Sunday, February 29, 2004

More than a week... 

Yesterday I went to the College of Dentistry to get my graduation certificate, I came across H. my friend .. we talked about common things.. then he said : “ Have you heard what the Americans did?” !
I said “ NO! what happened?”
H.: “ Last week the American and Iraqi soldiers came here to search the area, we couldn’t know why they were searching our college cause we were shocked by the arrest of those students for a silly reason…”.
“ wait a minute” I said. I asked him to have a seat, drink a cup of tea and talk leisurely..
After that he continued : “ As I said, last week they came here and searched the area, nobody was allowed to get out the campus, but a student tried to go out for a while to get some lectures or something like that, the Iraqi soldier got very angry and yelled at her ‘ go away’ preventing her from coming close and getting out the campus, then a couple of students came across them and when they saw her they head enthusiastically toward the Iraqi soldier and shouted at him to behave politely when he talks to a girl. American soldiers noticed those guys, they ran hysterically toward them, tied and arrested them, after they’ve finished their task; all the vehicles went away with the two students and till now we don’t know where they are.”.
After that I knew that those students are from another governorate, they are living in Baghdad away from their families to study Dentistry, I think they are from Karbalaa or Ramadi, frankly I don’t remember the exact name of the city, however, the news shocked their parents, they came to Baghdad at once, they were very frightened, they were about to go mad, weeping and crying ‘ our sons.. our sons’.
They asked the students, but nobody knew more than the above story.. the parents were confused and bewildered, they didn’t know what to do, whom to ask, they entered the dean’s room to give a hope to them.
Their friends and the students there said they are very nice guys and very kind, they didn’t deserve all that…
The problem is they don’t know where they should go ! I hope someone from the CPA is reading this post, I want to say : OK, they are wrong, but it didn’t worth to arrest them, they are merely students and they got upset when they saw their colleague in such stand.
Please if any soldier knows anything about them or heard something just send an e mail to me in order to help them and their miserable families…
I am waiting….

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