Saturday, June 19, 2004

They are monsters.. 

We are in a great danger.. We live in a scary world, monsters and thugs are everywhere, they want to occupy our planet, they want to slaughter us.. In order to raise their banner which is blotted with blood.. What a brutal enemy we’re facing now.. Human-beings are dying in cruel barbaric ways, those monsters are killing our brothers without mercy, you might watch some movies showing unreal characters behaving so aggressively and brutally, but believe me those creatures are real and exist in our world.. They are acting worst than anything you could imagine..
The worst thing is that they are talking our language and convincing others in their thoughts.. God.. Then they have thoughts?........So they are the most dangerous creatures in the universe .. Yes I’m not exaggerating.. This is the truth..
They have destructive thoughts and they are teaching them to everyone they meet using different kinds of concepts and spiritual beliefs giving them the evil power, and together with the money, they are washing the victim’s brain and converting him to another monster and so on..
I think it’s obvious now for all the idiots who believe in the silly opinion of ‘ it’s a lie...they made them and they planned for all those events to reach to our lands and to annihilate our religion’ or ‘to achieve certain plans’ that there is a real enemy who is fighting against all of us ... against humanity...
September 11 men, women and children... bombs and attacks in Iraq..etc.. reaching to Nicholas Berg.. And now Paul M.Johnson.. What a crime.. What a brutal act..
They behead human-beings....what can we name them?.. I can’t find a word that fits them.. Terrorists? I think this word must be changed.. They are much more violent than what this word means...
We have to stand side by side against them, we must.
They committed all of that and will continue to do so.. In addition to the fact that we are losing our parents, friends and relatives, they are fighting us psychologically with their ‘new’ ways of killing, they are trying hard to make us surrender..they want us to cease the fight and declare that we’ve failed.. But... it’s impossible, they will be defeated sooner or later..

My condolences to Johnson’s wife..parents and friends..he will stay the brave and honest man forever.. And by the will of the good and courageous leaders we’ll defeat the enemies.

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