Thursday, September 30, 2004

... Alaa my friend, kindhearted and nice guy, he’s a doctor in AlChwadir neighborhood in AlSadr city, we were together in high school, he’s full of life, tough and smart guy, we spent pleasing times training together in a bodybuilding club in Alanbar city with other friends (we were in the same university), having meals in restaurants after getting out of the college, talking about everything in our life and our future…..but I have not seen him many weeks ago, I work in Basra and he was preoccupied in his assignment in Baghdad, so we did not have the time to meet…
Today, my friend Ali rang me to tell me that there was bad news, his voice was so worrying..
I replied anxiously ‘What….?’
‘Alaa…’ he said.
‘Come on Ali, what’s wrong with him?’
‘He’s been shot in his abdomen three weeks ago, and I’ve just known that from his brother’…
My God, my heart filled with pain and sorrow as I heard that, Ali told me that Alaa was in the hospital and a Humvee bullet penetrated the window to find its way in his abdomen..some clashes were there and one of the bullets hit Alaa.
Alaa is unconscious now in the American hospital in Baghdad, they transferred him from one hospital to another before taking him there, the doctors felt helpless regarding Alaa, and they said that he’d die sooner or later, but fortunately he’s been transferred to the American hospital, many operations have been done and we don’t know more about him till now, his brother said that his colon, intestine and many arteries are damaged.
We can’t visit Alaa since he’s in the CCU and the American hospital system does not permit visits for now.
We all are waiting for some news; I don’t want to hear that he might pass away, hope he’ll be fine…I hope that.

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