Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Today, my sister said that there was a bomb in the Chemistry Department in the College of Education, the Iraqi police hurried up to inform all the students to get out the rooms, the students were very afraid of that, in spite that the IP didn’t tell them what’s the matter; but they had enough experience to know that it was a bomb ! they ran away the department immediately.
It’s told that the bomb was in a Pepsi case, one of the IP noticed it with many strange snarled wires, so he rushed to his buddies and informed them.
The Iraqi police with the EODT ( Explosives Ordinance Disposal Team ) successfully dismantled it, and they foiled the vandals’ coward plans.
Well-done IP.

Thank God, everything was OK.
I think it is important to make the people aware of such strange things even in garbage, on the sidewalk ....etc.
Such leaflets are useful. My brother found many of them on the streets.
It says :‘ foreign bodies are dangerous, so keep off them’.

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