Monday, October 18, 2004


Yesterday, my friend and I entered a long debate about AlQaida, OBL, AlZarqawi and the other monsters, he believes in conspiracy theories and that all those characters with their organizations are parts of the Zionist’s plans to control the world or to distort Islam and that America supports that….and other confused and contradicted thoughts that have no base to stand on.
If we want to know who’s OBL or who’s AlZarqawi and who are the other terrorists, we must understand the history of their movement, and here I want to clarify that for everyone who doesn’t know the truth about them.

Wahhabis (members of the Wahhabism, a fundamental Islamic group founded by Muhammad abd AlWahhab 1703-1792) threatened Iraq since the eighteenth century and they think that Muslims (especially the Shia) do not obey Allah and Koran because they visit the shrines of Ali bin Abe Taleb (Prophet Muhammad’s cousin) and his descendants and regard them as their Imams, which is considered ‘Kufr’ or disbelieve in God or polytheism, according to the Wahhabism, ‘because Allah said in the Koran: and if my adorers asked you about me, I am nearby, respond to a call of the prayer if he invocates’ and ‘the Mosques belongs to Allah so do not invocate to anybody else’, so there’s no need to go to those shrines and beg them for help, you must ask for help directly from Allah.
(Wahhabism has many other beliefs, but I just want to mention the history of it)
(Also I want to say that this movement tried to appear five centuries prior to Muhammed Abd AlWahhab, but it failed.).

So Wahhabis named their movement ‘AlTawheed’ since 1730 which means the belief in Allah only, and the other things (such as the holy shrines) are considered like the idols, and the one who visits them is a ‘Kafir’ and must be killed. That’s why the Shiites are Kafirs according to the Wahhabis belief.

Mohammad abd AlWahhab succeeded in his movement because he depended on the Bedouins in the desert of Arabia (now Saudi Arabia) and cooperated with their Emir (Bin Su’ood) those people do not care for the shrines or anything other than Allah, in addition to that, Mohammad abd AlWahhab stated ‘Aljihad’ for them to kill everyone who does not believe in their movement and that means they could raid on other tribes and places then kill their men, take their women and rob everything, such things were very effective especially when it comes with religion.

Since that time the movement was called (AlTawheed wa AlJihad)..

Then in 1790 the danger of the W. began to be clear in Iraq because it was easy to reach to the southern areas of Iraq from the Arabia, the W. killed people and robbed many places in Iraq who was under the Ottoman Empire at that time.

In 1802 the W. entered Karbal’a city when the people were visiting the shrine of Imam AlHussein in a day of the Shia called ‘AlGadeer day’, the W. used their swords to kill everyone there in one of the most ruthless massacres in the history of Iraq, they killed men, women and children in thousands, robbed the place and headed to AlNajaf but they could not enter because the residents of this city stood strongly against them so they ran away.

I wonder where the Zionists were at that time?! Did they support this movement since that time?
Aha….America did all of that!

I don’t know why Muslims do not want to believe that Islam includes many groups and sects that do not agree with each other, it is not that ‘unified’ religion as they claim, every group explains the Koran as they see it right or as they want it, they are in a deep dilemma, but all Muslims do not confess.
They keep saying ‘Koran is clear and obvious for everybody’..
Every group in Islam deals with the Koran as they like, which is very dangerous if it is left that way.
I wish to go on and on..but..sorry..I have to stop this post here.

My brother’s friend has been killed in AlAnbar governorate last week, ‘AlTawheed wa AlJihad’ which belongs to AlZarqawi is responsible for that, they killed his wife too, because they were ‘cooperating with the occupier’.
In fact they were doctors and supplying the Iraqi National Guards with some necessary medical stuff.
They’ve been beheaded.
I wonder when are we going to arrest one of those terrorists. We always find the corpses of the victims and can not capture those criminals, yes there are operations in Fallujah against the terrorists but I did not hear news saying that one of those terrorists was killed or captured.
I think the enemy is stronger than we expect.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What are you doing for us? 

A couple of days ago I was at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad to get a Visa to Turkey as it is possible to travel there now, I was so happy with my new passport written on it ‘occupation: Dentist’! Since it was one of the impossible things for doctors to get out of Iraq under Saddam, BUT, there are rumors say that the newly graduated doctors aren’t able to travel unless they’ve finished their three years post graduation residency, rumors are rumors, but since we are Iraqis, we have to be concerned about such news since everything might happen here, I hope it’s not true.
Let me tell you what happened there:
There were more than 400, all of those wanted Visas, it wasn’t difficult to organize them in queues and get the passports stamped.
I don’t know if it was the IP’s fault or the people.
Anyway, there was a barbed wire all around the place and the people must stay behind it until the IP allow us to enter according to a paper containing some names that have been filled with our names in the early morning (I was there at that time and asked one of the IP to enroll my name, but he refused! Because I was too late! I asked some people about this and told me the same; the IP did not agree to enroll them!), however, I might be late and should have come at 4:00AM..!
We kept waiting and waiting, seeing some guys get into the Embassy after talking with some IP members, the people got upset, they were whispering to each other about bribes taken by the IP members to let those guys enter and get Visas, then some people began to cross the barbed wire from one side, then the other side then from the middle, the IP began to push the crowd here and there, telling them off, then shooting bullets in the air, the IP cars moved and blocked the road, the people especially women got so scared of all of this chaos, I was watching at first, but then got out of the place because quarrels and shootings started later.
After taking a walk away from the Embassy I got back there and saw the people inside the previously prohibited area, because the IP finally agreed to let the people get in and pass the barbed wire…
We also were waiting for a long time without any result; I decided to watch over some IP members and got near one to them who was talking to someone and saying ‘50 $’… ‘no it’s too much’ the man replied…. then I left this IP man and kept an eye on another IP member who was whispering to another man then saw him taking money (after making the deal they were talking about)…..
Bribes are openly accepted and no one officer stops that, or they might be members of the corrupt IP.

Mesha’an AlJeboory, the man who’s responsible for the security commission in the National counsel talked about the bribes, kidnapping, robberies, he was about to accuse the Minister of Interior, he criticized the members of the Ministry of Interior since most of the superiors are the relatives of Falah AlNaqeeb (the Minister of Interior), he stated by saying that Falah AlNaqeeb must attend an interrogation, he also talked about some documents proving that some IP cars are used for robberies, and about bribes taken by higher-ups and many other issues.
AlJeboory collectively described the Ministry as a corrupt place and must be changed.

From what I’ve seen there, I noticed that the IP members were never respectful nor afraid of anyone when they took bribes, such things and many others like setting criminals free after arresting them (AlJeboory talked about this too, and the people also noticed it) make the one wonders what the Ministry is doing to control this country?

Update: Falah AlNageeb is in Jordan/Amman, I wonder what’s he doing now, why hasn’t he attended the interrogation the National council called him upon?

Friday, October 08, 2004

...Today, my grandfather told me to go to a Mosque and donate some money to the poor people who are used to sit near the Mosques on Friday to get some Dinars from AlMusalleen (the Muslims who pray in the Mosque)..
I found it a good occasion to give some donations together with my grandpa’s money, so I’ve collected some stuff I had and hit the road.
I couldn’t park my car near the Mosque cause I couldn’t get a permission from those disturbed guards there, so I should have taken that long walk to reach to those needy people, it was at noon, it usually still hot this time, the sun does not want to leave us, anyway I found a blind man sitting by the door of the Mosque, and old women on the other side of the door…few pale children were on the other side of the street sitting near a bony woman..it’s so painful to see them in this situation, especially the kids..
I’ve started to give them what I had, the thing that I can’t forget was that blind man, he grasped that bunch of money and said in a deep voice ‘thank you…may Allah open the paradise doors for you’… I wondered what if he was born in London or New York or any other western city, what would his life have been? what kind of care and support would he be getting? and when will we be able to take care of our seniors and give them support and help.
While I was thinking and looking painfully at that blind man, I heard very loud shouts from the guards…they were running along an imposing car heading towards the Mosque's entrance, they were yelling at those poor people to get out of the road, and in quick steps they made a shield around the man who was in that car to ‘protect’ him… I don't know from who!
I saw the fat ‘Sayyid’ (cleric) smiling and seemed so happy with his car and its air-cooling; the guards were protecting the Sayyid from the people!
His procession was a little similar to that of Saddam and his guards!
It seems that the Sayyid of the Mosque must be above the people..
I asked the blind man, the women and their kids whether the Sayyid had ever talked to them, given them something, sent someone to give them something..they replied ‘Never’!
I wonder why doesn’t that happy fat Sayyid get out of the car and walk for some meters, look after those poor people, ask them what they need, talk to them, or collect some info about their life and inform the government about them..obviously he does not care about them at all…
There are many stories about those clerics who are collecting money from AlMusallen to be distributed on the needy people, but they use the money to be spent on themselves..
And of course that Sayyid keeps talking about ethics, helping each other, cooperation, helping the weak people and many other advices that are always heard from those greedy men, I don’t trust them, I’ve seen and heard enough about them..

I feel so upset when I see all those people follow those clerics, I see the lies and exploitation of those clerics so clearly, but the people are continually brainwashed by their sermons and can not see the truth at all since the man in front of them is a Sayyid.
Unfortunately, our society is complaining from this ‘magic’ of those clerics, and I see them increasing day after day especially after the liberation, I think most of them are destroying our country directly or indirectly, and I don’t know if there’s a way to stop them and save the people from their poisons.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Funding the terrorists... 

The news about releasing the Italian hostages and many others prior to them ‘for free’ made me think in analyzing those suspicious events more logically.
We all agree that those fundamentalists are criminals; they don’t care for anything other than terrorizing the world according to their crazy thoughts and goals, and one of their goals is fighting America and her ‘collaborators’.
So why those groups agreed on releasing many hostages for nothing, some of those hostages were shown on the TV carrying the Koran, others were blessed by the Mujahideen and that Turkish man who professed Islam and converted to a Muslim in one of the most ridiculous news I’ve ever heard, I’m sure he’s now cursing Islam and all Muslims on earth!
Let’s think rationally regarding this subject, and let’s begin with the United States government’s decision about the negotiations with those terrorists:
United States clearly said that they’d never ever think in any negotiations with the terrorists, and other countries should do that also since those terrorists are the most dangerous creatures on earth and they must be brought to justice, so we must destroy them and never give them a chance to increase their operations and crimes.
Other countries do not follow the above rule..I think.. they are with the United States apparently, but they are ready to hide the truth regarding their citizens when they are kidnapped by those terrorists.
I don’t believe that American hostages are beheaded because they are Americans..I believe that they are killed because United States does not deal with those criminals because their attitude is clear regarding this subject.
But some of the hostages are released in spite of the fact that they ‘assist the occupation’, why?
Here we can discuss briefly the role of ‘Hai’at Ulemma’a AlMuslimeen’ or the Islamic scientists committee and the ‘mediators’ such as the man who’s called Sheikh Hisham AlDulaemi, this man always go-between the both sides, because he’s an angel and do not want anything other than saving the innocent..
The country that has one of its citizens been kidnapped sends a deputy to this committee or that man to discuss the situation..but what’s going on during this discussion? We do not hear anything but: ‘we’ll reach a solution’, ‘they’ll be released soon’, ‘the Mujahideen are cooperating with us’…etc.
Let me tell you what the agreement is:
The ‘Ulemma’a’: How much do you want?
The Mujahideen: ………..million dollars..
The ‘Ulemma’a’: No..it’s too much…
The Mujahideen: Well..let’s say ………million.
And the discussion continues…………….
Then few weeks later we watch the lucky hostages on the channels (and of course they do not know what was going on) and the happy ‘Ulemma’a’ (happy with their commission) saying proudly that they’ve reached to a proper solution and everything is fine.
(Go read Zeyad, he wrote about those Ulemma’a here).
We aren’t idiots to believe those people; it’s obvious that that country is negotiating secretly with the terrorists, giving them money…a large amount of money which is enough to buy cars, explosives and bombs.
That’s why those hostages are freed and the poor Americans are beheaded…America fights the terrorism and others pretending to do that.

In addition to those countries there are many companies that pay immediately as one of their officials being kidnapped..
And so the Mujahideen have a treasure that never ends

One hostage for tons of bombs to kill thousands of people. And the criminal operations continue…
No one asked those ‘Ulemma’a’ or the ‘mediators’ about their relations with the kidnapers, no one dared to talk with them about that…
The terrorists found a very good and easy way to fund their plans… and we are always the victims….

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