Saturday, July 31, 2004

Stop them.. 

Isn’t it the time to stop those channels from helping the terrorists in their plans? or even stop them working?
It’s so easy for those insurgents and terrorists to kidnap and show their victims on TV because they have many friends who welcome them to do and say whatever they want to be seen and heard.
Those terrorists have allies, those channels are helping them..it’s clearly that they have the deal: “ all you have to do is to kidnap anyone you can and leave the rest on us”..there is a dangerous cooperation between the terrorists and those channels, if this relationship continues, I can say that Iraq will never be safe and secure…never..
Especially after the coward decisions of few countries, those who obeyed the terrorists and so gave them power..
Kidnapping will increase in the coming weeks, since the terrorists succeeded to frighten those countries, of course by the help of the channels.
How could the world know what those terrorists want when they kidnap someone if there is no single channel deals with them?
Internet? Radio?
Those things are not that effective way to be noticed and the people do not pay that attention as to the television, especially when there are ‘friendly’ channels who take on their responsibility the montage, direction, production and even they might have specialists to make the terrorists appear in ‘better’ poses to be scary and dangerous looking.
The kidnappers look so relaxed and self-confident that their ugly looking will be shown on every channel because they have many friends who feel more than happy to videotape them or take their tape to be shown as breaking news, and so achieve many goals: money, helping the terrorists, destroying Iraq and many others…
The terrorists will increase their demands in their coming bloody operations since they saw that some countries and companies obeyed everything they wanted.. While there are countries that bite the bullet and stand strong against those criminals because they know that terror will reach their people sooner or later.

I think we must:
Stop those channels and then fight the terrorists……..

It’s not enough to warn them, we did that previously, there must be a way to stop them.. I believe that without those channels the terrorists will be powerless and weak.

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