Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I received the money… 

I came to Baghdad yesterday cause I took a permission from the boss, so I went to the bank today and I received the money, I would like to say Thank you very much for Mr.Tom Villars as he helped me get the first disbursement of funds.
Thanks for all the great people who read my blog.

Special thanks to:
Gerard S.
Kyle F.
James M.
Michael T.
Brian H.
Travis M.
Jesse M.
Deborah E.
Everett S.
Joanne K.
Jeff W.
Anton S.
Sean D.
Michael S.
Michael S.
William C.
Miss Neuman
Cyndi M.
Rita H.
Faye H.
Peter G.
Mark S.
John L.
Michael C.
Robert C.
Michele M.
Michael M.
Juli B.
Francis T.
asher a.
Kyle F.
Mark S.
Tim B.
joseph m.
Nancy C.
christina j.
Lydia V.
Sharon A.
Joshua P.
Douglas H.
Donna P.
Daniel M.
Cengiz B.
Catherine H.
And Judith E.

I’ll continue the work… improve the blog…. will try to make it better.
Thank you all……….

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