Friday, July 02, 2004


In a previous post I said that there’s some confusing news and that I’m translating it.. The news was published in AlSabah newspaper on Wed.30 June.. And here it is:
AlSabah Newspaper on Wed.30 June

On the first day after the handover a big force broke into an Iraqi jail.
An American attempt to free the gangs of AlBattaween has failed.

An American force in AlResafah belongs to the multinational force in Iraq besieged the place specialized to the Intelligence agency of the IP who has arrested the gangs in AlBattaween and been investigating them three days ago, this step considered dangerous and not understood especially it comes after a day of turning over sovereignty to Iraqis.
The American force of 20 armed vehicle and more than 100 American soldier arrested a colonel and other six officers and the members of IP who guard and investigate the detainees under the pretense that they were breaking human rights in addition to that the soldiers assaulted AlJazeera channel staff: Tha’er AlYaseri, A’amer AlKubaisi and Habib AlBaz and arresting the last, those reporters were doing a particular job.
A source in the intelligence agency mentioned that this operation is incompatible with the MNF authorities and considered a violation to the Ministry of Interior’s rights, the source added that the American forces based on a report of a major who’s been fired from the Ministry of Interior’s headquarters and called M.F, his father was a director of Baghdad’s security department during the ex-regime, this major mentioned in his report the names of the officers who have been arrested by the American soldiers.
The source confirmed that the I.Agency has a black page for that fired major, contains bribes and suspicious relations with gangs in AlBattaween neighborhood.
The I.Agency have arrested 149 one accused of murders, looting, robberies, drugs and prostitution, in a large and unique operation has not been witnessed in Iraq since a long time, in order to secure and protect the community from those criminals and their poisons, those who terrorize and frighten the citizens.
A big officer in the I.Agency expressed his sorrow because of the American forces’ advent depending on weak and false reports and never cared for three months of efforts of specialized and professional team from the Ministry of Interior to make this operation succeed and arrest the gangs to spread the security in Iraq.
Many officers expressed their resentment because of this obtrusion and promised to resign unless the American forces apologize to the Ministry of Interior and the officers in the I.Agency.
The Ministry of Interior refused to set the accused free no matter what happens, because they are so dangerous and they have to be brought to justice.
A source from the Ministry of Interior said that the American forces pulled out in the afternoon after a firm attitude of the Ministry and the insistence that those criminals and thieves must be arrested.

AlSabah is one of the good newspapers in Iraq, it was also related to the CPA, it’s news was very precise and clear, and has a big readers.. It was as a shock to me when I read the above on their first page and the way of writing it.. The same time I imagined what would those readers say when they read such uncompleted and unexplained news, I bet the opinions will range from: ‘ impossible, there must be something wrong..’ to ‘ those Americans do not want our country to be stable to justify the occupation’!

It’s told that the Deputy of the Minister of Interior showed on the TV talking the same story..

I’m sure that there’s something wrong with this story, there’s something missing, what happened there and why they did that? I wonder if you know American soldiers here in Iraq who might help us, hopefully one of them knows what happened.. If you do, send them the above story and tell them to e mail me in order to carry their explanation and the misunderstanding that happened on that day, if I’ll get it. I’ll send it immediately to AlSabah newspaper..
I don't know why this respectable newspaper published such unexplained news..
Thank you..

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