Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A New Life.. 

Today, my friend and I went to a dental center, he wanted to have his decayed tooth fixed and filled with a temporary filling.. However.. We got there cause we heard that there are new changes happened to this place after the liberation..
This center was so bad and dirty, the dental chairs were old and useless..
‘The Minister of Health ( during the ex-regime) was turning a blind eye to the medical and dental centers and the hospitals, he was preoccupied in how to steal as much as he could, never paid attention to our complaints and needs, Saddam and his thugs destroyed Iraq....’ Said Dr. U..
I asked him about those great changes, the rebuilding, the new equipments and the new smiling dentists in the center!
He said : ‘Bechtel Company made all these improvements, now the center is perfect, we are so pleased.. new clean institutes, new salaries and so NEW LIFE.. Of course you see the dentists and doctors are happy and smile, have you ever seen them happy under Saddam?!! they were bewildered all the time, thinking in how to make their living...’.
Dr.U said: ‘ believe me, I would commit suicide and get rid of this life if G.W.Bush cancelled his plan to liberate Iraq.. Thank God.. He did it’..
Dr.U looked very happy and comfortable, he’s married and has two kids..
‘ I can work hard, get the good salary and buy everything that my wife and kids need, we were forbidden from anything...’ he added..

All the medical staffs in Iraq are grateful to Mr.Bush.. WE were dying under Saddam..
Dr.U talked about the rebuilding of Iraq, he’s so upset because of the security situation and the terrorists who are trying to thwart the American plan in the region.. ‘Those terrorists are delaying the progress of Iraq...spoiling the relations with the US and the American people..’
‘I wish that this intellectual delay of Arabs comes to an end and start to cooperate with the West, trying to learn from them to make our countries better..’..
I liked his speech, it was so refreshing..

Those are the opinions of Dr.U and many others like him in Iraq, just meet the educated people here and listen to their ideas and thoughts, we don’t see those people on the TV channels, except Al-Hurra.. (Which is getting better)...

I took those photos for the center:
---there are 10 rooms like this one in the center.
those are other new dental equipments which will be set in other rooms.
this small box written on it ‘ complaints and proposals’ is something wonderful in the new governmental institutes, now the Iraqi has the right to say what he wants and suggests whatever he thinks good, write it on a paper and just put it in this box! At last.. We can make a suggestion and no one arrest us!

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