Friday, October 08, 2004

...Today, my grandfather told me to go to a Mosque and donate some money to the poor people who are used to sit near the Mosques on Friday to get some Dinars from AlMusalleen (the Muslims who pray in the Mosque)..
I found it a good occasion to give some donations together with my grandpa’s money, so I’ve collected some stuff I had and hit the road.
I couldn’t park my car near the Mosque cause I couldn’t get a permission from those disturbed guards there, so I should have taken that long walk to reach to those needy people, it was at noon, it usually still hot this time, the sun does not want to leave us, anyway I found a blind man sitting by the door of the Mosque, and old women on the other side of the door…few pale children were on the other side of the street sitting near a bony woman..it’s so painful to see them in this situation, especially the kids..
I’ve started to give them what I had, the thing that I can’t forget was that blind man, he grasped that bunch of money and said in a deep voice ‘thank you…may Allah open the paradise doors for you’… I wondered what if he was born in London or New York or any other western city, what would his life have been? what kind of care and support would he be getting? and when will we be able to take care of our seniors and give them support and help.
While I was thinking and looking painfully at that blind man, I heard very loud shouts from the guards…they were running along an imposing car heading towards the Mosque's entrance, they were yelling at those poor people to get out of the road, and in quick steps they made a shield around the man who was in that car to ‘protect’ him… I don't know from who!
I saw the fat ‘Sayyid’ (cleric) smiling and seemed so happy with his car and its air-cooling; the guards were protecting the Sayyid from the people!
His procession was a little similar to that of Saddam and his guards!
It seems that the Sayyid of the Mosque must be above the people..
I asked the blind man, the women and their kids whether the Sayyid had ever talked to them, given them something, sent someone to give them something..they replied ‘Never’!
I wonder why doesn’t that happy fat Sayyid get out of the car and walk for some meters, look after those poor people, ask them what they need, talk to them, or collect some info about their life and inform the government about them..obviously he does not care about them at all…
There are many stories about those clerics who are collecting money from AlMusallen to be distributed on the needy people, but they use the money to be spent on themselves..
And of course that Sayyid keeps talking about ethics, helping each other, cooperation, helping the weak people and many other advices that are always heard from those greedy men, I don’t trust them, I’ve seen and heard enough about them..

I feel so upset when I see all those people follow those clerics, I see the lies and exploitation of those clerics so clearly, but the people are continually brainwashed by their sermons and can not see the truth at all since the man in front of them is a Sayyid.
Unfortunately, our society is complaining from this ‘magic’ of those clerics, and I see them increasing day after day especially after the liberation, I think most of them are destroying our country directly or indirectly, and I don’t know if there’s a way to stop them and save the people from their poisons.

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