The mobile phone technology, such an important technology which is very necessary was something forbidden during the ex-regime, we had only the right to talk about the mobiles in other countries and how they are important, as we were in another planet !!
The ex-regime intentionally made the people isolated from the world and day by day the regime was trying to constrict the life upon Iraqis, in addition to the fear that was dominant on the tyrant from such technologies, so as not to interfere with or permeate his intelligence system ( I don’t know if it is easy to do that or not), but the ex-regime was afraid of anything regarding the technology, imagine what will ignorant people do if they rule a country.
Now, after the liberation, thousands of mobiles entered the country and the people came to this new technology and hurried up in getting mobiles.
Yesterday, my friend and I were in St.52 in Baghdad, my friend wanted a card for his mobile, I took a photo for the mobile center over there, there are many other centers in Baghdad, I took another photo for a set inside the center.

But, nowadays there are some problems concerning the mobile net work, as there are many complaints about the mobiles, the boss who is responsible for the company in Baghdad said that the net is still new and they are getting it better, so he assured the people about that.
I want to let you know that in spite of the bombs and the terrorists’ attacks; Iraq is on the way of the progress and prosperity.
So, to all the Iraqis: Just wait, we need the patience.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

A meeting in Basrah... 

I attended a meeting when I was in Basrah last week, the meeting was in the district to discuss the problems and what projects should be done for the district that would be presented to the governor and then to a Minister.
I had to attend the meeting because our boss had an appointment in the Health Center of Basrah. I went there early, the district’s chairman was very happy as he saw me, the doctor is very respectable in the districts.
Then the representatives of the water office and the telecommunication office arrived, and the rest of members arrived behind time.
The meeting began with the chairman’s words: “ Today, we have a new member, Dr. Ays, he is the dentist of the district, we are grateful to him for his attendance. Thank you Dr. Ays”. “ Thank you” I replied with a smile as he was pronouncing my name hardly, cause it is not familiar in such areas !
Then the question directed to the IP Captain about what troubles they faced at their work in keeping the district safe and secure.
The Captain said: “ We are facing some troubles with the tribal customs and their wrong thoughts and behavior when bad guys from their tribe commit crimes, they used to defend their guys even if they were mistaken”.
After that the chairman suggested a plan to drop by every tribe and explain the police work for them then taking a word from every tribe elder or the ‘Sheikh’, he should sign not to support the bad guys.
Then the telecommunication representative talked about the project that will join the district with the rest of cities, but he didn’t give a proper time to begin the project.
The chairman said : “ Now, let’s talk about that problem with the Danish troops”.
I said: “ what problem ?!”
The chairman: “ That guy who has been killed by the Danish troops ..”
I said: “ Pardon, but I did not hear anything about him”.
The chairman: “ Oh sorry Dr., we should keep our arms and never hand them to the foreign troops in order to get ready to any unexpected attacks….. here is the story…..”
“ A couple of weeks ago, the Danish troops killed one of the guys of a tribe over there, the tribe got mad and threatened those troops with the troubles they would face if they didn’t come and make up for that trouble, they swore to kill one of the Danish for what they have done.
So the Danish troops attended to a meeting with the Sheikh, they APOLOGIZED for what happened and they asked for forgiveness ! then they COMPENSATED them by giving money to the tribe.
So we should keep our AK47’s and the arms to get ready for such things.” !!!!
I said: “ Please, I want to know what that guy did in order to be shot, is there anyone can tell me what he did?”.
One of the members answered: “ Yes, Dr., we know what happened”.
“ That guy was drunk and he was carrying a rifle at night and yelling, when the Danish troops went by he shot them ! and continued to shoot, the Danish soldiers replied by shooting to air, then near his feet, but he was still shooting hysterically, then they shot him on his leg, but he continued to shoot at them, then they killed him”.
“ He was drunk and shooting at them” !! I replied amazedly.
They said: “Yes”.
All of them were nodding their heads confirming the story !
I turned to the chairman and said: “ Ah.. sorry.. I think you said we should keep our arms in order to get prepared for a fight.. didn’t you?”
“ Yes I did” he answered
Then I said: “ Huh ! why don’t we be realistic and talk with a rational manner, let’s discuss that trouble… What do you expect them to do when they face such an idiot man ? What they should do? I think this is the right reply for such an impetuous, even if they were the IP they would do the same thing.. so we don’t need the arms Mr. And we should cooperate with the coalition, they were very polite when they went to the Sheikh, apologized and make up for it, you are good people, so the Danish and the British, they are here in a mission, we must help to make the city secure, and I see that this district is very safe and the people here witnessed a large difference and they are getting happy every day, right?”
“ Yes Dr. but……..”
“ please let me finish..” I replied “ so we must treat the coalition as we treat the IP, you’ve just said that you will make a treaty with the Sheiks of the tribes, let’s do it both for the IP and the coalition, that guy was breaching the peace and behaved wrong and he deserved that.. right?”
“ Yes Dr.” they replied.
“ Am I speaking wrong?”
I intentionally asked this question because I saw them paying attention and gazing at me strangely !
They said: “ Oh..yes..no.. your speech is right, Dr.”.
I felt like I gave them an idea that had never been heard before !!
The meeting took an hour, then the chairman said :
“ Thank you all.. I am sure you have works to be done, thank you Dr. Ays and everything you need just tell me and I’ll carry it out at once..OK?”
“ Thank you very much Mr. I’ll do my best to help the people here, we are a family.” I replied.
Then we got out of the room, and I went back to the health center.

I’ll ask the boss to let me attend the next meeting.. I want to continue this task.. I want to change their thoughts and make them deal with such troubles using logic.. I hope that.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I scanned it .. 

At last.. I've finished scanning the newspaper.. read it, and if it is worthy to be read tell me that in order to scan the coming issues.. OK?
I scanned page no.1 in the previous post
so here are the other pages:

page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8
page 9
page 10
page 11

Thursday, February 19, 2004

'Baghdad Now' 

I mentioned that there is a newspaper called ‘Baghdad now’ which has been published by the First Armored Division. I would like to know if you are interested in reading it so as to scan all its pages and continue for the coming issues.
I scanned the first page of issue fifteen..
So, are you interested..?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Read this.. It is important 

Today, there was a sit-in in Al-Firdaws square in Baghdad, Zeyad and I were there, then Omar joined us.
The women were carrying out the sit-in, they were demanding their rights and refusing the decree no.137 which is now discussed in the governing council.
Mrs. SawnGawl Chabuk, a member in the governing council arrived there and she supported the women and said that many members in the GC refuse the decree.
Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafud, the Minister of Planning also was there and refused the decree.
I’ll publish an update about this subject today.
Here are some photos:

And Mrs. SawnGawl Chabuk :

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I received the money… 

I came to Baghdad yesterday cause I took a permission from the boss, so I went to the bank today and I received the money, I would like to say Thank you very much for Mr.Tom Villars as he helped me get the first disbursement of funds.
Thanks for all the great people who read my blog.

Special thanks to:
Gerard S.
Kyle F.
James M.
Michael T.
Brian H.
Travis M.
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Deborah E.
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Catherine H.
And Judith E.

I’ll continue the work… improve the blog…. will try to make it better.
Thank you all……….

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Interesting things……… 

Today, Omar and I were on our way to Zeyad to prepare for a party at Omar’s house, we saw a couple of American Humvees delivering papers to the people and handing out newspapers called ‘ Baghdad Now’ which are published by the first armored division, in addition to magazines for kids called ‘Baghdad Kids’, the kids were very happy, they were gathering the magazines and those papers, I told Omar to pull over, I picked a newspaper, magazine and a paper.
The paper is written in Arabic, the newspaper and magazine are written both in Arabic and English.
The paper says that the coalition forces offers an award of 2500$ or 5 millions Iraqi Dinars for the following information:
1- about those who carry out the attacks against the coalition forces using missiles or mortars.
2- those who keep missiles or mortars

If you have any information just call
also you can call the IP or the coalition forces station.

On the back it says:
All the arms must be confiscated before paying the award.
You must give the house no., the sector and the neighborhood.
Do not let such violent acts or threats be committed by those criminals.

And below are the pages of themagazine , please save the pictures on your hard disk and read them as the view will be better.

Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

page 5 and 6

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