Thursday, June 24, 2004

June 30 ... 

‘ All the governmental institutes, Ministries and everything related to the state will get off for many days starting from June 26.. All the markets and supermarkets must shut down also.. And everyone must get prepared for June30.. Cause they will witness scary days.. Thieves and killers will be here and there and the government won’t do anything and we’ll be in chaos and mess..’
These rumors spread in a couple of days .. People started to say ‘ the government informed the Ministries to stop their work in the coming days’..!!
The deputy of the Prime Minister’s spokesman said that all of those things are rumors and nothing like that happened or will happen.. He said that there is a perfect plan to control the situation in Iraq...
Mr.Ayad Allawi said that the government is ready for that day..

Those enemies knew that rumors will be spread so easily in Iraq, they make use of the current situation and try to delay the great democratic way we are walking on now..
The enemies want us to be afraid of the coming days and they are trying to destroy the trust in our government..

It’s obvious that they failed in everything they did and trying to do, nothing will stop Iraqis and our friends.. They used their terrorists, bombs, assassinations, kidnaping the foreign workers and cutting their heads off...etc.. and now they are using the rumors ! What a coward weak enemy!
We are defeating them.. It’s clear from their new attempts that they are helpless now.. They are unable to break our will, Iraq and the coalition now are ready to thwart any attack..

As I said in previous posts that the IP are getting stronger and the Iraqi army finished the training courses and it’s ready to any attack..

But, actually.. I’m afraid of one thing only.... Yes.. That fat idiot man.. Muqtada, he’ll have a good chance to do whatever he wants cause he does not care for the people’s lives and does not care for the casualties, and there is a bad chance to make an agreement with such a crazy one, you know his statements and his schizoid behavior.. That’s why I see June 30 is an early date to turn over sovereignty, we should deal with that man first before any step.. The bad thing is everyone wanted him to take a part in the National Assembly! What a great idea! We can’t arrest an idiot cause he puts a black wheel on his head and has followers..!
Well, I hope that he’ll take his medication on this day and stay calm..

However.. Back to the rumors, it’s the same of what happened in the past few weeks when the people were talking about another looting and robbery and that the security situation would deteriorate... and other rumors telling Iraqis not to send their kids to the schools cause they would be targeted and bombed...
And now the enemies found that it’s a better time to spread a new one..

The Ministers and officials in the government confuted that and said that the enemies of Iraq are trying to plant the sedition and chaos in our country...

Tomorrow I’m going to set out to Basra, so on June 30 I’ll be there, I’ll try to post in this special day..

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