Thursday, July 01, 2004

Just finish the trial, just finish it.. I don’t want to listen to what Saddam says, execute him and that’s it.., he’s talking as an innocent! I hit the ceiling when I heard his excuses regarding the invasion of Kuwait.. The same arrogance again.. The same evil look.. UNFORTUNATELY they broadcasted the sound too.. ‘ Kuwaitis promised to let the Iraqi women tramp in the streets and buy them with 10 Dinars.. Do you accept that? Ha? And you are an Iraqi..’ Saddam angrily said !! And never mentioned how he and his thugs insulted them..
Mass graves, suppression of Kurds and Shia uprisings, chemical weapons attacks, persecution, executions.. And many many other crimes he committed, he must die thousands times...
Execution.. He deserves the execution.... that’s it.

However, a person with antisocial personality.. Never cares for whatever he committed, blames others for his crimes, a strong criminal tendency, hates all the human-beings, hates everything good in this world.. Wants to get everything and steal everything.. What could we expect from such a criminal?

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