Tuesday, July 20, 2004

‘Love and War’ .. 

AlSharqiya channel showed an Iraqi serial called ‘Love and War’, this dramatic work supposed to show the everyday life of the Iraqis after the liberation since it’s the first dramatic work after the war, but I was shocked with the subjects and the way of dealing with such important change in Iraq, they concentrate on the bad events only and never mention anything related to many great changes in the life of Iraqis.
I don’t know why the exaggeration in the bad things, and ignoring everything good that took place in our country; liberation, freedom, democracy...and the economical changes like the big increase in the income of the officials, and many other important things..
Why they showed bad things only with deliberate and obvious exaggeration, they showed kidnaping, bombs, chaos, overemphasis on the power and water shortage, mocking democracy and liberation, and above all of that they were obviously longing for the ex-regime, I noticed that (and many friends also) from that clip when the actor and his fiancee stood in front of “Saddam’s tower” a building in AlYarmook neighborhood in Baghdad, with grieving musical background then the actress looked at the tower with sad facial expressions and finally cried!!
Our neighbors, friends and we were so astonished and bewildered from this act! Why they did that? Then my friend came to a conclusion of : they are Ba’athists !
The dramatic works in Iraq must be in a way to educate the people not mocking democracy and freedom, the people need many important programs on the TV to make them understand what’s going on in Iraq, what’s the meaning of democracy, elections, freedom.. What should they do..etc, but unfortunately, the TV staff itself does not understand such things, or they might do that intentionally..I don’t know.
Iraqis now pass through a sensitive situation and need everything to be clarified, wrong things to be corrected and rebuilt ..they don’t need someone tells them sad stories and cry in front of them..
It’s better to show optimistic viewpoints because the psychological state is very important now..

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