Sunday, July 11, 2004

The hero of the Arab nation 

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Arabs , why they don’t understand what was going on here in Iraq under Saddam? even when we found him in the hole they still call him a ‘hero’, and what about us? What about Iraqis? What about all those years of pain, sorrow, wars, mass graves, executions, persecution? What torments me is that the Arab ‘analysts’ say about all of those years: ‘lies’!.. how could they be sure of all of such acts when we were living in a big jail and no one had the right to say a word..?
But, wait.. One of the Iraqis told a Palestinian ‘analyst’ about all the mass graves, chemical weapons against Kurds, and other tragedies in Iraq.. The Pal. Replied : ‘the chemical weapons were used by the Iranians not by Saddam and the other things are not true , the history isn’t written by one person’..! I think many idiots say the same thing..
Arabs are talking about polls, the channels receiving faxes and e mails regarding Saddam and the trial and that he must not be prosecuted... and no one talks about what Iraqis want and what are their opinions in this subject..
I want to know what Arabs want? Do they want Saddam? If yes.. Then they hate Iraqis..right? Simply this is the result, cause they turn a blind eye to anything related to Iraqis’ rights and concentrate on Saddam and that they must help him to get out.

If G.W.Bush did not take the most important decision for Iraqis and topple Saddam, we would be under that tyrant till now..starving and dying and no one cares about us..

Instead of crying for Saddam, they have better help us in securing our borders and rebuilding our country.

However, let’s consider that there is a part of those Arab ‘analysts’ are paid for the few words they say on the TV, and the others are a bunch of mean, selfish and idiots... So.. just ignore all the Arab analysts who’re talking drivel and let’s listen to what the ordinary people in Arab countries say, where are they? What do they think?
If they have the same thoughts of their ‘analysts’ then they really deserve Saddam to be their great leader, for us we don’t want him..take him for free!

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