Friday, February 27, 2004

What will happen on Tuesday ? 

The 2nd of March will coincide 10th of Muharram of the Hijri year, in this day Imam Al-Hussein was killed, it is very important for Shia especially this year.
You might want to know more about this story, if so read it at Sam’s blog.
Shia used to commemorate this day but not publicly during the ex-regime..during Muharram the Ba’thists keep an eye on Shia, because they would be awarded for their mean reports, usually many houses came to be investigated by the Interior Ministry murderers and many Shia were arrested, they were accused of organizing ‘Husseiniah’ which means the congregation of Shia friends, relatives and neighbors in one house and start to weep and slap at their chests and heads which is called ‘latum’ ( if you want to read more about latum, go read Zeyad’s post.. it’s interesting ! ).
Such congregations were forbidden under Saddam, he was suspecting that such things might be turned into meetings to discuss certain plans to revolt on his regime.
Anyhow, weeping.. slapping.. tearing their clothes….whatever.. is a type of freedom, Shia used to be under oppression and continuous observation for any act.
Now, Shia have the freedom to express their feelings and freely achieve their rituals.
Frankly I am afraid from what’ll happen on Tues., I talked to many Sunni and Shiite people about the probabilities of making explosions by terrorists during the procession of Shia which will take place on Tues., Shia will walk to Alkhadimiah neighborhood starting from every point of Baghadad. Such explosions might set fire between Sunna and Shia to arise sedition and then the civil war.
Many Sunni people said “ No, I don’t think all of that will happen” others said “ Sunni people are friendly and kind, the Shia too”.
A Shiite friend said: “ the Iraqis now realize that the terrorists are the responsible for the explosions and other destructive acts”.
I talked to many others and they said the same opinion.
Some Iraqis say that the Americans are in charge of all that, they want the civil war to be flared up, they want the mess to continue the occupation, make the people hopeless and then agree for any appointed government the united states suggests !
I’ve involved into many arguments about this subject trying to explain the Americans’ efforts and intentions to build a peaceful country in the region. I think by time they’ll change their wrong thoughts.
So, I think nearly all Iraqis now acknowledge the fact that OBL and his thugs are the responsible for all those attacks and explosions.
I’m glad that Shia and Sunni people decided to be one blowing hand against those terrorists.
BUT.. the usual pessimistic anticipations still preoccupy me.. the procession of Shia will be a very good chance for the terrorists to carry out their ignoble thoughts, by the way, last week I heard that there was an RPG attack on a mosque in Al-Khadimiah neighborhood which is a Shia region in Baghdad.
SO, the IP and ICDC must get prepared to this occasion, it’s very important.
I don’t like these occasions, I hope that such processions will be decreased in the future by Shia themselves and start to do something useful.

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