Monday, September 06, 2004

At last the Iraqi people got out to the streets of AlNajaf in a demonstration against Muqtada, they want him to get out of the city and also do not want any one of his followers to pray there..
They were cursing his militia, courts and they looked so angry..
AlHurra channel met few of them who said ‘we don’t want him..they are thieves’
The people were repeating words that support the ING and IP and wanted the government to put an end to what they called ‘a disgrace’ and ‘crimes’ that happened in AlNajaf especially the courts of Muqtada..
Let the world know the real Iraqi people, the people who look for peace and justice, security , freedom and democracy..not those criminals who are shown on the channels kidnapping and killing the innocents in the name of ‘resistance’…there is NO ‘resistance’ in Iraq, there are AlQaida, Saddamis, Arabs and criminals who are destroying our country and the MNF, ING, IP and the IRAQI PEOPLE are fighting them….

Update: Here are some photos from AlHurra channel..
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
And this banner says: the crimes and oppression of the ‘illegal courts’ will stay as a disgrace forever.

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