Sunday, October 03, 2004

Funding the terrorists... 

The news about releasing the Italian hostages and many others prior to them ‘for free’ made me think in analyzing those suspicious events more logically.
We all agree that those fundamentalists are criminals; they don’t care for anything other than terrorizing the world according to their crazy thoughts and goals, and one of their goals is fighting America and her ‘collaborators’.
So why those groups agreed on releasing many hostages for nothing, some of those hostages were shown on the TV carrying the Koran, others were blessed by the Mujahideen and that Turkish man who professed Islam and converted to a Muslim in one of the most ridiculous news I’ve ever heard, I’m sure he’s now cursing Islam and all Muslims on earth!
Let’s think rationally regarding this subject, and let’s begin with the United States government’s decision about the negotiations with those terrorists:
United States clearly said that they’d never ever think in any negotiations with the terrorists, and other countries should do that also since those terrorists are the most dangerous creatures on earth and they must be brought to justice, so we must destroy them and never give them a chance to increase their operations and crimes.
Other countries do not follow the above rule..I think.. they are with the United States apparently, but they are ready to hide the truth regarding their citizens when they are kidnapped by those terrorists.
I don’t believe that American hostages are beheaded because they are Americans..I believe that they are killed because United States does not deal with those criminals because their attitude is clear regarding this subject.
But some of the hostages are released in spite of the fact that they ‘assist the occupation’, why?
Here we can discuss briefly the role of ‘Hai’at Ulemma’a AlMuslimeen’ or the Islamic scientists committee and the ‘mediators’ such as the man who’s called Sheikh Hisham AlDulaemi, this man always go-between the both sides, because he’s an angel and do not want anything other than saving the innocent..
The country that has one of its citizens been kidnapped sends a deputy to this committee or that man to discuss the situation..but what’s going on during this discussion? We do not hear anything but: ‘we’ll reach a solution’, ‘they’ll be released soon’, ‘the Mujahideen are cooperating with us’…etc.
Let me tell you what the agreement is:
The ‘Ulemma’a’: How much do you want?
The Mujahideen: ………..million dollars..
The ‘Ulemma’a’: No..it’s too much…
The Mujahideen: Well..let’s say ………million.
And the discussion continues…………….
Then few weeks later we watch the lucky hostages on the channels (and of course they do not know what was going on) and the happy ‘Ulemma’a’ (happy with their commission) saying proudly that they’ve reached to a proper solution and everything is fine.
(Go read Zeyad, he wrote about those Ulemma’a here).
We aren’t idiots to believe those people; it’s obvious that that country is negotiating secretly with the terrorists, giving them money…a large amount of money which is enough to buy cars, explosives and bombs.
That’s why those hostages are freed and the poor Americans are beheaded…America fights the terrorism and others pretending to do that.

In addition to those countries there are many companies that pay immediately as one of their officials being kidnapped..
And so the Mujahideen have a treasure that never ends

One hostage for tons of bombs to kill thousands of people. And the criminal operations continue…
No one asked those ‘Ulemma’a’ or the ‘mediators’ about their relations with the kidnapers, no one dared to talk with them about that…
The terrorists found a very good and easy way to fund their plans… and we are always the victims….

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