Saturday, July 31, 2004

Omar and I were in Basra last week, on Sunday, we were watching TV when Omar suddenly shouted : ‘WHAT’S THAT?!!!!’…I looked at him immediately..his eyes nearly popped out gazing at certain point near my bedstead..
I cried ‘WHAT???? WHAT????’
He said again: ‘WHAT’S THAT????’……..
I rushed away from my bed and looked at that point and shouted .. ‘WHA……T????’
Omar saw this thing moving toward us… with his segmented tail pointing upward and forward…YES..it was a scorpion!
Immediately I crushed it with that heavy slipper…then sit in front of it looking and thinking that one of us might be killed by this mean thingy.
It was so yellow which might mean that he had enough poison to kill….yellow scorpions are the worst..
Needless to say how we could sleep that night!
I told Omar ‘when we found a scorpion then there might be another one..right?’
He replied ‘ No..No..a scorpion used to be alone.. It’s only one….’
I wanted to believe him but I couldn’t..!

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