Friday, July 09, 2004


I don't know what's the problem in the internet access these days, I can't get online ..
.. some of the people say that it's maintenance works others say it'll be idle for a long time..while others say: 'It's a part of the emergency plan of the government, they'll cut all the communications in Iraq'!
Well.. I live the worst days I've ever seen! It's HOT HOT HOT.. We have no power for more than 16 hours a day..
Thank you the Minister of Electricity.. ( He said that there will be a comfortable Summer and the power will be 16 to 8… ) and nothing till now…
I bought a generator.. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS ? those who can't afford enough money to buy an Ampere.

I prepared a couple of posts but I forgot to fetch them !!
However, If I won't be able to post at home, I'll come back to this café and post..

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