Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What are you doing for us? 

A couple of days ago I was at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad to get a Visa to Turkey as it is possible to travel there now, I was so happy with my new passport written on it ‘occupation: Dentist’! Since it was one of the impossible things for doctors to get out of Iraq under Saddam, BUT, there are rumors say that the newly graduated doctors aren’t able to travel unless they’ve finished their three years post graduation residency, rumors are rumors, but since we are Iraqis, we have to be concerned about such news since everything might happen here, I hope it’s not true.
Let me tell you what happened there:
There were more than 400, all of those wanted Visas, it wasn’t difficult to organize them in queues and get the passports stamped.
I don’t know if it was the IP’s fault or the people.
Anyway, there was a barbed wire all around the place and the people must stay behind it until the IP allow us to enter according to a paper containing some names that have been filled with our names in the early morning (I was there at that time and asked one of the IP to enroll my name, but he refused! Because I was too late! I asked some people about this and told me the same; the IP did not agree to enroll them!), however, I might be late and should have come at 4:00AM..!
We kept waiting and waiting, seeing some guys get into the Embassy after talking with some IP members, the people got upset, they were whispering to each other about bribes taken by the IP members to let those guys enter and get Visas, then some people began to cross the barbed wire from one side, then the other side then from the middle, the IP began to push the crowd here and there, telling them off, then shooting bullets in the air, the IP cars moved and blocked the road, the people especially women got so scared of all of this chaos, I was watching at first, but then got out of the place because quarrels and shootings started later.
After taking a walk away from the Embassy I got back there and saw the people inside the previously prohibited area, because the IP finally agreed to let the people get in and pass the barbed wire…
We also were waiting for a long time without any result; I decided to watch over some IP members and got near one to them who was talking to someone and saying ‘50 $’… ‘no it’s too much’ the man replied…. then I left this IP man and kept an eye on another IP member who was whispering to another man then saw him taking money (after making the deal they were talking about)…..
Bribes are openly accepted and no one officer stops that, or they might be members of the corrupt IP.

Mesha’an AlJeboory, the man who’s responsible for the security commission in the National counsel talked about the bribes, kidnapping, robberies, he was about to accuse the Minister of Interior, he criticized the members of the Ministry of Interior since most of the superiors are the relatives of Falah AlNaqeeb (the Minister of Interior), he stated by saying that Falah AlNaqeeb must attend an interrogation, he also talked about some documents proving that some IP cars are used for robberies, and about bribes taken by higher-ups and many other issues.
AlJeboory collectively described the Ministry as a corrupt place and must be changed.

From what I’ve seen there, I noticed that the IP members were never respectful nor afraid of anyone when they took bribes, such things and many others like setting criminals free after arresting them (AlJeboory talked about this too, and the people also noticed it) make the one wonders what the Ministry is doing to control this country?

Update: Falah AlNageeb is in Jordan/Amman, I wonder what’s he doing now, why hasn’t he attended the interrogation the National council called him upon?

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