Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The mobile phone technology.. 

The mobile phone technology, such an important technology which is very necessary was something forbidden during the ex-regime, we had only the right to talk about the mobiles in other countries and how they are important, as we were in another planet !!
The ex-regime intentionally made the people isolated from the world and day by day the regime was trying to constrict the life upon Iraqis, in addition to the fear that was dominant on the tyrant from such technologies, so as not to interfere with or permeate his intelligence system ( I don’t know if it is easy to do that or not), but the ex-regime was afraid of anything regarding the technology, imagine what will ignorant people do if they rule a country.
Now, after the liberation, thousands of mobiles entered the country and the people came to this new technology and hurried up in getting mobiles.
Yesterday, my friend and I were in St.52 in Baghdad, my friend wanted a card for his mobile, I took a photo for the mobile center over there, there are many other centers in Baghdad, I took another photo for a set inside the center.

But, nowadays there are some problems concerning the mobile net work, as there are many complaints about the mobiles, the boss who is responsible for the company in Baghdad said that the net is still new and they are getting it better, so he assured the people about that.
I want to let you know that in spite of the bombs and the terrorists’ attacks; Iraq is on the way of the progress and prosperity.
So, to all the Iraqis: Just wait, we need the patience.

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