Sunday, July 18, 2004

Let’s work together.... 

‘If your car has been stolen you’ll find it in the north’..
‘Oh..God..your car’s been robbed!?..go ahead to the north and look for it there’..
Such ‘advices’ are popular in Iraq..many stolen cars were found in the north of Iraq, more precisely, in Kurdish governorates, of course after a long and exhausting investigations and follows up by the miserable owners of the cars..
I want to ask why all of that is permitted to happen in the Kurdish areas, why don’t AlTalabani and Barazani be tough in dealing with such cases?
The people now say that those Kurdish leaders are ‘racists’ and they are so permissive with those who steal cars from other governorates..
All of us know that there is a firm and well-trained security system in the Kurdish areas and that they have a tough and powerful police force, so why those thieves are so relaxed and relieved when they rob and buy in th north?
When we were under Saddam, there were hundreds of 4WD cars belong to the superiors in the government, the government gave the direct generals, managers and many other VIP’s those modern cars, so during the looting and robbery acts last year, many cars were stolen, others were sold with few dollars..all of them were smuggled and sold in the north..
The people went too far and said that the leaders of the Kurdish areas ordered their intelligence to rob and bring those cars to the north!

Isn’t it better to have a good coordination between the Minister of Interior and those leaders in the north to put an end to such ugly acts?
When there is a connection between us we can arrest those criminals and bring them to justice, we have to work hard to achieve this goal..

I feel so sad when I write that, I respect and love Kurdistan and the Kurds, I hate to hear any bad news about Kurdish areas.. This is the time to be as one nation, one country, this is the time to rebuild our Iraq, unify Iraq, we have to work together to bring peace and prosperity to this wounded country..

I want to hear what do our brothers in Kurdistan say about this subject, why all of those things happen there, what do the people in charge say?

It’s a serious problem, this is not the Arab or Kurd crisis, this is the safety of Iraq.
We can’t build Iraq alone, we have to cooperate..
We got rid of Saddam, that monster who had destroyed Kurds and Arabs, we suffered for years from that tyrant and no one helped us, until the hour came to be liberated and breathe deeply..
It’s a new and important era in the history of Iraq, let’s work together to succeed..

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