Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Facts.. 

It seems like Iraqis are about to kill Muqtada for his arrogance and the increasing bad reputation.. he’s making troubles with everyone.. Muqtada

There are many people talking about what Muhammed Sadiq Al-Sadr ( Muqtada’s father) was saying about him.. He had never respected his son ..
It’s told that oneday Muh.S.AlSadr was talking with his followers about common religious subjects, Muqtada was there.. And interrupted foolishly by saying something wrong regarding the ‘Sharia’ making his father angry and shouted at him:‘La iqtada beka ahad’ which was a prayer, means: May no one guided by you..!Mohammed Alsadr
His father was so disappointed in his son and looked at him as a ‘stupid pampered boy’ as the people say..
So, Muqtada always had the feeling of being a useless and unwanted person which surely affected his personality, many ‘Najafis’ know that he had many problems regarding the relation with his father AND that he’s not only responsible for the assassination of Abd-Almajeed AlKhou’i, but he also cooperated with Saddam against his father who was killed in 1999.
Um.N, our neighbor was one of the residents in AlNajaf city, she said that Muqtada was receiving gifts and money from the ex-regime after his father’s death, and everything was really suspicious regarding him.
Also Khais AlKhaza’li one of Muqtada’s ‘generals’ is the responsible for most of the lootings and robberies together with his thugs in many cities.
Also, Muqtada’s group attacked the police station and AlHakeem followers there in AlNajaf last week.. You know, the IP are from the city’s residents and also AlHakeem group.. So the people there got very angry and wish that Muqtada being killed or arrested and prosecuted..

That’s why he began to use his thugs as ‘cops’ starting in Jameela neighborhood and arrested the thieves while the people were looking at them happily.. He’s trying to make the people think that he’s a good guy..also he's using his father's name, photos, sayings to convince the people..
BUT, I think people won’t forget that he’s a thieve and a murderer.. Needless to say that he’s also responsible for the embezzlement of the ‘Amwal AlMoslimeen’..the ‘Moslems’ funds’ that should be used to help the poor people..

We need the American troops, we need the coalition even after June 30, it’s something dangerous to leave Muqtada free, I think he’s more dangerous than the other terrorists..
The new government must not get cold feet and refuse to arrest him..
What do we do with sovereignty when the interior affairs aren’t fine? Those thugs are equipped with different types of weapons, all of them must be confiscated first, ( surely after warning the Iranian regime to stop propping up Muqtada), then stand against the other terrorists..
So we still need the help of the United States.. Some Americans might disagree with that as they lost many of their brave sons and daughters here in Iraq because of those thugs and terrorists, I’m so sorry for that, but, you know, this is the war on terror.. we still need the support, we still need you, we are on our way to get the self-dependence, we are on our way to be a great country.. And be proud of this democratic state..which will be the model for all the countries in the region.

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