Monday, July 12, 2004

Democracy in Arab countries.. 

Which one of those Arabs know the meaning of Democracy, Elections, Human rights and other terms which considered as weird words when heard in the ‘Arab Nation’?
It’s funny to listen to those Arab ‘analysts’ when they talk against the new Iraqi Interim government and that’s not an elected government, and does not have the legal rights to act or legislate the rules and laws and apply them on the Iraqi people!
Isn’t it strange to hear them talking like that, most of those are Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians and many others from the rest of our ‘lovely’ Arab nation, in addition to those Islamists and clerics who have been occupying our channels recently, those who play the biggest rule in the ‘anti-everything’ opinions..

‘How could those Americans act as they like in Iraq?’
‘This Iraqi government is a group of CIA agents they are not elected by Iraqis’
‘Where are the human rights.. Look at abu-Ghraib’
Being a friend of USA means an ‘agent’ in Arabic dictionary?!
Talking about human rights and no one can see what’s going on in your prisons?
‘Americans act as they like’?... Handing over sovereignty and the step by step withdrawal of the forces, fighting the terrorists, future plans to help Iraqis build their country.....you call all of those things ‘Americans act as they like?’.. Why don’t you say : helping Iraq to develop and progress after the 35 year of destructions and massacres..?


Let’s stop by some facts regarding the meaning of Democracy and Elections in Arab countries:

Syria: Hafez AlAssad and then his son have been controlling the country since 1971 and no one dares to open his mouth and talk about the government..
Palestine: Yassir Arafat is the ‘leader of Palestinians’ since 1969..
Jordan: Hussein then his son since 1950s..
Saudi Arabia: A well known Monarchy
Yemen: Ali Abdullah Saleh became the president since 1978..
Sudan: AlBashir and AlTurabi fought on power and then AlBashir got it!
Egypt: Mubarak since 1981..
Libya: is under that maniac since the 70s..

And all Arab countries were under their presidents and kings since tens of years, and never learned what’s the meaning of Democracy, elections..etc..
All of those controlled the countries by coups and bloody fights, then using the dictatorship to stay in power leaving their brain-washed, frightened or paid political analysts to analyze, discuss and go through arguments without saying a word against their governments.
And the people are the victims..


I hope those countries will witness this great change in Iraq and walk on the way of real Democracy and elect their government without anymore oppressions and dictatorship..

We can add Iran to those countries..
by the way, it became so clear to everyone who was asking about the bombs and explosions in Iraq and who was the responsible, from the hundreds of Iranian and Syrian intelligence men and other Jihadis who’ve been caught by the IP and the border guards..


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