Friday, June 11, 2004

The new government 

It’s so elegant to look at the new Iraqi government with all its respectable men, all of the Cabinet members are highly educated, the president is an engineer, the vice-president had graduated from the College of Medicine, the prime minister also graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Baghdad then he got the Master and the Ph.D. in the United Kingdom, the other Ministers are engineers, lawyers, specialists in Geology, Biochemistry, Politics..etc.
Needless to say that it’s so important for any country to have such a government with all those qualifications to run that state in a correct way..
Previously, we had a president who was a killer, specialized in assassination, got his certificate by force, and so he was an ignorant man, of course he had many relatives ( especially brothers cause his mother got married four times and you get the picture) and few friends, all those people were also ignorant like him, he fetched them to his government and cleaned them ( after cleaning himself) gave them suits and told them to be Ministers !
I remember those engineers in one of the Military Industrialization Institutes.. One day, Hussein Kamel ( Saddam’s son in law and his cousin) ( and he was the Minister of this department) entered this Institute and met those engineers, after he had prated for a long time, he asked them about what problems they were facing and what were their needs to improve the work.. They mentioned the nature of their work and explained many things to him, and told him that they were complaining from ‘ a shortage of steam’( they said ‘steam’ in English) ... he replied at once : “ Buy all the ‘steam’ from the supermarkets” !!! .. The engineers were so astonished and wanted to laugh, but.. You know.. They would be executed... one of them interrupted and explained that they meant by ‘steam’ the vaporized water and continued his speech trying to make his colleagues forget what their ‘Minister’ said.....
After few days, Hussein Kamel forbade the use of English words in such institutes!!!
How dumb he was!

However, the new Iraq won’t witness such people again..

Regarding Mr.Ayad Allwai, I admire him very much ... he stood in opposition to Saddam since 1971 when he left Iraq to Lebanon then UK, worked as an advisor in UN programs and WHO and many other activities..
Saddam attempted to assassinate Mr.Allawi...But this brave man continued his work against that killer...
Now, Mr.Allawi is our Prime Minister, and all those I heard are pleased with him.
We hope that the Interim government works for Iraqis, trying to start the rebuilding processes, control the security and the most important thing for Iraqis.. The electricity.. Then the other needs.. Iraqis are waiting for the new government’s works, I see them optimistic and have positive views of future outcomes..
Many friends, neighbors and relatives welcome the new resolution and believe that Iraq will witness a gradual development...

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