Saturday, February 28, 2004

I hope they'll give up.... 

I got those couple of links via an email :

I think those Islamic extremists will continue their sadistic acts unless a powerful government is formed. The only deterrent way is the LAW, if there isn’t a law in such Islamic country, the merciless Islamic law will prevail, and it’s getting dangerous day by day, the Ministry of Interior is still weak and disrespected by some people, the IP have to be harder and must be equipped better.
It’s incorrect to say that Saddam had one good thing : controlling those Islamic extremists, Saddam had many flare up periods during his era when he was behaving like an Islamic religious leader ! one day he dictated to cut the heads of prostitutes everywhere !! many were slaughtered in front of their houses and their corpses MUST be left till the next day to let everyone watch at them….. wow.. what a penalty !
I have a solution for the troubles of such Islamic thoughts, it might be difficult to be applied but it’s not impossible and it only takes time:
First, The government must be strong enough to make the extremists afraid of the law that protects the freedom of people.
Second, which is important, continuous meetings by the government with the religious leaders trying to explain the meaning of liberal thoughts, teaching them how to respect the law and respect human rights, these methods will make them without a leg to stand on.
So those leaders will give up such thoughts and be preoccupied in teaching their followers how to leave the ‘disobedient’ and concentrate on Islamic lectures, Husseiniah, Hajj, the importance of prayers and many hundreds of things that have nothing to do with others’ life style.
Step by step reaching to a point that says: God alone will punish the bad people, the ‘bad’ here means those who break Allah words…
And gradually we’ll get rid of their troubles.. when they’ll notice the progress and the secure life they’ll feel the difference and start to change their silly principles and begin to THINK…
So, power and agreement will resolve it.
Silly acts come from the leaders, if we control on their thoughts we’ll live in peace forever !
What do you say ?

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