Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A debate with Abu Mohaimen 

Hi friends, I came back today, it was so boring trip to Baghdad since I had to keep looking to the right all the time, because every time I turn left I see that man who was beside me, he was looking for something in his nose! He spent hours keeping his finger twisting in both holes! Disgusting, isn’t it??
Anyway, let’s forget that man and let me talk about the debate with Abu Mohaimen, a medical assistant there in Basra:
Abu Moh. was anti-American, but I noticed that he was thinking as pro and anti at the same time, but he couldn’t be completely with the United Sates policy, you know, the media and religious leaders are still working.
We started our debate regarding the chaos that happened in AlNajaf and criticizing and mocking Muqtada, then he said: ‘…but America wants this chaos to continue, they do not want peace in Iraq..and….’
I said interruptedly ‘why?.. what for?’
Abu Moh.: ‘ they don’t care about that’
A (Me): ‘ but they do care to complete the American plan in the middle east..right?’
Abu Moh.: ‘ Yes.’
A: ‘so they have to care about the security in Iraq as a part of the plan, right?’
He nodded and said: ‘ehh..so why they don’t care about all the chaos here in Iraq and continue bombing the cities’
A: ‘and who told you that they don’t care about that and I recommend that you change the channels you used to watch, because all of them are biased, for me, I like AlHurra channel, it’s so fair’
Then I wanted to know his opinion regarding Iran and whether Iranian regime want our country to be safe and secure or not, so I said: ‘ and Iran continues their hateful operations in Iraq and against Iraqis’
He replied enthusiastically: ‘Yes..doctor..those Iranians won’t give up their habit, they are supporting Muqtada with fighters, arms and money to keep the unstable situation in Iraq and want it to sweep the whole country’
I admired his thought when he said that and felt that he’s started to use his brain properly! So I asked him cunningly!: ‘why are they doing that?’
Abu Moh. : ‘ they don’t want Iraq to be secure in order to foil the American plans here to make the world say “look at Iraq, they destroyed it”, and so keep the Americans away from them and stay in power. They are afraid of Iraq now, because if Iraq becomes safe and prosperous, Iranian regime will be next’…

If we join Abu Mohaimen’s opinions together, the result will be: < Americans want the chaos to continue in order to destroy their own plan>!!!

In fact there are many like Abu Mohaimen, I noticed those different confusing viewpoints from many Iraqis, I can say that some Iraqis complain from a sort of ‘Paranoid personality’ characterized by the suspicion, awareness and feeling that they are always targeted, all of that because of the ex-regime, oppression is the main cause.
Some Iraqis are now torn; they can’t decide who’s a friend and who’s an enemy, so they mix the facts without knowing that..it’s a kind of psychological conflict which will end in a calm environment, i.e, when Iraq becomes safe.

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