Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Hospitals..Now.. 

During the ex-regime, the hospitals in Iraq, according to a decision from the ‘wise’ government were self-funded, i.e the poor Iraqi who’s downtrodden and plunged into poverty had to pay very high expenses to get the medicine or to be treated in the hospitals, thousands of families could not afford enough money even to buy a single item of their medicine, others could not get the necessary and important examinations to their sons and daughters cause it was so expensive, so they did not have anything but the patience and pray to God to help their parents or children..
While some hospitals like Ibn-AlBeetar Hospital in Baghdad were highly developed and equipped with many modern medical instruments and equipments, but such hospitals were *very* special for Saddam and his relatives and Ministers receiving the special care in them leaving the populace to endure the pains and diseases and die cause they did not have enough money, and how could they gain money if Saddam was giving them less than 2$ monthly? How could they reach to the hospitals with only few Dinars?
Then the ex-regime’s media and Arab channels show how the Iraqi children were suffering from the embargo and the lack of food and medicine and crying on the situation in Iraq while Saddam and his thugs were able to get enough money, food and medicine for all Iraqis but they kept them for themselves, it was clear that that blockade was mainly by the ex-regime, the regime who prohibited everything, the regime who intentionally impoverished and weakened the Iraqi people..
After the liberation, the new Ministry of Health decided to cancel the self-funded system in the hospitals making all the treatments and medicine for free, thousands of families are now being treated at no cost, they are so glad to get the free treatment..
Now Ibn-AlBeetar hospital is opened for all the Iraqi people to help them in getting the proper medical care and therapy..no more oppression.. no more pain..
Saddam has gone forever, so Iraqis will live in peace..
The Ministry of Health are now making many contracts with the companies to get large amounts of medicines to cover the needs of the patients here in Iraq..
I feel so pleased when sometimes I sit in the pharmacy room there in Basra with my colleague when someone comes and gets his medicine then says ‘how much?’.. And we reply ‘Ibbalash’! ( free).. Just look at the patient when he happily replies: ‘Thank God... thank you.. We are so grateful’.... It’s so refreshing..
Step by step, Iraqis get their human rights.. Live in prosperous and peaceful country and feel safe to raise their children..

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