Thursday, September 09, 2004


-Witnesses in AlSadr city say that there are clashes everyday in AlSadr city, the Americans are bombing the city and they don’t know why, they begin the fight-….etc. you watch that on many channels, so let me tell you the truth from a man who is one of the residents in AlSadr city, he’s a worker in a store in a neighborhood near AlSadr City, this store belongs to my friend, the worker said:
“ the Americans were far away from the city and we did not see a single soldier there, meanwhile the Iraqi National Guards were searching the area and scrutinizing many houses for mortars and RPGs and leaving the AK47 and pistols as they are necessary for protection, the ING did that unexpectedly, so many of Muqtada’s men were caught and their weapons were confiscated, these news distributed rapidly to all over the city, so everyone who had those weapons got out to the streets and began to fire at the ING, after that the Americans entered the city and the fight began”…

I think this problem with Muqtada and his thugs will never end, the government lost their chance when those thieves and their leader were in the shrine, the fight would have been finished, but now, and after AlSistani ordered to end the fight and let the visitors (pilgrims) enter the shrine, all Muqtada’s thieves got out of the shrine with those visitors and no one could catch them, so they went back to their cities in AlSadr City, Amara and other places, and now we are searching for them again!

Frankly, I’m waiting for the results of the investigations about the massacre in Muqtada’s courts, I don’t know were the reports and the news regarding that brutal act are, the channels have never said a word about it, nobody mentions something, isn’t it a brutal act? What’s going on? Those men were the IRAQI POLICE…
Imagine if the Iraqi government or the MNF had done that (and of course it is impossible) how long would the media have cried for them? How many reports would have been written?
The Minister of Defense said: ‘I’ve talked with a reporter of an Arabic channel and told him where are the news and reports regarding this brutal act, and he replied: ‘we are afraid of the fighters, but we are not afraid of your government’’..

Afraid? So why are they working there? To deliver biased news only?

Again I want to say that this incident is a real test for the government, if the government wouldn’t take a decisive judgment, we’d better forget the law and security in our country.

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