Saturday, July 03, 2004

.. Update on AlSabah: today AlSabah newspaper mentioned that 65 man of the 149 accused of criminal acts are now detained and the rest were set free cause there were no enough evidences..
A source in the I.Agency said that they underwent a thorough investigations to reach to this judgement regarding AlBattaween gangs.
And the newspaper wrote that the officer M.F said that he’s still working in the Ministry and he was shocked when he heard what’s told about him, also he said his father was imprisoned in 1992 by an edict from Sab’awi ( Saddam’s brother)...but he did not mention the causes..
However, I expect more news will be published about AlBattaween soon..

It’s something new to hear that someone is set free cause there were no enough evidences !! We used to forget the man who was being arrested !

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